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What to eat with fattening?

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What to eat with fattening?

Weight loss is popular, and many products, activities seem to be as long as “slimming”, it seems to gather together super strong popularity.

In fact, according to some statistics on the establishment of weight-loss clinics, most of the people who go to the weight-loss clinics are mostly those who are overweight and do not exceed the standard weight percentage of twenty. This group of people see how to eat a small part but eat no fat, bamboo raftIn the eyes of the type of people, it is really a very envious thing!

銆€銆€Some people still have entanglement about how to lose weight, but how to eat but not eat fat. Some people also mentioned that they have been eating and drinking for three meals, and the food intake of each meal is not small.Eat it, but I don’t know if it is malabsorption of the stomach, or there are other problems. It seems that it is not just an increase in waste, but the flesh and blood can not grow out, it is also very distressing!

銆€銆€This volume is a problem for many people. The dietitian says that the weight is the same as the bank deposit. When there is no way to transfer the supplement more than the required transfer, the weight naturally cannot be maintained.

Of course, there are many reasons for not eating fat. Physiological factors include: diseases, gastrointestinal functions, drugs, psychological factors, such as worry, nervousness, depression, etc., as well as poor diet and lifestyle.

Physiological factors The dietitian recommends that you seek a physician’s diagnosis. If you have enough food, you will need a dietitian to help you evaluate it.

銆€銆€Dietitians also provide a number of methods that can be used as a reference when it comes to eating and alternative nutrition options in life: 1.

A balanced diet can use cream or other edible oils, jams, sugars and other high-fat oils, high-sugar foods to increase accumulation, although the weight gains quickly, but long-term or excessive consumption, will destroy appetite, and may bring chronic disease endangered andhealth.

Use a balanced diet and incremental food intake to avoid compulsive supplies and sabotage appetite.


Develop a good diet and regular quantitative, a small amount of meals, chewing slowly.


Change the meal procedure first to eat high-density, high-nutrition food, and then eat other foods.


Choose moderately cooked foods and choose moderately cooked foods such as steamed, stewed, marinated, fried, and boiled.

Wait, avoid frying, frying, and roasting.

The food is hard and difficult to digest.


Maintain a happy mood, a well-placed dining environment, and focus on division.

銆€銆€Stress and anxiety not only affect appetite, but also digestive and absorbing functions in the gastrointestinal tract, and the metabolic rate increases the conversion relative to the consumption.

銆€銆€If there is still no way to improve your long and thin body, it is recommended that you ask a professional doctor to help you find out why the meat can’t grow out, and use a healthy way to grow healthy meat!

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