200 stores opened in two years, financing 3.

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500 million, why can this smart gym rise rapidly?

200 stores opened in two years, financing 3.

500 million, why can this smart gym rise rapidly?

Nowadays, after 80s and 90s, they have already exercised their lives. In the life of health care, more and more people are beginning to realize the health of the body. In the era of consumption upgrading, a variety of new gymnasiums have also appeared.

In the past two years, the smart gym has liked the rapid rise of Fit in the fitness industry and won 3.

500 million financing, less than two years since its establishment, has already owned 200 stores, covering more than 100 cities across the country.

With such a rapid expansion rate, what is special about this new gym?

01 He was a national athlete who came out of business but failed. He was born in the 1990s. Xu Zhiyan was a native of Qingdao, Shandong Province. He won a long-distance race in the city during the junior high school period. He was replaced as a professional athlete and started practicing bicycles at the sports school.His career and all the way to the north became a national athlete.

In 2008, it was a historic period for China to host the Olympic Games. It was also the year when Xu Zhiyan’s athletes retired. At this time, the Olympic Games set off a wave of national fitness. So after he retired, he opened a gym, but this ventureIt didn’t last long.

By chance, Xu Zhiyan met the new neighbor who worked at Baidu after moving, and it was this neighbor who introduced him to a job in the group buying network and brought him into the Internet industry.

In this sales work, Xu Zhiyan accumulated experience in supplementing sales and pushing, and then during the work of the merger company, he quickly grew up. At the age of 20, he had already taken charge of the involvement of dozens of people.

Later, Xu Zhiyan became one of the founding members of e Jiajie, a company that did housekeeping.

In the process of business, he found that many customers ask for housekeeping in order to cook for them. Since the customer has a demand for the chef, there may be business opportunities.

So, Xu Zhiyan left e Jiajie in 2014 and founded the O2O project, a good chef. Users can book online and let the chef cook.

At first, it seemed that everything was going well. The good chef got more than 100 million U.S. dollars in financing. With a lot of publicity and promotion, the media exposure of the exchange made Xu Zhiyan expand the whole person. When he noticed that it was wrong, everything was alreadyIt is already late.
The money burned in the early stage did not get more customers, but the cost of getting customers was getting higher and higher, resulting in wasted funds, and everything was lost.

In just over a year, Xu Zhiyan’s money was only 20 million yuan left. Even when it was time to lay off staff, the good chef came to an end.

02 Transformation for survival, the establishment of a smart gym is all a bubble, when the fireworks disappear, the rest is endless night, this attack makes Xu Zhiyan want to understand one thing, no more spotlights have no money to come true.

Xu Zhiyan took on the remaining money and thought about how to change. This time, he wants to make a real money-making project.

At this very moment, Xu Zhiyan and the team got a chance to go to the United States for a research visit. During this time, he once again came into contact with the fitness industry. He saw the standardization operation of the American gym brand. When he recalled his many years of sports career, Xu Zhiyan seemed to find it.Going forward.

After determining the target, Xu Zhiyan began to study the fitness industry. He spent nearly two months looking at the 500 gyms in several cities and found that there was very little profit, and he was also thinking about where the problem occurred.

According to the data, the number of domestic fitness has reached 1 billion. It is reported that within 10 years, the industry scale will increase by 275%, indicating that the fitness market has great potential.

At this stage, people are more and more recognized for their health. There are more and more people who have a need for fitness. However, in the era of consumption upgrading, consumers have increased their demands on the gym. They are not satisfied with the traditional gym.

Moreover, the traditional gym has its drawbacks. Most of the stores use the annual card to bind the consumers. However, once the business was not good, many people directly fled the money and let the consumers suffer huge losses.

But there is no doubt that as long as it is done, the gym will have income, discover the problems, and have solutions. Xu Zhiyan insists on his determination to enter the fitness industry.

On August 1, 2016, Xu Zhiyan opened the first Liking Fit smart gym in Shanghai volley SOHO.

0324 hours of operation, full intelligent operation Like Fit is a 24-hour smart gym. On the opening day, it attracted 1000 people to watch. It was because of the fact that Fit liked to spread Chen Xiaochun and McGrady to participate in the celebration.

Unattended and intelligent operation is the biggest feature of Like Fit. Users can complete a series of operations such as purchasing cards, purchasing courses, and booking courses through APP.

As long as members are able to get a smart bracelet, through the bracelet can be intelligent access control, smart treadmill, intelligent operating room, shower and other operations, allowing members to complete the entire fitness process.

Compared with the traditional gym, the member cards that like Fit provide consumers with more choices, such as monthly card, season card, half-year card and annual card, users can handle their own membership card according to their own needs, bid farewell to the salesman andBundled sales.

The treadmills, operating rooms and other intelligent equipment in the gym are independently developed by the company. They are all connected to the Internet. They can be connected with the bracelet to realize data synchronization, record the pulse of the fitness person, heartbeat, mileage, etc.Transfer the data to the APP personal account, so that users can view and show their fitness scores in the circle of friends.

Smart fitness is not just about it. The smart devices here have amazing features. For example, the treadmill has a 32-inch high-definition display, allowing users to watch videos while running, and to analyze the movements of the bodybuilders through 3D capture.Whether it is up to standard, etc., allows users to have a new fitness experience.

In addition, the traditional gym has a fixed schedule, but in Like Fit, users can freely choose the course they want through the smart iPad terminal in the smart gym.

After talking about the intelligence, let’s talk about the 24-hour business. In order to match the time of the white-collar workers, let them exercise after work, and also let the gym gain more customers. Like Fit, the business hours will be extended to 24 hours.

In unattended stores, Fit likes to save power by installing smart sensor lights, and only when someone is in the store, the lights will turn on, reducing the cost of electricity.

After 24 hours of operation, the frequency of spending on Fit is as high as 7,000 times per month, which greatly improves the efficiency of the store.

04 proposed a joint venture model to speed up the expansion. After the first company liked to open Fit for two months, Xu Zhiyan saw that such an operating model had achieved good results and decided to start expanding.

Taking into account the funding problem, Xu Zhiyan’s expansion strategy is open to join, and the venues are mostly 500 square meters, because this is the highest area.

For more than a year, I like to recruit partners in more than 100 cities across the country. Partners must first have relevant retail experience. Secondly, they must have sufficient funds. After joining, there will be a dedicated team for training.By February 2018, I like Fit, which already has 200 stores.

In order to speed up the expansion and better control of the store and ensure the quality of service, I like Fit to propose a new joint venture model.

Partners can invest about 3 million at a time and join a gym that likes Fit. They like Fit to manage the store, and the partners only need to be responsible for funding, and then they can take equal parts to achieve.

In addition, I like Fit’s suggestion that if the store is not operating properly and the situation arises, the partner can repay the investment amount of 3 million yuan within the stipulated time.

It’s unbelievable that the investment of Fit’s family’s favorite Fit is half the cost of investing in a traditional gym and that it can be reinvested after the re-entry, but it’s hard to say that for investors, this saleIt’s really no loss, it’s tempting.

I believe that under such a strategy, the speed of preferting Fit to expand the layout will be much faster.

From good chefs to the FitSmart gym, Xu Zhiyan tried the taste of failure, and also understood that in the process of starting a business, only the real profit is the most real achievement.

The real success is not made out of the spotlight, but is made in a down-to-earth manner.

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