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One cup of drowning a day, stick to one month, one of the three benefits!

The whole body is a treasure.

Scorpion can replenish raw essence, used as medicine or tea, soak wine, stew, if you can take it regularly, become a healthy body.

The leaves, flowers and roots of the dragonfly are also the finest food supplements.

Modern medical research shows that it contains carotene, betaine, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C and calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc., has increased white blood cell activity, promotes the pharmacological effects of hepatocyte regeneration, and lowers blood pressure., lowering blood sugar, blood lipids.

Eat a little bit every day, what is the advantage of long time?


Mingmu scorpion is rich in carotene, vitamin A, B1, B2, C and calcium, iron and other essential nutrients for eye care, so it is good at eyesight, so it is commonly known as “bright eyes.”

The doctors of the past dynasty treatment of liver and blood deficiency, kidney yin deficiency caused by visual dim and night blindness, often using medlar, the famous prescription 鏉瀓ujudihuang pills, the use of medlar as the main drug.

Many people also use tweezers to treat chronic eye diseases, and steamed eggs are a cure for effective diets.


Improve immunity and improve the body’s immunity, so it can qi and strong, nourish liver and kidney, anti-aging, stop diabetes, warm body, anti-tumor effect.


Lowering the “three high” sputum has the effect of lowering blood pressure, blood lipids and blood sugar, thus preventing the arteriosclerosis from industrial hardening, protecting the liver, inhibiting mild liver and promoting liver cell regeneration.

The scorpion is also used to help the body, to replenish the marrow, to nourish the yin and tonify the kidney, to replenish the qi and soothe the nerves, to strengthen the body, to delay the aging of the medicine, to treat chronic hepatitis, central retinitis, optic atrophy and the like; for diabetes, tuberculosisIt also has better curative effect; it has a strong improvement effect on anti-tumor, liver protection, blood pressure reduction, blood sugar lowering and deteriorating diseases of elderly organ degradation.

As a nourishing and strong agent for the treatment of kidney deficiency and liver and kidney disease, it is very effective, can significantly improve the plasma insulin ketone content in the human body, and achieve the effect of strengthening the body and strengthening the yang.

Modern medical research has shown that strontium has obvious inhibitory effects on cancer cells in vitro and can be used to prevent the diffusion of nanofibers and enhance the immune function of the human body.

The results of contemporary experiments and clinical applications show that the common use of tea leaves can significantly improve and improve the immune function and physiological functions of the elderly, frail patients and cancer patients, and has a strong body and delay aging.

For cancer patients with chemotherapy, it has the effect of reducing toxic and side effects, preventing white blood cells from decreasing, and regulating immune function.

In addition, often eat 鏋告潪 can also be beauty, which many people do not know.

This is because sputum can improve the skin’s ability to absorb oxygen and can whiten the skin.

Therefore, it is worth noting that the scorpion is all treasures, nourishing yin and nourishing yang, nourishing qi and soothe the nerves, strengthening physical fitness, delaying the function of aging, and it is worthy of frequent consumption.

Why is health care inseparable?

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These 5 big benefits are the answers you want!

Why is health care inseparable?
These 5 big benefits are the answers you want!

鏋告潪 is a Chinese herbal medicine that is very common in our daily life. It can be used to soak water and soup. It is a very good choice.

Eating cockroaches will bring too much benefit to our body. What are the benefits?

Are there any taboos for eating cockroaches?

Benefits of eating cockroaches: 1, weight loss: 鏋告潪 contains a series of insulin such as betaine.

These ingredients can be involved in the metabolism of adults, are very effective in inhibiting the deposition of adults in the body, and can also promote liver cell regeneration.

It can promote the metabolism of lipids and can also prevent the liver of adults.

2, beauty skin: our skin aging is mainly caused by the oxidation of free radicals, and the polysaccharides and carotene contained in the sputum are very powerful antioxidants.

Moreover, the substances contained in the sputum are not limited to this, and the strontium contains a variety of trace elements and vitamin E, which further enhances the antioxidant effect.

And vitamin A in the sputum can effectively prevent dry skin and follicular keratosis.

It can exert a good effect on the beauty of the skin, and women can eat more in the daily life.

3, anti-vascular aging: Because the content of lutein and carotene in the sputum is very rich, these elements are very natural antioxidants.

It has a good effect on preventing arteriosclerosis and premature cardiovascular failure.

4, improve the lack of blood: Many women in the daily routine because of lack of blood and often cold hands and feet, this situation can eat more sputum.

Because the iron and vitamins in the sputum are very rich.

Iron can effectively promote the production of hemoglobin, which is very beneficial for restoring women’s blood.

5, soothe the nerve: women will enter the menopause when they reach a certain age.

Women who enter menopause will have a temper temper, and women can try to eat more sputum during menopause.

Betaine and rutin in the sputum, soothe the nerves, the effect of reducing the dryness is very good.

Is there any kind of contraindication to eating?

1, 鏋告潪 is a warm food, can help the body to qi and blood.

Therefore, people with a fever, fever, body inflammation and diarrhea are not recommended to eat before they are treated.

In addition, people with high blood pressure and high blood pressure are not recommended to eat sputum.

2, it is not recommended to eat with green tea, because it is a kind of homologous medicine and food.

When eaten with green tea, it will reduce the health benefits of sputum, and the acid implanted in green tea has a strong astringent effect.

It will form substances in the body that are difficult for the body to absorb, and it is very unfavorable to the body in the body for a long time.

3, daily eating should be eaten for a long time, but be careful not to eat too much per day, or it will lead to the situation of getting angry.

4, the sugar content in the sputum is relatively high, and patients with diabetes themselves should not eat sputum.

5, in daily use, the effect of stewing with jujube is good, but pay attention to control the amount, otherwise it will easily lead to fire.

What to eat with fattening?

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What to eat with fattening?

Weight loss is popular, and many products, activities seem to be as long as “slimming”, it seems to gather together super strong popularity.

In fact, according to some statistics on the establishment of weight-loss clinics, most of the people who go to the weight-loss clinics are mostly those who are overweight and do not exceed the standard weight percentage of twenty. This group of people see how to eat a small part but eat no fat, bamboo raftIn the eyes of the type of people, it is really a very envious thing!

銆€銆€Some people still have entanglement about how to lose weight, but how to eat but not eat fat. Some people also mentioned that they have been eating and drinking for three meals, and the food intake of each meal is not small.Eat it, but I don’t know if it is malabsorption of the stomach, or there are other problems. It seems that it is not just an increase in waste, but the flesh and blood can not grow out, it is also very distressing!

銆€銆€This volume is a problem for many people. The dietitian says that the weight is the same as the bank deposit. When there is no way to transfer the supplement more than the required transfer, the weight naturally cannot be maintained.

Of course, there are many reasons for not eating fat. Physiological factors include: diseases, gastrointestinal functions, drugs, psychological factors, such as worry, nervousness, depression, etc., as well as poor diet and lifestyle.

Physiological factors The dietitian recommends that you seek a physician’s diagnosis. If you have enough food, you will need a dietitian to help you evaluate it.

銆€銆€Dietitians also provide a number of methods that can be used as a reference when it comes to eating and alternative nutrition options in life: 1.

A balanced diet can use cream or other edible oils, jams, sugars and other high-fat oils, high-sugar foods to increase accumulation, although the weight gains quickly, but long-term or excessive consumption, will destroy appetite, and may bring chronic disease endangered andhealth.

Use a balanced diet and incremental food intake to avoid compulsive supplies and sabotage appetite.


Develop a good diet and regular quantitative, a small amount of meals, chewing slowly.


Change the meal procedure first to eat high-density, high-nutrition food, and then eat other foods.


Choose moderately cooked foods and choose moderately cooked foods such as steamed, stewed, marinated, fried, and boiled.

Wait, avoid frying, frying, and roasting.

The food is hard and difficult to digest.


Maintain a happy mood, a well-placed dining environment, and focus on division.

銆€銆€Stress and anxiety not only affect appetite, but also digestive and absorbing functions in the gastrointestinal tract, and the metabolic rate increases the conversion relative to the consumption.

銆€銆€If there is still no way to improve your long and thin body, it is recommended that you ask a professional doctor to help you find out why the meat can’t grow out, and use a healthy way to grow healthy meat!


All-day 1 minute diet OL is the most practical

Is weight loss a bit of a chore for you?

Is there any way to treat weight loss as a pleasure, and still do it every day?

In fact, weight loss can not endure the pain of suffering, do not have to endure hungry, do not have to work hard.

As long as you hurry, slim down immediately!

銆€銆€The following small series teaches everyone how to use the available time to complete the slimming in one minute!

Absolutely make you incredible!

銆€銆€AM 7:00 Good morning!

銆€銆€Just blinking in the morning, our fitness exercise begins!

Put the pillow on the back, straighten your hands backwards, straighten your toes forward and stretch.

In this way, your body will naturally form a rib pull-up, chest enlargement and deep breathing. The activity of the diaphragm is strengthened, and most of the muscles begin to contract, thus achieving the purpose of accelerating blood circulation and refreshing the mind.

How is it a simple and effective start?

銆€銆€Going to work at 8:20 am!



Traffic jam!

It doesn’t matter, come and have fun “4-7-8 Breathing”!

Exhale first, then inhale with the nose, silently 4 times, close the gas 7 times, then exhale with the mouth, bring out the “鍜? sound, silent number 8 times.

This not only promotes the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract, facilitates digestion, but also exercises the abdominal muscles and eliminates the aunts stacked on the abdomen.

銆€銆€I am at the office at 9:00 am!

銆€銆€Don’t rush into the workbench, first come to a “tinist drum”!

It can help you vibrate the eardrum, slow down the degeneration of the ear socket, and immediately alleviate the dizziness, headache and many other discomforts caused by the traffic jam.

The method is simple: press the ears for a few seconds with your palms, then quickly separate them, and then massage the roots of your ears with your hands, even to prevent colds.

銆€銆€PM 12:30 after lunch!

銆€銆€A little lazy after lunch, I want to take a nap?

Let’s talk about it!

At the same time, gently rub your gums with your tongue.

This small movement activates the central nervous system to excite, and the various complex changes caused by it are a special kind of brain massage that can protect the brain.

銆€銆€Work at 15:30 in the afternoon!

銆€銆€I have been sitting in the office for a long time!

Do you feel that your body is a little stiff?

At this time, getting up and doing activities is a good idea, but if you can’t really get away, try tapping the back and side waist.

This is a good self-massage that can shake the meridians and organs inside the body and relax them, thus preventing lumbar spondylosis due to numbness of the limbs.

銆€銆€PM 18:30 is home, bathing and blowing!

銆€銆€I have to start blowing my hair after showering.

it is good!

Look for a more spacious place to sit down, lean your upper body forward, try to keep the hair dryer and aligning, and use your waist to twist around to adjust the proper blowing position.

This action has a positive effect on losing your little belly and soothing the waist for a day.

銆€銆€PM 20:30 Don’t be idle while watching TV!銆€銆€When watching TV, don’t idle your hands and feet. Keep your hands on your hands and heat your hands. Then cross the fingers and cross each other.

After the activity is completed, let the ten toenails squeezing and rubbing each other freely, and then rubbing the feet to rub each other until it is slightly hot.

This series of small movements can help us massage the acupuncture points on the hands and feet.

銆€銆€In the advertising time of the program, pick up the big cushion on your back and put it on the abdomen, then press the cushions together to press the abdomen with both hands, so that the abdomen is as close to the cross.

At the same time, the back end presses the back of the sofa with full force, and keeps this tight state for about 6 seconds, then relax and take a deep breath.

By doing this every day, you can keep a sturdy and strong waist!

銆€銆€Have a good night’s sleep at 22:00!

銆€銆€Before going to sleep, first pick an empty place to stand up straight, keep the legs not bent, then bend down and bow your head, touch your hands with both hands, then lift the ground and touch the ground again, do about 20 times.

This small movement can gradually increase the anti-stress of the cerebral blood vessels, soothe the nerves and blood vessels of the brain that are often in a state of tension. Before going to sleep, it can improve the quality of sleep, and at the same time, it can strengthen the kidney and strengthen the waist.

A girl who has a high level of work and needs to continue to sit and do things, will try to benefit from this action.


Body sculpture makes your dreams come true

Many people (not only women and men) often learn that their bodies “do not bulge in the place where the drums should not be drummed, and do not bulge in the place where the drums are wanted.” Now, with a slight and slight transplant new technology, you can fill in the gaps.”.

This is the body sculpture that makes you-dream come true.

銆€銆€The body sculpture uses modern surgical techniques and advanced medical equipment to absorb the excess light from the skin under the skin and transplant it to the body’s required parts according to aesthetic standards to achieve the purpose of bodybuilding.

銆€銆€More than 80 years ago, a French surgeon tried to scrape the remnants of a rehearsal aunt for a dancer. Although it ended in failure, it created a precedent for body sculpture.

More than 40 years ago, a German physician successfully sucked out the waist for the patient, and the aunt of the abdomen marked the aunt’s technique from going to the operating table.

銆€銆€The fatness and thinness of a person is not manifested in an increase or decrease in the number of tiny cells, and the size of other tiny cells, that is, the filling of fat in tiny cells.

銆€銆€Human fecal cells begin to form in the initial period, and then the number is gradually increased. This growth process tends to be static when adults reach adulthood. After 18 years of age, the number of human fecal cells is relatively stable (except for a few pathological obesity loyalists).

銆€銆€An adult Congo is gradually rising, not a small number of cells, and the other few cells have more fats and oils.

According to this principle, there are two main ways to 鈥渨eight loss鈥? One is to reduce the filling of trace cells; the other is to reduce the number of local micro-cells.

The first method commonly used is exercise, diet control, medication and local physiochemical treatment; the second method is commonly used for subcutaneous fecal resection and fecal resection.

The first way to lose weight is effective, but because it does not reduce the number of extra cells, tiny cells are “starved and thin”, and once again, they will “eat fat again”, so they tend to rebound repeatedly.

The second way, reducing the number of tiny cells, fundamentally eliminates the possibility of repetition, let alone “bounce”, and the effect is relatively “permanent”.

And it has the advantages of accurate positioning and where to lose weight.

銆€銆€American medical scientists observed alternatives of the same age, gender, weight, and tiny accumulations around the umbilical cord of the abdomen. Some of them were caught in redundant exceptions, and the other group was not replaced, and it was still “big belly.”

Ten years later, the incidence of high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, pancreatic cancer, and diabetes in the “big belly” patients greatly exceeded the incidence rate, thus confirming that reducing the pups is beneficial to prolong life and improve quality of life.

銆€銆€In the past, people understood the body sculpture surgery as a simple “slimming” operation, which is a surgical patent for obese people. In fact, this may not be the case.

銆€銆€For example, a model lady is slender and has a beautiful face. It does not need to lose weight. However, the lower abdomen and the lateral thigh of the thigh are relatively opposite, forming a local protrusion, and slightly developed too small. In some cases, it is a fly in the ointment.

Use the syringe liposuction method to remove the excess subcutaneous aunt on the outside of the abdomen and thigh, and then inject it into the breast, so that the high place is high, there is no trace of surgical wound on the skin, and it is not perfect!

Some human bodies are very good, but the subcutaneous adults above the thighs help. When you walk, the two legs rub against each other, causing the skin to smash, and the trousers are often worn out. Ask the doctor to “sculpture” and immediately walk lightly and painfully.

銆€銆€The 20- to 55-year-old group is an active period of subcutaneous adult cell filling and expansion. It is often unwittingly “blessed”, and the upper abdomen and lower abdomen are viable for local abduction, and the stepping is again embarrassing.stick up.

This local hypertrophy is difficult to remove by exercise and dieting.

The human body can cause a lot of slight parts, such as facial ankle, sputum resection, upper hip, waist, back, cheekbones, buttocks, side waist, back of calf, etc.; but some parts are not suitable for liposuction or need to be cautious, such asThe amount of orbital part, the appendix, the ischial bone, the front side of the calf, etc., these parts of the body are prone to complications, and even dysfunction and disfigurement.


It’s so easy to cook food, eat more after the fall, and the skin is good and nutritious.

The office workers are busy again, and they can easily control the food. After the Mid-Autumn Festival, the skin will not be rough and busy.

have you eaten?

Still working overtime today?

Is it feeling tired? No physical strength is also a bit of a loss. If it is, you have to take care of your body because the body is the capital of the revolution.

It is a normal thing to work overtime in today’s fast-growing society. Many people are busy and don’t want to eat for a long time to form a stomach problem.

There are also a few beautiful women who buy a few thousand cosmetics but don’t know how to do it yourself. They can make up their own health and beauty. The money is a little bit more effective than the thousands of products.

So the food to be recommended today is a healthy and delicious food, even if you are in the office.

Many companies and families today have health pots, so you can use this convenient appliance to make healthy food for this season.

Tremella fuciformis, also known as white fungus, is a natural and healthy food. It has the functions of supplementing the vital energy, moistening the intestines, nourishing the skin and beauty, and protecting the body. It is excellent for daily health in daily life, especially in autumn and winter.

The production method is particularly simple, as long as you can eat it with one wash and two, you will know if you don’t affect the work and time at all.

Characteristics of jujube white fungus: nourishing beauty, supplementing Zhongyi food: 1 white fungus, 3 red dates, 1 rock sugar, citrate, longan dry steps: 1, Tremella is also called white fungus market can buy at random,There are fresh and dry types that can be selected as needed.

2, the white fungus is slightly soaked to eight points to clean and remove the root pedicle part of the spare 3, the accessories can be selective like my choice for female friends will be better, with blood and beauty.

Of course, it is not that men can’t eat, but women’s effects will be better.

4, the ingredients and accessories into the health pot to choose the Tremella program slowly cook, your peace of mind work when you are hungry can bear this food.

Tips: 1, the choice of Tremella should pay attention to quality 2, sweetness is determined according to their own preferences or not