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Homemade Natural Yogurt Mask

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Homemade Natural Yogurt Mask

Yogurt contains a lot of lactic acid bacteria. Not only does it have a good regulating effect on the stomach, but also DIY yogurt mask skin care is also a good skin care material!


hzh {display: none; }  很多爱美的MM都知道牛奶还是护肤的好原料,特别是刚过期还没凝固的过期牛奶,护肤的效果是特别的好,这其中的原理其实就是因为过期牛奶会发酵产生Lactic acid bacteria, this is the same as the hydrological principle of yogurt skin care. In this case, why don’t we take yogurt skin care directly?

Yogurt is mild in nature, has the effect of exfoliating and whitening, and can calm the skin after sun exposure.

Add a variety of other ingredients to the yogurt, you can DIY a mask with various effects, let’s try it!

  1, firming mask pear, yogurt mask.

Stick to it once a day.

Suitable for oily and normal skin.

  2. Yogurt cleansing mask material: Yogurt and flour Practice: 1. Put the proper amount of yogurt and flour in a small bowl and mix thoroughly to form a thick yogurt paste.

(Don’t make it too thin, otherwise the mask cannot be thickened) 2. Apply evenly on the entire face, wait 10?
After 15 minutes, rinse with warm water.

  Efficacy: Yogurt mask can also be used for face washing. You don’t need to clean your face before and after use.

Use 4?
After 5 times, the skin will have a completely new feeling.

  3. The most suitable yoghurt mask material for normal skin: honey and a spoonful of yogurt or yogurt. Method: mix a spoonful of honey with a spoonful of yogurt or yogurt, mix well, apply it to the damp water, and leave it for 15 minutes before washinggo with.

  4, strawberry mask to fight off your acne materials: 4 strawberries, 1 tsp of flour, 1 tsp of yogurt, honey, practices: 1. Rinse the strawberries with water and squeeze out the juice.

  2. After mixing the flour and yogurt, add strawberry juice and honey and stir well.

  3. Apply on the damp bladder, leave it for 15 minutes and wash it off.

  5. Avocado banana yogurt mask material: 1/4 avocado, 1/2 small or 1/4 large banana, 1 teaspoon of plain yogurt.

  How to make it: Stir the avocado, banana and yogurt into a paste and apply a facial massage on top to promote blood circulation.

If you want to make the effect better, apply gauze to the mask after massage, leave it on the shell for 10 minutes, wash it, and then use moisturizer.

once a week.

  Reasons for improvement: The oleic acid in avocado has a good moisturizing effect. Vitamins A, B, C, and E are added to bananas. The lactic acid in yogurt promotes cell metabolism and brightens the skin.

Suspecting that you are seriously ill

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Do you suspect you are seriously ill?

Chinese medicine solves your worries

After getting the suspected condition, the patient’s eyes can’t hold anything else, and his mind is full of his doubts about whether a certain type of “serious disease” will suddenly occur and die, causing the suspected patient to die all day and eat and sleep all dayDistress, causing depression and anxiety.

Traditional traditional Chinese medicine treatment of suspicion may have unique methods to eliminate your “suspected heart disease”, such as traditional Chinese medicine massage, traditional Chinese medicine ironing, traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture and so on.

  First, traditional Chinese medicine massage therapy. Massage therapy is a method of preventing diseases by applying various methods on certain parts of the body surface of a suspected patient, or by cooperating with certain specific physical activities.

  This massage method can replace the treatment of various departments, and is more suitable for orthopedic diseases, pediatric diseases and various painful diseases.

  Second, traditional Chinese medicine ironing therapy The traditional Chinese medicine treatment of suspected diseases is mainly represented by medicine (hot) ironing therapy, that is, medicines (such as medicine bags, medicated cakes, ointments, and medicated wine) are heated and placed on specific parts of the body for treatmentLooseness, meridian reconciliation, qi and blood flow, an external treatment method mostly used for the treatment of cold and dampness, qi and blood stasis, and deficiency syndrome.

  Common treatment methods include: umbilical therapy, corrosion therapy, fumigation therapy, dressing therapy and so on.

  Third, traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture therapy acupuncture treatment doubts are mainly treated with acupuncture and moxibustion, a certain method is applied to the meridian and meridian points of patients with suspected patients, in order to regulate the qi and blood, adjust the meridian and viscera functions.Related diseases.

  Acupuncture can be divided into body acupuncture, scalp acupuncture, facial acupuncture, eye acupuncture, ear acupuncture, foot acupuncture, warm acupuncture, fire acupuncture, triangular acupuncture, plum acupuncture and other acupuncture methods; moxibustion can be divided into moxa moxibustion, wheatGranule moxibustion, scar moxibustion, ginger moxibustion, garlic moxibustion, medicinal cake moxibustion, etc.

The scope of application of acupuncture is extremely wide.

  Traditional Chinese medicine has unique advantages in the treatment of difficult symptoms, and the natural, green, safe, alternating, acupuncture treatment of the human meridian, while treating suspected, while activating blood and replenishing vitality, replenishing vitality, helping suspected patients to cure their illnesses and achieve self-cultivation.
If you want to learn more about suspected preventive treatments, you may wish to consult our online psychologist for free.

Five human fears and doubts about drainage rankings

Confusion, a mental disorder, is marked by pathological excessive attention to its own health. Its incidence is not high, but once it is reached, the patient’s mental health will gradually eat away, all day long with fear, anxiety, depression, irritability, Insomnia as a partner, in severe cases can completely or partially lose social function.

The following is a list of the five most common suspected hazards to humanity in recent centuries.


5 From the moment the AIDS suspect discovers the high lethality and horror symptoms of AIDS, people’s fear of AIDS has not stopped for a day, which has also become the source of suspicion.

  Vulnerable people: have a history of unclean sex, or other unsafe behaviors, such as sharing razors, grooming, blood donation and transfusion.

  Typical symptoms: I am very afraid of AIDS. After high-risk behaviors, I always suspect that I have cancer. I repeatedly go to the hospital to ask for HIV antibody tests, and I ca n’t eliminate my worry in the face of adverse results.


4 STD Suspected Diseases In the eyes of ordinary people, people who have combined with “willow disease” are misbehaving swingers.

If anyone has a sexually transmitted disease, not only will they be looked down upon by others around them, but the family may also be broken.

These fears are one of the main reasons for the suspected appearance of sexually transmitted diseases.

  Vulnerable people: those with a history of unclean sex, those with a history of sexually transmitted diseases suspected of having no cure, and those who have had “close contact” with patients with sexually transmitted diseases.

  Typical symptoms: Suspected sexually transmitted diseases often worry about their own physical health, but also worry about whether their “sexually transmitted diseases” have been passed on to their partners, or whether there will be family conflicts after being discovered by their partners.

These benefits make them extremely worried and irritable. Insomnia is also common.


3 Rabies is a suspected condition. Rabies, also known as waterphobia, is rarely cured.

In 2004, after a patient with a diagnosis of rabies died in the United States, three people who received organ donations died of rabies.

  Vulnerable crowds: People who are afraid of rabies, no matter how they bite, lick, or poke, anyone who has been stained with dog saliva or suspected to have been stained.

  Typical Symptoms: All day long, think about getting rabies, always check your body for signs of being bitten by a dog, consult relevant information everywhere, see rabies immediately when you see water or other objects.


2 The crime of a suspect is a common disease and an organic disease that is prone to death. There are often examples of sudden death due to acute myocardial infarction in life.

Affected by the laws of life, mental shock, and breathing rhythm, people are often aware of cardiac discomforts, such as palpitations, heartbeat pauses and recovery for a second or two, and these discomforts can easily cause the heart to appear suspicious.

  Vulnerable people: experience of heart discomfort, or background of death or severe illness of family members of heart disease.

  Typical symptoms: Feeling irregular heartbeat, even finding abnormal blood flow, repeated medical examinations such as electrocardiogram, even if the doctor explained that it is caused by ordinary heart rate irregularities, it can not relieve the patient’s doubts and suffering.


1 Cancer Confusion In the eyes of people, cancer is synonymous with terminal illness and death.

This ingrained fear has also led to the appearance of a variety of suspected “cancer” patients.

  Vulnerable population: Cancer suspicion is probably the most common type of incurable disease, and it occurs regardless of age, gender, social status, etc.

Anyone who is afraid of cancer, has a sensitive personality, and is prone to “disease” to himself is a potential cancer suspect.

  Symptoms: Any abnormality in the implanted body of a suspected cancer patient is considered to be cancer symptoms, with sore throat, suspected laryngeal cancer; headache, suspected brain cancer; nosebleed, suspected blood cancer . and so on.

The patient suspects that he is terminally ill and is often frustrated. He will worry about his “leave” and the family will cause misfortune. Suspected cancer patients usually have deep depression.

  Experts say that the suspected condition is a psychological problem, and not that the patient really “has the disease,” so the patient doesn’t have to worry too much.

The current treatment methods for troubleshooting are mainly psychological treatments, which can be supplemented with anti-anxiety and depression drugs brought about by suspected diseases.

Rest is also needed during yoga practice!

Scholars who have practiced yoga know that during the practice process, the coach will give everyone a rest session after each action is done. Some textbooks do not understand why you should pay attention to the rest during yoga practice, especially for beginners.I want to practice a lot of exercise to relieve the soreness, and often practice several actions at one breath-because I don’t understand the necessity of rest, I think it is a waste of time.

In fact, this kind of thought is wrong bit rate, it is very important to know the relaxation after a posture.

  First of all, the effect brought by the previous posture can only be felt when the body is relaxed after completing a posture. For example, after the action of unblocking the meridians of the arm, relax the body, especially feel the flow of blood in the arm, which flows to youEach fingertip of the-promotes blood circulation in the nerve endings of the arms, your hands are warmed and ruddy . Secondly, after the completion of one posture, the whole body is relaxed in order to make the next posture better stretch the body, so when practicing yoga,Each position is within its ability, stay for a while (to stimulate the site), and then slowly return to the original position.

Relax your body and close your eyes.

Then move on to the next posture . so we should all pay attention to the rest of the practice, do not think that it is wasteful and blindly move, affect the practice effect, and even counterproductive.

Case Study: Invasion of Strange Dreams

Heidi (College Student): Recently weird dreams, please analyze: 1, crawling in a dark tunnel, the only contact is a soft wooden board suspended in the middle of the air. When climbing forward, the front wooden board tilts diagonally downward due to weightSo my heart is full of fear.

  2. I dreamed of calling a friend. At first, the other was very enthusiastic, but then suddenly I was a little bit supportive and gradually no sound.

  3, dreaming of becoming a hawker, selling things at the night market, putting a friend’s cell phone in his pocket, looking down, he suddenly found that the other party’s cell phone was on the stand in front of him, and he was shocked, for fear of losing itQuickly put away, and later came to a road, turned on his mobile phone to see, his name was printed on the screen, MP3 below can play songs, I thought it was quite advanced.

  Later, I walked to a corner every day, and encountered a few babbles to beat me.

I was afraid of losing his stuff and he might misunderstand, so I started to run away.

Later I ran to a stall and hid in front of several people.

But suddenly I dreamed that I was with my family. It was beautiful but a little clear. There was a tree and a big lake. We were in a house on a lake, and there was a meadow across the lake.

When I looked down into the lake, it seemed that my teeth were missing and I was pregnant with a child?

  4. I have always been dreaming recently. Today I dreamed of ancient people fighting, attacking other people ‘s cottages, and dreaming of carrying a dish of cow louver to wash, and the water washed a lot of the contents of the dish to the water inlet.Those Dongdong fell down, and looking at the dish, there was not much.

  I’m worried, should I see a psychiatrist?

  Nishiyama: Adler said: “The purpose of the dream is to support the style of life and to create a feeling that fits the style of life.

“And personal life style may not be consistent with common sense.

A person facing a life problem or receiving a situational stimulus may work through metaphors and symbols in a dream to complete a psychological response.

Dreams form a state of mind that is interlinked with the state of mind when dealing with problems or stimuli in real life.

  The first dream formed a very unrealistic, dangerous, and exploring state of mind, indicating that you are facing a breakthrough in your heart that you do not know how to treat.

Tunnel metaphor is an unfamiliar development direction in which you live, some majors, courses; the second dream expresses a sense of helplessness.

But it is very likely that in fact, it is not that others are not willing to help you, and that you are not self-restrained and do not ask for help, you are pushing the responsibility to the other person in the dream.

Friends in dreams may metaphorically imitate teachers and classmates who seek advice; the third dream is a moody mood that implies emotional trouble.

Can list three keywords: “loyalty”, “personal secrets”, “gains and losses”.

This dream also shows one aspect of your lifestyle: the family is a haven for society.

The fact of this dream metaphor may be a complex relationship with her boyfriend and suitor (the mobile phone is a sexual metaphor); the fourth dream exaggerates the difficulties faced, leading to a reduced and lost state of mind, the fact pointedIt may be that you are facing an exam and you are worried about your lack of knowledge.

  These dreams, combined with your performance in the forum, can be a preliminary judgment that you are a smart, enthusiastic and somewhat introvert.

Personality has a weak side, but there is no lack of mobility.

You have a good relationship with your family, but you also have your own secrets.

I have been dreaming a lot recently, and I have a lot of clues, sensitivity, and deep sleep.

Being able to record these dreams is also a caring person.

  You are a mentally healthy person who has troubles and you don’t have to ask a doctor.

  Opinion: Non-psychoanalytic consultants generally do not analyze dreams. Dream analysis requires professional skills, keen intuition, and rich life experience.

Dream is the enemy of common sense, and her connection with reality is subtle and complicated.

But the choice and use of dreams by the material faithfully reveals a person’s life style, which is conducive to solving the mystery of the case formed by the interference of consultation.

Therefore, it is useful for the consultant to master some dream analysis techniques.

Novice parents: 3 common mistakes

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Novice parents: 3 common mistakes

In the process of manual intervention, a large number of novice parents will have substitute improper practices, which will have a certain impact on the baby’s body and even cause stones.

  Misunderstanding 1: The milk is too thick. According to common sense, the milk powder cannot be too thick. It should be prepared according to the amount written in the instructions.

However, many mothers are worried that the baby will not be full, and the amount of milk powder for the baby is very large, so the milk is completely concentrated and too sweet.

Su Yixiang said that feeding a baby with a milk powder with an excessively high concentration makes it easy for the child to get thirsty after drinking it, and it is easy for him to become fat because of excessive nutrition.

  What’s more serious, because sodium chloride and other minerals in excessively concentrated milk juice will also increase the burden on the kidneys of children. It is important to know that children under the age of two have underdeveloped kidneys, and supplement children with excessively concentrated milk, May also increase its burden.

  Misunderstanding 2: Drinking formula milk and taking calcium tablets “I saw other mothers supplement the baby with calcium. I was also anxious when I added zinc. I went to the hospital to ask the doctor if I could give my baby some calcium supplements.Make up.

“Almost all mothers are concerned about their children’s calcium supplementation.

  Su Yixiang said that calcium is already contained in formula milk. The content of calcium in infant formula is 100 mg per 100 ml of 0-6 months. If you can drink enough formula milk every day and eat calcium tablets, it will definitely causeHigh calcium intake.

Experts suggest that calcium supplements are not necessary for babies under 6 months, whether it is breast milk replacement or artificial replacement.

For babies over 6 months, after adding 1-2 supplementary foods a day, if you continue to breastfeed, you may not add calcium tablets.

If the baby is drinking formula milk, the amount of milk is 500-600 ml, and it is not necessary to add calcium tablets.

  Misunderstanding Sansui food is a bit salty. “Children need to add complementary foods in four months, eat egg yolk, rice noodles, vegetable paste and the like. At first, children must not be used to eating, do not like to eat, but the elderly at home always saidThis is mainly tasteless, so light, of course, children do not like to eat “, so sometimes they add sesame oil to the child’s complementary food, and salt is said to improve the taste of the child.

When we are adults, we always dip the children in pickle soup.

“A lot of parents will ask if a baby drinking formula needs to add condiments when adding complementary foods?

  For babies from 6 months to 1 year old, don’t add salt, MSG and other condiments in the complementary food.

Because of the insufficiency of the kidneys of 4 month babies, do not add seasonings prematurely, especially salt will increase the burden on the kidneys.

4 Psychological Roots That Inspire One Night Stand

Did you kill peach this year?

When your peach blossoms are blooming, what kind of relationship do you classify your relationship with?

Do you know the psychological needs behind your relationship?

I hope you will be seated under the guidance of a psychologist to grasp the core motivation of “sustainable development of love”.

  The desire for “one night stand” is the human sentiment. “One night stand” generally refers to the sexual behavior of both men and women in a specific situation because of a momentary feeling, impulse, admiration, or the need to dismiss loneliness.

American sociologist John’s definition of “one-night stand” is: sexual behavior that occurs based on the sexual attraction of human animals, it ignores the norms that lovers should follow when they get along, such as personality, quality, and cultivation.

The essence of “one-night stand” is that the former is to satisfy the sexual and psychological desires of both sexes, while the other is to satisfy one’s sexual desires. It is essentially a money transaction.

  According to Freud’s psychoanalytic theory, the desire for “one-night stand” originates from the call of “self” and is a manifestation of human instinct.

Freud once stated in A Future of Illusions that “Man is a low-energy mentally retarded creature governed by instinctual aspirations.

“So, the desire for” one-night stand “is human nature.

According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory, sex is the original need of human beings. It exists at any time and has no choice. Love is a high-level spiritual pursuit of human beings, which occurs in specific situations.there are choices.

Maslow once said: “An important aspect that distinguishes humans from animals is that he has self-control.

“So, heartbeat is not the same as action. Under most conditions, people can restrain the impulse desire of” one night stand “.

  There are many types of “one-night stand”. “One-night stand” can be roughly classified into specific types according to different psychological motivations.

  Sexual temptation one-night stand: by sexual instinct, has a great affection for a certain opposite sex, longing for intimate contact.

The behavior is to actively seduce the other party, wait for the other party to respond positively, and expect continuous close contact.

  Revenge one-night stand: It comes from emotional damage, and has great resentment towards the person who loves (over), and hopes to make up for his psychological pain through sexual behavior with others.

The behavior is to actively seduce the opposite sex you like somewhere and expect the other party to respond positively, but you may not expect continuous close contact.

  Bewildered one-night stand: Out of worry, I have greatly overcome some specific circumstances, feel very confused, and long for the soothing and warmth of the opposite sex.

Behavioural performance is half-pushing, longing for the satisfaction of sensory stimulation to surround the inner emptiness.

  Suggestive one-night stand: It comes from situational suggestion. It has great curiosity, expectation and longing for sexual suggestion in certain situations.

Behavioural behavior is half-pushing and chasing “one-night stand” as a fashionable, popular or submissive behavior.

  A prominent example of a sexually trapped one-night stand was the previous visit of a famous actor Jin Shan to a country in 1951. Jin Shan was very excited about the leader’s interview and said on the spot that he would have a good interview and write a good movie.

The leader appreciated this and asked her beautiful secretary to be a tour guide and interpreter for Jinshan.

But it didn’t take long before the two were found to have “made a mistake in bed.”

The leader was furious and ordered the female secretary to be shot.

Since Jinshan is Chinese, he was handed over to Chinese leaders.

Zhou Enlai ordered Jinshan to be returned to Beijing for processing.

After returning to Beijing, Jinshan was expelled from the party, revoked his administrative position, and received quarantine review.

Because of the tolerance and protection of Jinshan’s wife, Sun Weishi, Jinshan was prevented from being completely decentralized.

In December 1967, Jiang Qing still put Jinshan into prison on charges of “special suspect”, and was not completely liberated until the “gang of four” fell.

  A prominent example of a vengeful one-night stand is the name of Simona, a close friend of former British princess Diana, who had a one-night stand with JFK, the son of former President Kennedy.

In 1995, Diana went to the United States to participate in royal activities.

Kennedy Jr. just started “George” magazine at this time, and wanted to expand his influence by interviewing Diana.

Diana rejected JFK’s request for an interview, but promised to meet him.

Unexpectedly, when the tall and handsome little Kennedy appeared in front of Diana, she immediately felt heartbeat, and the young Kennedy was enthusiastic about the sexy dress of Princess Diana.

According to Simona’s description, Diana said afterwards: “We started with personality, talking about topics one after the other, and eventually we went to bed. It was all a magical chemistry.

“At this time, Diana had not divorced Charles.Prior to this, Charles publicly acknowledged his betrayal of marriage on television, and Diana wanted to include revenge.

The appearance of Kennedy Jr. gave her a chance for revenge.

  A prominent example of a bewildered one-night stand is the famous American player O’Neal said that he and the supermodel Cindy?

Crawford had a “night of passion.”

At that time, Cindy and the four-year-old Hollywood star Richard Gere just broke up because of the division of their childbearing, which made her once lost, depressed, and desperate for the comfort and consideration of others.

At this time, O’Neal had just joined the Orlando Magic of the NBA, and he was in a spirited mood. The two met and hit each other, so they had a one-night relationship.

After that, they did not renew their passion, as if nothing had happened.

  A prominent example of a suggestive one-night stand is David the American cult leader who once enticed all adult women in the manor to have sex with him in the name of the lord.

He was eventually pursued by the government for possession of ordnance.

In order to avoid the arrest, David ordered everyone to run into the thick flames and commit suicide.

David declared himself to be Jesus’ helper, and he would give believers a permanent liberation.

He also claimed to be a living prophet, implying “if the Bible is true, then I am Jesus Christ.”

He used the mindset of the believers in wishing to possess extraordinary abilities to rule them and establish personal worship.

He tricked the female believers into saying that when the end of the world comes, he will lead everyone to heaven and kill the unbelievers.

Many female believers were moved by his lies, and they took the initiative to find David and took pride in going to bed with him.

  ”One-night stand”: From the “high-end” of the niche to the “low-end” of the public According to relevant psychological and sociological research, among the similar types mentioned above, sexual mutagenesis accounts for about 60%, and revenge accounts for about 20%, confusingThe type and the hint type each account for about 15%.

In terms of education ratio, sociologist Li Yinhe once said that “one-night stand” should be a common phenomenon in industrial society and urban society.

Indeed, a “one-night stand” without the constraints of love and marriage cannot be regarded as contrary to ethics as long as it is a wishful thinking that does not harm others or affect society;Inflicting different degrees of harm will bring serious consequences to the family and society.

  Xia Xueyi, a professor of sociology at Peking University, suggested that “one-night stand” is more common among those with higher education, because it is mainly spread online. At the same time, the more highly educated people, the more able to explain their behaviors rationally, thereby achieving psychological balance.
Zhu Jianjun, a psychologist at Beijing Forestry University, also pointed out that from the perspective of the people he contacted, the one-night stand was mostly social white-collar workers.

The reason is that these people get married late, and some even fear getting married, but they also need sex, so they will look for sex partners.

In addition, some people may choose a free way because they can’t establish a stable marriage because of the big changes in their lives. They are in Beijing today and tomorrow in Shanghai.

  Recently, a one-night stand survey report by mobile phone users launched by a well-known domestic website shows that one-night stand is becoming younger and lower-level, and is changing. One-night stand is going from a niche “high end” to a popular “low end” through various channels.

One-night stand-prone people in the survey were mainly students, and migrant workers from other places.

Experts say that most people who are prone to one-night stand are seeking stimulation. First of all, because they do not have a clear life goal, they hope to make up for the emptiness of life through irresponsible sex. Such behavior may eventually develop into what is said in psychology.”Sex addicts.”

Furthermore, due to the gradual opening up of the sex culture, the restraint of traditional morals has weakened, and people’s attitudes towards sex have become more open. Due to their lack of discrimination and self-control, migrant workers and students are easily vulnerable to “one-night stand”.within Temptation.

  ”One-night stand” myth: Suspended the worry and depression, but can not resolve the multiple crisis of the individual. In summary, the “one-night stand” can only be a little worry and depression for a while, but it can not be alleviated permanently.

In essence, “one night stand” is deceiving one’s mind while satisfying one’s physical desires.

Therefore, the expectation that men and women will have feelings and even bring marriage after the one-night stand is mostly self-deception.

  Too much, one-night stand can cause multiple personal crises, such as a moral crisis. For self-condemnation of indulgence, especially for people with families, one-night stand is a psychologically fresh seasoning, but it is easierCan trigger self-psychological crisis and family crisis.

Not long ago, someone read a book and called it “Break Up After Daybreak”, which was about the “One Night Stand” recorded by 19 urban women.

Some of them are addicted to indulgence, while others are out of control for a while; others are out of regret after indulgence, and some are indifferent.

  French sexologist Alan Esher pointed out that men’s desires are affected by body chemistry and need to be vented in time, while women’s desires are more affected by the brain and need to be fully padded.

Therefore, men seek excitement and freshness in one-night stand, while women seek affection and hope.

In fact, men ‘s attempts to “one-night stand” are mostly a dot, and sex is the starting point and end point; while women ‘s attempts to “one-night stand” are mostly a triangle, and the three lines of sex, love and self-protection are on one side.

  Gray, a well-known marriage counselor in the United States, has a view that “men drill holes, women dig wells.”

That is to say, when a man encounters setbacks, the first thing he thinks about is to escape, just like hiding in a burrow, and then slowly recover. When a woman encounters setbacks, she first thinks of asking for help, such as sinking in a wellWaiting for rescue, very eager to get understanding and comfort from others.

Therefore, the purpose of “one-night stand” is often not in sex itself, but in soothing tense emotions.

In fact, physiological studies have also shown that when people are under stress, sex hormones are activated and sexual desire is increased.

“One night stand”, what exactly will bring to the cluster, I am afraid only the conscience of both men and women is the clearest.

Healthy sleep: Sleep twice a day

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Healthy sleep: Sleep twice a day

Researchers also said that the length of sleep varies from person to person, and “sleep in stages” is in line with “as long as it can eliminate fatigue and restore vitality.

People’s sleep is rhythmic. The first half of sleep is mostly deep sleep, and the second half is mostly light sleep.

In the case of long-term sleep, deep sleep does not increase, but only prolongs the duration of light sleep.

Therefore, American researchers have found that dividing a day’s sleep into two sessions: once at noon and once at night is good for human health.

  Researchers also said that the length of sleep varies from person to person, and “sleep in stages” is in line with “as long as it can eliminate fatigue and restore vitality.

Seven stages of yoga practice

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Seven stages of yoga practice

Ethics: Morality is paramount.

No morality can be practiced without morality.

It must be guided by virtue, the mother of success, and the source of merit.

The basic content of yoga morals: non-violent, real, non-stealing, abstinence, and desirelessness.

This is the ethics that yoga requires first of all.

  Internal and external purification: External purification is the correct behavior habit, and strive to beautify the surrounding environment; internal purification is the eradication of six vices: desire, anger, greed, madness, obsession, malice, jealousy.

  Posture method: It is a posture exercise, which can purify the body, protect the body, and treat the limbs.

There are countless types of asanas. They have good effects on muscles, digestive organs, glands, nervous system and other tissues of the body.

Not only improve physical fitness, but also improve mental quality, so that physical and mental balance.

  Breathing method: It means consciously prolong the time of inhaling, holding your breath, and exhaling.

Inhaling is the action of receiving cosmic energy, holding your breath to activate cosmic energy, exhaling is to eliminate all thoughts and emotions, and at the same time exclude exhaust gas and turbid air from the body, so as to stabilize the body.

  Controlling the feeling of spirit: At any time, the spirit is in two opposite contradictory activities. Desire and affection are entangled, followed by activities related to self.

Controlling mental feelings is to suppress desire and calm down feelings.

Concentrate on one point or thing, so that you can be calm and peaceful.

  Meditation, static state: It is difficult to describe only by combining experience with actual experience.

  Perseverance enters a state of “forgetfulness”: that is, unaware of one’s physical breathing, self-spirit and intellectual existence.

Has entered an infinitely vast and peaceful world.

  The combination of the above seven stages is yoga.

  The seven stages are implemented in four steps.

  Stages 1 and 2 are the ideological foundation and ideological preparation.

  The third and fourth stages are physical training, through various posture training to achieve the purpose of getting rid of illness and strengthening.

  In stages 5 and 6, preliminary meditation practice is performed.

  The last stage is the high-level practice, meditation, and static phase.

Clockwise massage abdominal bones constipation

Recently, Australian researchers have found that long-term constipation in the elderly is the culprit leading to decreased intelligence, and about 80% of elderly constipation suffer from dementia.

Researchers say that the bacteria inside the human body can break down undigested proteins into toxic substances. If the elderly are constipated, when the toxic substances accumulate beyond the liver’s detoxification capacity, it will enter the brain through blood circulation, damage the central nervous system, and catalyze the elderlyAlzheimer’s occurs.

  So, how can the elderly reduce the harm caused by constipation?

Expert introduction: develop the habit of regular bowel movements every day; eat more crude fiber food.

Such as vegetables, fruits, and coarse grains; drink 2000-5000 ml of water a day, drink a large glass of water on an empty stomach in the morning before moving; strengthen abdominal exercises.

Experts from Nagoya University in Japan also suggested that when bathing, massage the abdomen in the clockwise direction with the palm of your hand, and at the same time breathe in the belly with a blast, and pressurize the abdomen to treat chronic constipation.