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Clockwise massage abdominal bones constipation

Recently, Australian researchers have found that long-term constipation in the elderly is the culprit leading to decreased intelligence, and about 80% of elderly constipation suffer from dementia.

Researchers say that the bacteria inside the human body can break down undigested proteins into toxic substances. If the elderly are constipated, when the toxic substances accumulate beyond the liver’s detoxification capacity, it will enter the brain through blood circulation, damage the central nervous system, and catalyze the elderlyAlzheimer’s occurs.

  So, how can the elderly reduce the harm caused by constipation?

Expert introduction: develop the habit of regular bowel movements every day; eat more crude fiber food.

Such as vegetables, fruits, and coarse grains; drink 2000-5000 ml of water a day, drink a large glass of water on an empty stomach in the morning before moving; strengthen abdominal exercises.

Experts from Nagoya University in Japan also suggested that when bathing, massage the abdomen in the clockwise direction with the palm of your hand, and at the same time breathe in the belly with a blast, and pressurize the abdomen to treat chronic constipation.

Super easy!

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Lazy woman’s yoga leg exercises

Super easy!
Lazy woman’s yoga leg exercises

In the 1960s and 1970s, Chinese women wore either blue-black or gray-white, and the most fashionable dress was a green military uniform. The biggest advantage of this kind of clothing is that it is easy to squat and move freely.Elegant style, but greatly masked the charm of a woman’s figure.

  History quickly turned over that plain page, and entered this era of colorful and flamboyant personality, miniskirts, cropped pants, hot pants . Women show their straight, slender, fair-skinned beautiful legs gracefully.

  In fact, my legs look pretty, but my calf is a little thick, so even on a hot summer day, I ca n’t feel confident to experience the boldness of a pair of hot pants.

I was dreaming and praying: God, make my calves more beautiful!

  I came into contact with yoga and found out that I really found the god of skinny legs.

Many asanas can almost eliminate excess meat on the legs, and can also twist the shape of the legs to create soft leg lines.

After hard work and hard work, my calf became thinner, the overall proportion was more coordinated, and my leg shape looked better.

Now, undoubtedly a miniskirt or hot pants, I can wear it confidently on the body; whether it is by the sea or on the street, I can show my beautiful legs unscrupulously.

  On the first leg-holding STEP1 flat-laying mat, straighten your legs forward, place them on your body, palms up, and do a few abdominal breaths to calm yourself down.

  STEP2 inhale, bend your right knee, embrace your right calf with both hands, and let your thigh step on your hip and your toes should be straight.

Exhale and slowly flatten your right leg.

Then change the left leg to do the same.

  Special note: This pose is a simplified version of the baby style. The focus of the baby style is to exercise the muscles. When doing leg-holding, you must focus on bending your legs and experience the feeling that your leg muscles are stretched.

The leg-holding style can eliminate the excess meat on the thighs, make the thighs slim, the effect is obvious, and it is simple to make. The thick thighs must be practiced more.

If the legs are very flexible, you can try not to bend when raising your legs, and try to pull your arms around one straight leg with your arms around you. Keep the other leg off the ground and relax your neck, shoulders, and back.Okay.

  The second type of single-legged stepped STEP1 starts with simple sitting, raises the right foot, embraces it with both hands, shakes the body slightly back and forth for a while, pulls the right leg closer to the chest, and keeps the upper body upright.

  STEP2 release the right leg, grasp the foot with both hands and keep the sole of the foot flat against the chest, then slowly bring the foot close to the chin or even the forehead, hold it for a while, then change the left leg to do the same action.

  Special tips: This posture can make the legs fully contracted, beautify the legs, and make the legs more slender and symmetrical.

However, if the sisters rarely exercise and the leg ligaments are not pulled apart, it will be a little painful to do this as well as difficult to be standard.

It doesn’t matter, just follow your feelings, don’t force it, don’t hurt your leg.

  The third type of crescent-type STEP1 kneels on the mat, exerts force, takes a big step forward with his right foot, and the right lower leg is at 90 degrees to the ground.

Keep your left leg straight, your calf, torso, and insteps flat on the mat.

Put your hands together on your chest and keep your eyes still.

  STEP2 inhales, leans your arms forward, back and up, your body is leaning back, your hands are still facing your palms, keep this position still, breathe naturally, and practice on the other side when you are tired.

  Special note: When practicing the crescent moon, I always feel that the back of the thigh is tight and uncomfortable, but if I pull it like this, the thigh will become slimmer.

  The fourth split-step type STEP1 has both legs separated and sits on a mat, just like a split, with both hands touching the ground.

  STEP2 exhales, leaning forward, his forearms trying to touch the ground.

If the ligaments are soft, you can exhale and lean your upper body forward until it rests on your thighs.

  Special reminder: The first practice of this posture is super painful, especially for the thighs, because the ligaments here are being pulled apart.

If you can’t split your legs as easily as a yoga instructor, try your best to achieve your limits. Although the movements are not so beautiful, you can also achieve good skinny legs.

  The fifth stepped stepped type STEP1 lies on the back with legs straight, placed on the side of the body, palms down, and maintains natural breathing.

Raise your legs up, rest the body, and then step forward 10 times, then 10 times backwards, just like you would on a bicycle.

  STEP2 Next, put your legs together, step forward 10 times at the same time, and step back 10 times.

After doing this, lie down and rest for a while, repeat again and again.

  Special reminder: The gym is very mobile, and it feels like riding on a stationary bicycle. It is very tiring. It sweats for a few minutes, and it feels like the whole body is burning.Never go again.

But spinning bikes are really skinny, so I use this pedal style in yoga instead. The intensity is much lower and the effect is not bad.Every night before going to bed, I lay on the bed and stepped on the pedals, and back pedals, hey, my legs are getting thinner.

  The details of the three golden legs that can not be ignored, the fat on the legs is reduced, it looks really slim, but don’t be too proud, and see if you ignore these three small details?

  Excess meat.

We often ignore meetings when leaning, but if there is too much meat on it, the whole leg will look short and thick.

Especially after wearing a mini skirt, shortening will naturally become a visual focus. If you set up extra meat, it will not be a beautiful sight?

  Solution: Do squats.

Stand with your legs side by side, squat down, get up, squat down, get up again, repeat a few times a day, and step on the flesh will lose a lot.

In addition, it is recommended that the sisters take the elevator a few times, climb the stairs to exercise, and reduce the flexion and extension, and slowly no extra meat.

  Thick toes.

Thick toes make legs that are not too thick look as “leg-like”.

Many people have thick toes instead of thick bones, or other bad habits, such as salt in food, high oil content, and poor body circulation, which can cause toe swelling due to toxin accumulation; chronic lack of exercise and foot replacementIt’s easy to accumulate aunts.

  Reason: Usually it ‘s ok to eat a little bit lightly. If you eat so much salt, your toes will be swollen and your kidneys ca n’t stand it.

Usually pay attention to more active foot fractures. Use hot water to bubble the feet before going to bed at night, massage the toes to reset, and then rotate the joints left and right to promote blood circulation and metabolism. Naturally, the feet will not swell.

  There is muscle on the calf.

High heels make women attractive and are the favorite of many crushes.

But after a long time, there will be regrets-two large and hard muscles have been added to the calf, so that even the thinner calves will not look beautiful.

  Reason: Except for some formal occasions, you can’t wear high heels if you can’t wear them. If you have to wear them, you may wish to apply a hot towel to your calf after working home to relax your calf muscles.

  In addition to the above method, I recommend one of the most popular, hottest, and hottest methods of skinny legs: use coarse salt to replace excess water and accumulated toxins in the body, and accelerate slight decomposition to achieve the purpose of skinny legs.

Before taking a bath every day, take a cup of coarse salt, add hot water and stir it into a paste (so that it is not placed on the body as a degree), apply it on the thin part of the leg, massage for 10 minutes, and then use hot water toRinse the coarse salt and start bathing.

If your skin is sensitive, you can’t use coarse salt, but you can also use a finer bath salt.

If you do n’t like sports, just use this method. As long as you stick to it every day, it will soon take effect.


Autumn and winter health, natural medicine hidden in the vegetable market, can help

7 kinds of ingredients to cure 7 kinds of diseases!
Autumn and winter health, natural medicine hidden in the vegetable market, can help

When I cool down, I catch a cold, coughing as soon as I blow up, and getting gastroenteritis in the fall and winter. How is life so difficult?

In the end, one sentence: Your body is not strong enough!

Today, Health Prescribes a 鈥淣atural Medicine鈥?manual, zero defects, and eats a good body!

Autumn and winter health, “natural medicine” to help the “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” mentioned, “the grain is raised, five fruits for help, five animals for the benefit, five dishes for the charge, the smell is combined and served, to replenish the essence and benefit.”

Modern nutrition believes that only comprehensive and reasonable nutritional supplements can maintain the health of the human body.

In autumn and winter, children with poor immunity and the elderly are prone to catch a cold. They should increase or decrease their weight according to the weather. They must pay attention to improving immunity, and diet is a good method.

The sick thing is eighty-nine. As the saying goes, “It is a three-point drug.” When you are sick, you think of taking medicine to hold your feet. It is better to eat the following foods in your daily diet. There is no other good therapeutic effect.

There are 7 kinds of 鈥渘atural medicines鈥?hidden in the vegetable market. There are 鈥渘atural medicines鈥?everywhere around us. It can be used for daily health care and even cure diseases.

1 natural stomach medicine cabbage Chinese medicine believes that cabbage is Ganping, non-toxic, with marrow, joints, strong bones, good five internal organs, six sputum, heat and pain relief.

Cabbage contains a factor called “vitamin U”, which has a good stomach and stomach protection and fights stomach ulcers.

Cabbage fresh juice can treat stomach and duodenal ulcers, relieve pain and promote healing, and relieve stomach upset.

鈽哛ecommended recipe: Saut茅ed cabbage and shredded cabbage for later use.

After the pot is hot, add the bulk material and the pepper blasting pot.

Pour in the cabbage and stir fry, add salt to taste.

2 natural sleeping pills bananas talk about bananas, the effect of laxative and laxative is not stranger to everyone.

Foreigners also call bananas a happy fruit that can end people’s troubles. In fact, it can also be said to be a “sleeping medicine” wrapped in peel.

In the body, bananas contain magnesium ions. People who are over-tired and insomnia can eat muscles before going to sleep to resist muscle fatigue, relax muscles and thus sleep.

At the same time, bananas are rich in vitamin B6, which allows people to stay away from depression and stay in sleep with a pleasant mood.

3 Natural cold medicine Lemon lemon is one of the most medicinal fruits in the world. It can supplement vitamin C, and is also rich in calcium, iron, citric acid, malic acid and other nutrients, which is very beneficial to the human body.

Vitamin C is a natural antibiotic that is resistant to bacteria and viruses, so citric acid has a role in preventing colds.

鈽哛ecommended recipe: Hot salty lemon tea is sliced with fresh lemon, then put some salt and rush into hot boiling water to drink.

The four kinds of natural kidney-reinforcing yam yam are called 鈥渨hite ginseng鈥? Its powerful health care effect can not be replaced by many medicinal materials. It is called the top-grade medicine by Chinese medicine practitioners. It can replenish the spleen and nourish the stomach, and stimulate the lungs.Kidney and phlegm.

Yam is not hot and dry, and the taste is calm. After eating, you don’t have to worry about bloating, constipation and other leaks. It is suitable for people of all physiques.

People with weak spleen and stomach and kidney deficiency can use yam as a common food for regulating the body.

鈽哛ecommended recipe: steamed yam will be washed and peeled, cut into thin slices, and steamed in a pan.

Season with salt, sugar or honey.

5 natural lung medicine Tremella in the view of Chinese medicine, Tremella is of a peaceful nature, sweet, with the effect of “running lungs and fluids, nourishing yin and nourishing the stomach, replenishing qi and soothe the nerves, reducing fire and cough, strengthening the mind and brain, beauty and skin rejuvenation”.

After the cold dew, the weather is getting colder, the air is dry and dry, and it is easy to hurt the body fluid. People’s skin and mouth are prone to chapped, and it is easy to cause dry cough, sore throat, itchy throat and other lung symptoms. Therefore, it is advisable to use yin and moist lungs in autumn and winter.It is best to eat white fungus.

鈽哛ecommended recipe: Tremella lily soup Tremella is shredded into small pieces with cold water and removed from the roots; lily water is used after foaming; red dates are torn into small pieces.

Put all the above raw materials into the shabu-shabu, simmer on the small fire to the white fungus, add rock sugar.

6 natural lipid-lowering drug Hawthorn “a mountain is better than 10 million drugs”, as a fruit with high calcium content, Hawthorn is no stranger to everyone.

Hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis and other reasons are mostly due to the regular consumption of fat and fat, and ultimately lead to kidney yin and yang disorders.

The hawthorn porridge can strengthen the spleen and stomach, help digestion, and lower blood fat.

Therefore, friends with high blood fat can drink more.

Remind that the hawthorn hurts the stomach and the stomach is not good, it is not recommended to eat.

鈽?Recommended recipe: Hawthorn porridge will be 30?Wash 45g of hawthorn and decoction, remove the slag, and mix with the washed 100g stalks into the pot.
After the porridge is about to be cooked, add the right amount of sugar and cook 1?
It can be eaten in 2 minutes.

7 natural painkiller ginger ginger is actually a natural “painkiller”, cold headphones, dysmenorrhea, you can drink ginger brown sugar water.

The ginger slices are cooked in concentrated brine, and the waist and knee joints are applied externally to relieve low back pain and knee pain.

鈽?It is recommended to use ginger slices, cook in concentrated brine, remove the external application on the cervical vertebrae, waist and knee joints, or other painful areas to relieve pain.

In case of dysmenorrhea, you can brew ginger and brown sugar water, which is very effective.

Pediatric constipation should not be laxative

★ Febrile constipation is characterized by dry stools, as hard as sheep faeces, and difficulty in defecation, which can be accompanied by abdominal pain, bad breath, and hot hands, feet and heart.

Expelling heat and intestines.

  Vegetable Juice Soup: Fresh spinach or cabbage in the right amount, just cook the soup.

  Radish juice: Red radish is mashed into a mud to take the juice (or juicer to take the juice), the right amount of sugar, cook a total of 2?
3 minutes, warm clothes.

  Pine nut kernel porridge: 100 grams of rice porridge, add 30 grams of pine nut kernel before cooking, cook until porridge, add sugar to eat.

  Eat half an apple every morning and night on an empty stomach?

  Senna Leaf Egg Soup: Senna 5?
10 grams, 1 egg, spinach slices, salt, MSG amount.

Spoon eggs into a bowl and stir for later use.

Fried senna leaves, remove the residue and juice, add eggs, spinach, salt, boil and add MSG to serve.

  100 grams of soybean skin, decoction, 3 times a day.

  Honey 30?
60 grams, sesame oil 10 grams, boiled in water, once in the morning and evening.

  ★ Deficiency syndrome constipation is characterized by constipation, difficulty in defecation; or dry stool before thinning, accompanied by physical wasting, fatigue, and loss of appetite.

  Leek juice: Leek leaves smashed to take 1 small cup of juice, served in warm water, one each morning and evening.

  Fresh potatoes are peeled and chopped, smashed with boiling water, wrapped in gauze, twisted, and taken on an empty stomach every morning
2 spoons, drink with honey as appropriate, use for about half a month.

  Radish seeds 10?
20 grams, stir-fried Huangyan fine powder, add sugar, boiled water, divide 1?
2 servings.

  15 grams of black sesame, mashed, water-fried, fasting; or 10?
20 grams, sautéed, smashed, fried with egg or sandwiched into buns, bread, 1 day?
2 times.

  Sweet potato cooked.

  Astragalus and Su Ma porridge: 10 grams of astragalus, 50 grams of perilla seeds, 50 grams of hemp kernels, 250 grams of rice.

Wash astragalus root, perilla seed, hemp seed, dry into fine powder, pour 200 ml of warm water, stir vigorously and uniformly, when the coarse particles sink, take the medicinal juice for future use.

Wash the previous rice and boil the porridge with herbs.

Suitable for qi deficiency and constipation.

  Almond tincture: Almond 10?
20 grams, yam 50 grams, walnut meat 20 grams, honey amount.

Wash and peel the first three flavors, add honey, add water to a boil, and take frequently.

  ★ Family-prepared proprietary Chinese medicines are preferred for those with thermal accumulation of constipation, which can be used for children Qizhendan, Xiaoer Baochi Pills, and laxatives; for those who are physically weak, Qipi pills, Ling mushroom mixture, etc.

Why is health care inseparable?

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These 5 big benefits are the answers you want!

Why is health care inseparable?
These 5 big benefits are the answers you want!

鏋告潪 is a Chinese herbal medicine that is very common in our daily life. It can be used to soak water and soup. It is a very good choice.

Eating cockroaches will bring too much benefit to our body. What are the benefits?

Are there any taboos for eating cockroaches?

Benefits of eating cockroaches: 1, weight loss: 鏋告潪 contains a series of insulin such as betaine.

These ingredients can be involved in the metabolism of adults, are very effective in inhibiting the deposition of adults in the body, and can also promote liver cell regeneration.

It can promote the metabolism of lipids and can also prevent the liver of adults.

2, beauty skin: our skin aging is mainly caused by the oxidation of free radicals, and the polysaccharides and carotene contained in the sputum are very powerful antioxidants.

Moreover, the substances contained in the sputum are not limited to this, and the strontium contains a variety of trace elements and vitamin E, which further enhances the antioxidant effect.

And vitamin A in the sputum can effectively prevent dry skin and follicular keratosis.

It can exert a good effect on the beauty of the skin, and women can eat more in the daily life.

3, anti-vascular aging: Because the content of lutein and carotene in the sputum is very rich, these elements are very natural antioxidants.

It has a good effect on preventing arteriosclerosis and premature cardiovascular failure.

4, improve the lack of blood: Many women in the daily routine because of lack of blood and often cold hands and feet, this situation can eat more sputum.

Because the iron and vitamins in the sputum are very rich.

Iron can effectively promote the production of hemoglobin, which is very beneficial for restoring women’s blood.

5, soothe the nerve: women will enter the menopause when they reach a certain age.

Women who enter menopause will have a temper temper, and women can try to eat more sputum during menopause.

Betaine and rutin in the sputum, soothe the nerves, the effect of reducing the dryness is very good.

Is there any kind of contraindication to eating?

1, 鏋告潪 is a warm food, can help the body to qi and blood.

Therefore, people with a fever, fever, body inflammation and diarrhea are not recommended to eat before they are treated.

In addition, people with high blood pressure and high blood pressure are not recommended to eat sputum.

2, it is not recommended to eat with green tea, because it is a kind of homologous medicine and food.

When eaten with green tea, it will reduce the health benefits of sputum, and the acid implanted in green tea has a strong astringent effect.

It will form substances in the body that are difficult for the body to absorb, and it is very unfavorable to the body in the body for a long time.

3, daily eating should be eaten for a long time, but be careful not to eat too much per day, or it will lead to the situation of getting angry.

4, the sugar content in the sputum is relatively high, and patients with diabetes themselves should not eat sputum.

5, in daily use, the effect of stewing with jujube is good, but pay attention to control the amount, otherwise it will easily lead to fire.


All-day 1 minute diet OL is the most practical

Is weight loss a bit of a chore for you?

Is there any way to treat weight loss as a pleasure, and still do it every day?

In fact, weight loss can not endure the pain of suffering, do not have to endure hungry, do not have to work hard.

As long as you hurry, slim down immediately!

銆€銆€The following small series teaches everyone how to use the available time to complete the slimming in one minute!

Absolutely make you incredible!

銆€銆€AM 7:00 Good morning!

銆€銆€Just blinking in the morning, our fitness exercise begins!

Put the pillow on the back, straighten your hands backwards, straighten your toes forward and stretch.

In this way, your body will naturally form a rib pull-up, chest enlargement and deep breathing. The activity of the diaphragm is strengthened, and most of the muscles begin to contract, thus achieving the purpose of accelerating blood circulation and refreshing the mind.

How is it a simple and effective start?

銆€銆€Going to work at 8:20 am!



Traffic jam!

It doesn’t matter, come and have fun “4-7-8 Breathing”!

Exhale first, then inhale with the nose, silently 4 times, close the gas 7 times, then exhale with the mouth, bring out the “鍜? sound, silent number 8 times.

This not only promotes the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract, facilitates digestion, but also exercises the abdominal muscles and eliminates the aunts stacked on the abdomen.

銆€銆€I am at the office at 9:00 am!

銆€銆€Don’t rush into the workbench, first come to a “tinist drum”!

It can help you vibrate the eardrum, slow down the degeneration of the ear socket, and immediately alleviate the dizziness, headache and many other discomforts caused by the traffic jam.

The method is simple: press the ears for a few seconds with your palms, then quickly separate them, and then massage the roots of your ears with your hands, even to prevent colds.

銆€銆€PM 12:30 after lunch!

銆€銆€A little lazy after lunch, I want to take a nap?

Let’s talk about it!

At the same time, gently rub your gums with your tongue.

This small movement activates the central nervous system to excite, and the various complex changes caused by it are a special kind of brain massage that can protect the brain.

銆€銆€Work at 15:30 in the afternoon!

銆€銆€I have been sitting in the office for a long time!

Do you feel that your body is a little stiff?

At this time, getting up and doing activities is a good idea, but if you can’t really get away, try tapping the back and side waist.

This is a good self-massage that can shake the meridians and organs inside the body and relax them, thus preventing lumbar spondylosis due to numbness of the limbs.

銆€銆€PM 18:30 is home, bathing and blowing!

銆€銆€I have to start blowing my hair after showering.

it is good!

Look for a more spacious place to sit down, lean your upper body forward, try to keep the hair dryer and aligning, and use your waist to twist around to adjust the proper blowing position.

This action has a positive effect on losing your little belly and soothing the waist for a day.

銆€銆€PM 20:30 Don’t be idle while watching TV!銆€銆€When watching TV, don’t idle your hands and feet. Keep your hands on your hands and heat your hands. Then cross the fingers and cross each other.

After the activity is completed, let the ten toenails squeezing and rubbing each other freely, and then rubbing the feet to rub each other until it is slightly hot.

This series of small movements can help us massage the acupuncture points on the hands and feet.

銆€銆€In the advertising time of the program, pick up the big cushion on your back and put it on the abdomen, then press the cushions together to press the abdomen with both hands, so that the abdomen is as close to the cross.

At the same time, the back end presses the back of the sofa with full force, and keeps this tight state for about 6 seconds, then relax and take a deep breath.

By doing this every day, you can keep a sturdy and strong waist!

銆€銆€Have a good night’s sleep at 22:00!

銆€銆€Before going to sleep, first pick an empty place to stand up straight, keep the legs not bent, then bend down and bow your head, touch your hands with both hands, then lift the ground and touch the ground again, do about 20 times.

This small movement can gradually increase the anti-stress of the cerebral blood vessels, soothe the nerves and blood vessels of the brain that are often in a state of tension. Before going to sleep, it can improve the quality of sleep, and at the same time, it can strengthen the kidney and strengthen the waist.

A girl who has a high level of work and needs to continue to sit and do things, will try to benefit from this action.