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Learn online job search skills

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Learn online job search skills

A good cover letter is more important than a resume. It is best to include a cover letter and a Chinese and English resume.

Remember, the personnel department usually receives hundreds of cover letters and resumes for the same position, so what you have to do is to stand out from other job applicants and impress each other.

A cover letter is a self-introduction, proving that you are the best of the candidates and gradually getting the opportunity to interview.

The cover letter should be separate from the resume and be self-contained.

Ideally, each cover letter should be carefully designed for the employer to show that you understand the company’s needs.

In the cover letter, there are two points that can arouse the interest of the other party: first, what can you do for the unit; second, what the other party asks you to do.

  Most people violate the second point and chattering about their talents without thinking about a certain ability is good for the other party.

Therefore, when expressing competence, it is divided into two parts: first, core skills, the required qualifications and academic knowledge; and second, having a broader knowledge background and more expertise is helpful to the company.

  Resume must be accompanied by photos. For personnel managers, a large number of resumes need to be viewed every day. If the conditions are the same, job applicants with photos are generally notified to interview, because through the photos, personnel managers have a little more understanding.

If it’s a beauty, that might be the case.

You are not even pretty, and taking an artistic photo increases the chance of interviewing. After all, the reality is that the purpose of a resume is to have an interview opportunity, and the rest depends on strength and luck.

  Resume writing highlights the keywords The name of the company appears in the resume: When the personnel manager searches for talent, the keyword “well-known company name + job name” is generally used. This type of consumer goods industry may like Coca-Cola and P & G people, and the personnel manager willSearch, for example: “Coca-Cola + Sales Manager”, the system will search for candidates who have the above keywords in their resumes. If the word of well-known company name appears in your resume, it can be searched, for example: “I am in XX Mineral Springs”The water company’s work successfully reduced the key XX mineral water that Coca-Cola belongs to in the local market . “,” I work for a distributor of Coca-Cola “, and so on, and increased the opportunity for personnel managers to view resumes.

  Self-introduction of the other person’s job description appears in the self-introduction: Another matching concept is how his job is described. You can change your resume and replace it with a representative. If he says that he requires strong leadership, your resume also says that he has leadership skills. HeTo communicate first-class, your resume also says that I am the best at communication.

Your resume looks like the best match and you can increase your chances.

You can change your resume to a resume that is completely tailored to his job description.

  Job seekers have more interview opportunities, which can not only increase the chance of successful job search, but also increase their confidence. The more the salary increases, the more interview experience can be accumulated.

  Frequently refreshing resumes When a personnel manager searches for talents, the qualified resumes are arranged in chronological order, and generally only look at the previous page or two.

Many job seekers don’t know that refreshing their resumes can get more job opportunities.

Therefore, it is best to refresh your resume every time you log in. After refreshing, you can be in the front and be more easily found by the personnel manager.

Otherwise don’t care about your resume for a long time, and you will soon be drowned in the flood of online resumes.

  Instead, don’t just vote for the last three days.

Generally, job seekers think that the latest recruitment information just released is definitely the most successful, but it is not.

Because many corporate personnel managers do not log in to update positions in time, job candidates who have just been refreshed when searching for positions will be ranked first. These positions have a large number of applicants and are highly competitive. In contrast, some positions are already half a month or even twoFor months, there are fewer candidates and the success rate is higher.

  Don’t care about each other’s job requirements.

Many job descriptions are just written, and even the manager does not know that they need to recruit someone. If you see the other person’s position asking for a degree, you are a specialist and you dare not submit your resume, and you will lose your chance.

If you see that the other party requires 5 years of experience, you only have 3 years of experience, and you dare not vote, it is completely unnecessary.

Because personnel managers describe their positions as routine.

  Email tips to keep your email always on top.

You need to know that the personnel manager looks at the job applicant’s mailbox every day. They are actually very lazy. They have more than 100 pages of resume emails. They only look at the first 5 pages at most. You should now know why your job resume has never responded.

   So when you send an email to the mailbox specified by your company, how can you keep your email always on top? Every time someone opens the mailbox, they will see your email first?

Just replace the date of the computer system with a future date before sending the mail, such as 2008, because most mailboxes are replaced by sorting the mail by date, so your mail will be ranked at least after 2008.
  Novel message header.

The personnel manager receives a large number of job e-mails every day. Job applicants generally translate the emails according to the requirements of the enterprise: Candidate XX positions, how can we attract the attention of the personnel manager and let him open his email first?

Can write articles on email translations.

One day the personnel manager received hundreds of e-mails, and only those with novel headlines had the opportunity to be opened.

For example, a stewardess wants to change careers. She replaces the subject of her email with “stewardess came to Shanghai to find a job.”She found a job every month and turned into ten jobs in 3 days.

You now know the nature of the message header.

  Make full use of the website’s job search folder: Job search is a process of applying for a job. You may apply for several positions in succession. Is it troublesome if you re-fill the application form for each application?Some websites solve this problem for everyone. When a job seeker finds a suitable position, he applies for the position and saves it on the website. The resume is delivered directly to the company without refilling the application form.The application will also be kept in the “Job Application Record” for more inquiry later.

With this job search folder, when users search for jobs, they can put the job information they are interested in into the job search folder, one will not miss the Internet, and then when they are free, they can compare the replaced jobs in detail. It is selective.Resume delivery.

  Personal Finder: There are so many job postings on the Internet. Finding a job that suits you is not easy. Many job search sites provide conditional search methods. After setting these conditions, users can find basic requirementsAdditional job information, but if you want to get more accurate results, you still need to continue to set search conditions, such as job type, monthly salary range, education requirements, foreign language requirements, and job keywords, etc.Own job information.

  Others such as: my search and subscription, favorite positions, applying for positions, email subscriptions, etc., job seekers should make full use of these functions and skills, and targeted online job search.

  It is very convenient to make a job homepage and send a job cover letter online. Everyone will send it, the opportunities are scattered, and the success rate is greatly reduced.

Prepare your resume, put it in the database of the website, and let the job find you.

Hitman is a job hunter.

If you are a programmer, web designer, artist or actor, some pictures, graphics, animations or sounds may be of great help to you. At this time, you can consider making a personal homepage and telling your website address.Personnel director, he might go and see.

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