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Taboo for eating fish attention

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Taboo for eating fish attention

Fish is a dish that people like to eat, but if it is not processed properly, it will bring many diseases to people.

Fried fish can’t be eaten.

After the fish is fried, it produces dissolved benzopyrene, which is a strong carcinogen and is more toxic than aflatoxin.

銆€銆€In addition, the protein content of the fish is rich. If the fish is burnt, the high molecular protein will be broken into low molecular amino acids to form a mutagenic chemical.

銆€銆€Salted fish is best eaten less, and salted fish has a certain relationship with the occurrence of nasopharyngeal carcinoma. This has long been recognized by scientists.

Studies have shown that eating salted fish in young children is more carcinogenic than eating salted fish in adults.

The reason why salted fish cause nasopharyngeal cancer is that some proteins will decompose the amine during the curing process.

Animal experiments have also shown that rats with salted fish will develop cancer, and substitutions without salted fish will not cause cancer.

銆€銆€Gout patients should not eat fish.

The terpenoids contained in fish, if gout, are caused by disturbances in the metabolism of sputum in the body. The main manifestation is that the uric acid content in the blood is too high, which can occur in human joints, connective tissues and kidneys.Symptoms, so people suffering from gout suffer from severe symptoms of fish.

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