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The paradise in the depths of the mountains – Pingshun Loudi Village

As an important node of the Silk Road on the land, Shanxi has a long history, splendid culture and rich tourism resources. Most of the areas are about 1,500 meters above sea level, and are in the negative oxygen ion enrichment layer, between 34掳-40掳 north latitude.Between the middle and warm temperate semi-humid semi-arid continental monsoon climate, four distinct seasons, no summer heat, no cold in winter.

The unique geography, climate and cultural environment are the perfect places for Kangyang tourism.

Under the new pattern, Shanxi tourism focuses on 鈥渃ultivating the heart, keeping health, and providing for the elderly鈥? It is committed to the development of Kangyang tourism products with full life cycle and rich in Shanxi characteristics. Relying on the profound historical and cultural heritage of Shanxi, the cool climate, green mountains and green mountains, traditional medicineWith the unique advantages of organic food, the Shanxi Catheter was opened in the new blue sea of Kangyang Industry, and efforts were made to build Shanxi Kang.

When you go to Shanxi Kangyang Tourism, you can “wash your eyes”, “clear the lungs” and “keep your body”, appreciate the civilization, cultivate the soul, feed, and both.

Pastoral meditation – Pingshun Loudi Village Loudi Village is merged in the depths of the Taihang Mountains. It is surrounded by a cliff, shaped like a well, and named after the village above the valley.

On weekdays, the clouds in the valley wandered, and the peaks were hidden and the changes were impermanent, so it was called “Baiyun Valley” by the locals.

There is no fog outside the mountain, it is foggy, the sky is clear outside the sky, the white clouds in the ditch; when the mountain rains come, the caves, the mountains are covered with mist, and the smoke gathers between the cliffs to form a long cloud belt, which casts a strange cloud on the mountains.A veil.

At this time, people stand on a high point overlooking, and the dark green mountains that stand in the white clouds are so fascinating.

Here the forest is green, the birds are quiet, the cliffs are cut by axe, the strange rocks, the sweet and delicious mountain springs.

Everything attracts visitors.

When you come here, you will find that this village combines the majestic mountains and rivers of the North and the soft beauty of the southern country’s waters, forming a unique natural landscape.

Most of the roads and houses in the village are taken from the ground. The longest and widest road in the village is also paved with slate. Most of the houses that the villagers live in are made of stone. Even the roof is no exception.

The bottom village is surrounded by mountains and waters. Here, I look up at the trees, look down on the grass, and reflect everywhere, a lush green.

There is a lake in Loudi Village called Xiangyun Lake.

Xiangyun Lake is long and narrow, like a jade belt surrounded by the peaks.

Standing on the lake pavilion overlooking, the water of Xiangyun Lake is like green jade; when you approach the lake, the water is crystal clear, you can see the fish and shrimp in the water in the tail; you lean over the lake, clear and sweet.

On the boat, the boat sailed in the water, stirring up the road, and stunned the lake with shattered silver, looking up to the stagger, cliffs, peaks, rocks, green leaves, waterfalls, slowly passing, the scenery is stunned.

The wall-mounted road is a characteristic road in Shanxi, and it is also called the 鈥渘inth miracle鈥?

Standing on the walled road, all people have a feeling of trepidation.

Due to its location on the mountain, the wall-mounted road naturally forms a beautiful scenery. It looks like a majestic landscape of Chinese paintings. It looks like a panoramic view from the entrance window of the tunnel. It is also beautiful in the gallery.

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