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“Frost” will be alert to rhinitis sneak attack

In a few days, it is the “bloom drop” in the 24 solar terms. If you don’t pay attention to it at this time, you will catch a cold. Especially those with a history of rhinitis are more likely to relapse.
Experts say that rhinitis should not only be treated in time, but also should pay attention to daily health care.
銆€銆€”As the weather turns cold, some people inexplicably have nasal congestion, nasal itching, runny nose, sneezing, sputum, itchy eyes, headache, dizziness and other symptoms. Many people think that it is a cold, taking medicine and injection is not good.In fact, this is not a cold but a rhinitis, it may also be nasal polyps, sinusitis.
“Mr. Yan Xiansheng, director of the 451 Hospital Otorhinolaryngology Clinic, told reporters that autumn is a high incidence of rhinitis, especially allergic rhinitis.
Once rhinitis is not properly and timely and effectively controlled, it may cause complications such as sinusitis and nasal polyps, and even cancer.
銆€銆€Director Yu reminded that in order to effectively prevent rhinitis, we must first improve the body’s resistance. Because the resistance is reduced, the nasal mucosa regulation function is worse, the defense function is low, and the virus will take advantage of virtual invasion. Therefore, avoid excessive fatigue, lack of sleep, and cold.Drinking, smoking, etc. can lead to various factors of resistance reduction; can adhere to physical exercise, especially cold-resistant training, such as morning running or washing with cold water, increase outdoor activities under the premise of keeping warm, breathing cold air, can improve respiratory cold resistanceAbility to treat upper respiratory tract diseases and other chronic diseases is also beneficial; more exercise, promote blood circulation, enhance disease resistance; In addition, in this season, you can wear masks when going out, indoors should always open windows to ventilate, and actively prevent colds.
銆€銆€People with allergic rhinitis in autumn and winter should strengthen the protection of the nose, keep the nasal cavity clean at all times; minimize outdoor activities and avoid contact with allergens; avoid cold, cold, spicy and other irritating foods, carefully eat fish, shrimp, crabClasses and other seafood foods; quit smoking and alcohol restriction, reduce the stimulation of nasal mucosa, and try to avoid air and filth.

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