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[Can pregnant women drink tofu brain]_Pregnancy_Can you drink

Tofu is always made with soy milk and brine. The most common breakfast Chinese eat is soy milk fritters, or tofu brain.

A bowl of fragrant tofu brain, plus a little ingredients, can be said to be the most hearty breakfast.

However, the tofu brain is made of chemicals, so many pregnant women will feel hesitant. Will drinking tofu brain be bad for the baby? Let ‘s take a look at pregnant women can drink tofu brain?

Can pregnant women eat tofu flowers?

There are many foods made with soybeans, and tofu flowers are one of them.

Can pregnant women eat tofu flowers?

Tofu flower is also called tofu brain. Xiaobian usually eat tofu brain for breakfast.

Is tofu brain nutritious?

The answer is yes, nutrition is numerous.

But there is a difference between north and south tofu. Can pregnant women eat tofu flowers?

Can you eat tofu from the north and the south?

Let’s take a look at the following content that First Baby Xiaobian analyzed for you, and you will understand.

The nutritional effect of tofu flower Tofu brain is tofu flower, also known as tofu, which is a high-nutrient food made from soybean protein.

It is mainly divided into sweet and salty.

Tofu brain, as one of the main varieties of contemporary Beijingers, has great benefits for the human body.

The human body’s absorption rate of soy protein reaches 9298%. In addition to protein, tofu brain can provide a variety of vitamins and minerals for human physiological activities.

Especially calcium and phosphorus.

Especially when using gypsum as a coagulant, not only the finished product is more, but the calcium content is increased, which meets the human body’s need for calcium, and has certain effects on diseases such as interventional osteomalacia and dental dysplasia.

At the same time, cholesterol is excluded from tofu, which has the effect of preventing arteriosclerosis.

Pregnant women can eat tofu brain, it can help pregnant women to add calcium and promote calcium absorption, but Xiaobian also reminded that pregnant women with iron deficiency anemia should eat less tofu brain.

It is not suitable for pregnant women to eat brine. Tofu is a type of tofu often eaten by northerners. Soymilk is boiled and then added with brine to make it coagulate into pieces. It is made with less water and harder than southern tofu (gypsum tofu).

Brine is used to make tofu (it solidifies proteins).

Brine has a strong stimulating effect on the skin and mucous membranes, and it has an inhibitory effect on the central nervous system. It can be poisoned to death.

Therefore, pregnant women should not eat more brine tofu.

Precautions for eating tofu flowers 1. It is best not to use chives as a seasoning.

2, especially iron deficiency anemia patients should eat less.

3, the North likes to eat salty tofu brain, the South prefers sweet tofu brain.

4, the degree of tenderness of tofu brain gradually added brine and heat, the key is the taste of the brine.

[How to make small stuffing]_Recommended diet

Mixed beans is a kind of delicious food. It is relatively delicious to eat, and it is relatively easy to cook. The mixed beans are paired with lean pork and shrimp skin. The taste is very good.

In winter, the weather is cold. Eating a bowl of ravioli has a good effect in driving the cold and keeping warm. Let ‘s take a look at the practice of stuffed ravioli. Let ‘s take a look at this.

Prepare the right amount of lean pork, preferably pork leg meat, then the right amount of coriander skin, seaweed, shrimp skin, salt, ginger, soy sauce, oyster sauce, sugar, shallots, sesame oil and broth.

Cut the pork leg into small pieces first, clean it and put it in. The meat grinder will grind the meat stuffing, clean the ginger, cut it into shreds, put it in warm water for a while, and put one in the meat stuffing.Eggs, add the right amount of salt, add oyster sauce, minced green onions and sugar.

Then put the ginger water into the meat, stir well, and work hard in one direction.

In this way, the stuffing is done, and then you start to pack. There are many ways to pack. The simplest way is to put the filling in the middle of the loquat, and then squeeze it around, so it is wrapped and wrapped up.Save time simply.

Clean the seaweed and shrimp skin, add broth to the pot. If there is no broth in the house, put water in it. Then put the seaweed and shrimp skin in it, boil over high heat, then put the ravioli in the pot and cook.Add a little sesame oil, a little salt, and sprinkle the so-called spring onion before it leaves the pan.

After serving in the bowl, if you like coriander, you can sprinkle the coriander, like chili oil or rice vinegar, you can also drizzle it in moderation. This is all right. The method of Xiaoyu is relatively simple and tastes very good.

79% to 8.

82 ppm net margin increased to 23%

Kanghong Pharmaceutical (002773): Long Mu’s revenue increased by 42.

79% to 8.

82 ppm net margin increased to 23%

Event: On April 28, 2019, the company released its 2018 annual report.

In 2018, the company achieved operating income of 29.

17 ppm, a ten-year increase4.

70%; net profit attributable to mother 6.

95 ppm, a ten-year increase of 7.

88%; deduct non-net profit 6.

29 ppm, an increase of 0 in ten years.


A cash dividend of 2 is to be distributed for every 10 shares.

80 yuan (including tax), the capital reserve will be transferred to all shareholders for every 10 shares of 3 shares.

Opinion: Long Mu earns 8.

82 ppm, an increase of 42.

79%, net profit margin increased to 23%.

Biological products (Lang Mu), proprietary Chinese medicines and chemical drugs are the company’s three main businesses. In 2018, the revenue and gross profit of the biological products segment increased to about 30%.

In terms of quarters, in the fourth quarter a single quarter achieved operating income7.

35 ppm, an increase of 6 per year.

98%, net profit attributable to mother 1.

88 ppm, with a ten-year average of 17.


With the first three quarters of revenue growth 3.

95%, net profit attributable to mothers increased by 21.

It is rated at 84%, and the budget revenue growth rate is basically stable with a slight increase of 0.

8 units, but the profit growth rate narrowed, down 14 units.

Net operating cash flow 3.

51 ppm, with a ten-year average of 54.

24%, the first is that in 2017, the subsidiary Kang Hong Pharmaceutical received compensation for relocation4.

54 ppm caused the current net operating cash flow to reach 7.

6.8 billion yuan.

Long Mu’s 2018 revenue 8.

820,000 yuan, an increase of 42 in ten years.

79%; gross profit 8.

30 ppm, a 51-year increase of 51.

Gross margin 94.
70%, an increase of 5 per year.

The 72 averages are mainly due to the scale effect of biopharmaceuticals.

In the past, due to the rapid promotion period of Langmu, higher selling expenses, and higher expansion of Kanghong Biological Research, the net profit margin of products was far lower than the average level of the biological products industry.

The layout of sales channels was completed in 2018, and the scale of revenue increased, and Langmu’s net interest rate increased by 23%.

Chinese patent medicines are initially obvious, and chemical medicines are basically flat, and it is expected to gradually recover in the future.

The company’s proprietary Chinese medicines had revenue in 2018 of 8.

63 ppm, with a ten-year average of 20.

4%; gross margin is 85.

79%, zero for ten years.

87 units.

The company’s chemical medicine revenue in 2018 was 11.

70 ppm, a ten-year increase of 8.

02%; gross margin 95.

07%, increasing by 0 every year.

22 units.

The company’s overall gross profit margin steadily rose to 92 in 2018.

17%, mainly due to the gradual increase in the proportion of biological products (Lang Mu).

Selling expenses 13.

7.5 billion (7.

72% +), with a sales expense ratio of 47.


Management expenses 3.

8.6 billion (23.

59% +), the expense ratio is 13.

23%, R & D expenses 2.

3 billion (20.

02% +), expense ratio 7.

90%, the total cost rate level reached 21%, beyond the increase of 3 alternatives.

Financial expense ratio -1.


The company announced that the issue of convertible bonds does not exceed RMB 16.

30 ppm, after deducting the issuance cost, all supplementary KH series bio-new drug industrialization construction 上海夜网论坛 projects, Compaqop eye ophthalmic injection international phase III clinical trials and registered listing projects will be carried out in order of priority.

Profit forecast and investment advice: We expect the company’s operating income for 2019-2021 to be 35.

2.8 billion, 42.

4.7 billion and 51.

70 ppm, an increase of 20 in ten years.

94%, 20.

35%, 21.

74%; net profit attributable to mothers is 9, respectively.
04 billion, 12.
18 ppm and 15.

80 ppm, an increase of 30 in ten years.

04%, 34.

76% and 29.

75%, corresponding EPS is 1.

34, 1.

81, 2.

Considering that Lang Mu has entered the rapid volume of medical insurance, the US clinical phase III trial was officially launched in 2018 to maintain the “overweight” level.

Risk reminder: the risk that Compaq’s promotion fails to meet expectations; the risk of failure of overseas clinical trials; the risk of drug price reduction.

The first three digits of the 889 NEEQ public stock code come
The new third board is going to select the stock issue code!  The issue code of the publicly issued stock is selected from the 88th paragraph, the first three digits are 889, and the whole is a six digit code.When the listed company enters the first day of trading at the selection level, the first character of the securities abbreviation should be changed to “N”. Other characters are selected in principle from the company name.At the same time, if the listed company enters the selection level, the national stock transfer company will compulsively change the stock trading method to a continuous auction trading method.  On February 21, the State Share Conversion Corporation issued the implementation of the “Guidelines for the Determination and Change of Stock Trading Methods of the State-owned Company Transfer System” (hereinafter referred to as the “Guidelines for the Change of Trading Methods”) and the “State-owned Company Transfer System Securities Code, Securities Abbreviation” ManagementGuideline (hereinafter referred to as the “short guide for the preparation and management of securities”), and formulated the “National SME Stock Transfer System Stock Trading Method Determination and Change Business Handling Guide” (hereinafter referred to as the “Business Handling Guide”).  The first three digits of the Public Offering Code are the 889 Initial Issuance of the Securities Abbreviation Management Guide, which mainly modified three aspects: one is to clarify the code number segment used for inquiries and subscriptions in the public offering business; the other is to clarifyOn the first day of the transaction of the selection company and after the completion of the termination of listing by the National Share Transfer Company, the naming rules of the securities short name during the resumption of trading by the listed company; the third is to clarify the rules for the short name of preferred stock securities, the code numbers of index securities and offer repurchasesStock abbreviations and other rules.  The “Management Guidelines for the Short Compilation of Securities” stipulates that the first two digits of the securities code of the listed company’s common stock are 83, 87, and 88.The issue code of the public offering of shares is selected from paragraph 88, and the first three digits are 889.  At the same time, the stock company’s short name of the listed company is selected in principle from the company name.On the first day of the listed company’s trading at the selection level, the first character of the securities abbreviation should be changed to “N”, and other characters should be selected from the company name in principle, and should not exceed string characters (single-byte characters).The stock abbreviations of the listed or listed securities of the transfer system and territorial exchange are duplicated.  If the listed company’s stock trading is subject to risk warning, the first two characters of its securities abbreviation shall be changed to “ST”.If the listed company is terminated by the national stock transfer company, the first four characters of its securities abbreviation shall be changed to “delisting” during the resumption of trading.  On the day of entering the selection layer, the mandatory change of trading methods on the same day is continuous bidding. The revised contents of the “Transaction Method Changes Guide” issued this time have two main aspects.The first is the supporting continuous bidding system of the selected layer, which adds relevant rules for determining and changing the trading methods of listed companies on the selected layer. The second is to switch from offline to online in line with the business processing model and adjust the “Change in Trading Method” simultaneously.”Guide” related content.  The “Guidelines for the Change of Trading 武汉夜网论坛 Methods” stipulates that if listed companies enter the selection layer, the national stock transfer company will compulsively change the stock trading method to a continuous auction transaction method.If the listed company enters the selection level, the national stock transfer company will change its stock trading method to continuous bidding trading on the effective date of the market level adjustment to which it belongs.  If the listed company is transferred to the selection layer or the basic layer, and the innovative layer adopts the market-making trading method for the stocks that have been suspended for 30 trading days due to less than 2 market makers, the national stock transfer company will compulsively change the stock trading method to a collective auction.the way.  At the same time, if the listed company is transferred to the select level, the national stock transfer company will change its stock trading method to collective auction trading on the effective date of the market level adjustment to which it belongs, and configure the corresponding matching frequency based on the market level.  The National Equity Reform Corporation stated that the next step will be through business practice, earnestly listening to market suggestions, and constantly improving operating rules to provide more efficient and high-quality services.

Suning Tesco (002024): Strengthening FMCG Supply Chain Integration Business Collaborative Innovation Expected
Event: On the afternoon of June 23, Suning International, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Suning International, reached an agreement with Carrefour Group to propose a cash purchase of 80% of Carrefour China.After the transaction is completed, Suning Tesco will become the controlling shareholder of Carrefour China, and the Carrefour Group’s shareholding will reach 20%.The 100% stake in Carrefour China, the subject of this transaction, is estimated at 60 trillion, and Carrefour China’s operating income in 2018 was approximately 299.580,000 yuan, the equity value / revenue multiple is 0.2x, at the level allowed by the industry. Following Wanda’s acquisition of Carrefour Supermarket’s oversized scene layout, collaborative business innovation is expected.As of March 2019, Carrefour has opened 210 large-scale comprehensive supermarkets, 24 convenience stores, and 6 large storage and distribution centers. The total building area of the storefront exceeds 4 million square meters, covering 22 provinces and 51 large and medium-sized cities.Carrefour’s revenue in China in 2018 was 299.600 million, down 7 every year.7%, operating profit 4.1.2 billion, expected to narrow, operating margin from -3.22% narrowed to -1.38%.After the acquisition, Carrefour can connect with online supermarket channels, realize O2O digital operation, and reorganize. Carrefour can collaborate with small stores to innovate and output smart retail scene shaping capabilities.At the same time, through this entrance, the company’s overall scene format layout is further improved, and multi-format integration is explored. Strengthen the supply chain integration of FMCG products and be optimistic about empowering the existing system.In order to promote the professionalization and refinement of commodities, Suning Group announced the establishment of five major commodity groups. As one of the important groups, FMCG will help Suning increase its presence in the FMCG market.After the acquisition, the market competition and profitability of Suning’s retail FMCG will be enhanced, and both parties can share the power of Suning’s existing system through sharing.1) In the upstream supply chain: it will help improve procurement capabilities, achieve leapfrog development of categories, enrich product categories, and strengthen the ability to build own brands in this field, 2) the scale of midstream distribution centers and logistics networks: yesContribute to the company’s development in the fresh cold chain logistics business. 3) Downstream stores and members: Stores can serve as an important support network for the last mile business development, which can effectively meet users’ timely distribution needs and control costs.The 400 million members of Suning’s retail system and the 30 million members of Carrefour China effectively complement each other, which has become a sign of offline traffic entrance for Suning’s full-scenario retail model, which enriches Suning’s existing membership ecosystem. The fatigue of the pure online mode has already appeared, and Suning achieved the return of the king.In the long run, as the only e-commerce company with offline assets, extending 佛山桑拿网 offline resources and traffic will usher in a revaluation, transform comprehensive e-commerce, and deploy social e-commerce online with performance flexibility.Under the dual-line model, the gross profit margin and expense ratio need to be further improved. With reference to and Gome, Suning ‘s omni-channel appliance market accounts for 22% of the replacement rate. It has unique offline operating advantages and leading integration capabilities. At the same time, Suning has evolved its supply chain in depth.A cooperation model that collaborates with upstream and downstream to integrate new types of zero-supply relationships, enhances the efficiency of the supply chain, builds intelligent supply chains, and adds value to the retail industry’s Internet. Investment suggestion: Do not consider the impact of Carrefour’s consolidation 北京桑拿洗浴保健 on the company’s revenue for the time being. In 2019, Suning PS is only 0.34. At a historically low level, we give a “strong recommendation” rating. Risk reminder: The operating status of the target company cannot be improved, and the risk of goodwill impairment; the macroeconomic downturn affects terminal consumer demand; intensified competition in the industry;

Apple peel has more nutrition than pulp

It is worth mentioning that the content of antioxidants and residual fiber in apple peel is higher than that of pulp, and the antioxidant, anti-cancer and weight loss effects are much stronger than those of pulp.

In the case of ensuring the safety of pesticide residues in the peel, experts recommend that it is best not to peel when eating apples.


hzh {display: none; }  苹果是人们最熟悉的水果之一,它富含糖类、维生素、无机盐、纤维素、有机酸、多酚及黄酮类植物化合物。Eating apples can not only supplement nutrients such as vitamins and inorganic salts, but also promote digestion, relieve constipation, maintain acid-base balance in the body, lower blood lipids, lower blood pressure, stabilize blood sugar, lose weight, and beauty.

  Even better, Apple also has highly effective anti-cancer and antioxidant effects.

A 100-gram apple (including apple peel) is equivalent to 1500 milligrams.

The antioxidant effect of Vitamin C.

Among the fruits that people often eat, the antioxidant activity of apples is second only to strawberries, ranking second.

Japanese studies have confirmed that polyphenols in apples can inhibit tumor growth; French studies have shown that proanthocyanidins in apples can prevent colon cancer; a Finnish study found that eating more apples can reduce the prevalence of lung cancer by 46%. OthersThe prevalence of cancer is reduced by 20%.

  Apple has a significant inhibitory effect on the growth of breast cancer cells, liver cancer and colon cancer.

Feeding low, medium, and high doses (equivalent to one, three, and six apples a day in humans) to diabetic rats, the incidence of diabetes was reduced by 17%, 39%, and 44%, respectively.The tumor volume also changed significantly.

  It is worth mentioning that the content of antioxidants and residual fiber in apple peel is higher than that of pulp, and the antioxidant, anti-cancer and weight loss effects are much stronger than those of pulp.

In the case of ensuring the safety of pesticide residues in the peel, experts recommend that it is best not to peel when eating apples.

Teachers face 10 pressures, 51% of teachers suffer from occupational diseases

Today is Teacher’s Day, and a report on “Teacher’s Teaching Environment Survey” carried out by experts organized by Chongqing Academy of Educational Sciences was formally released.

The report shows that pressure from ten areas makes teachers’ life difficult.

  In the past year, investigators conducted a detailed survey of more than 500 front-line teachers in Chongqing and found 76.

9% of teachers feel stressed, 51% of teachers have “occupational diseases”, and 37% of teachers have job burnout.

  Teachers who work long hours and have a bright red light in marriage seem to take only a few lessons a day. In fact, preparing lessons, correcting homework, and managing students will consume a lot of their time and energy.

In particular, the head teacher and teacher usually go to school from 6 to 7 in the morning and wait until 10 o’clock in the evening before students can rest.

Long working hours have brought great stress to the teacher’s family life.

  In the survey, there are many middle school female teachers who are not married in their thirties (some Fudan middle schools have several). The reason is that they are in school from morning to night and have no time to fall in love.

In some schools, the boarding school is completely closed in the branch school. Many teachers in the branch school have to “separate from the same city.”

There are too many teachers in the school, so that the marriage of too many teachers lights up red.

  Parents demand high teachers to be difficult. “Now parents are more and more discerning, teachers are becoming more and more difficult.

“A lot of teachers said in the survey that some parents who overdoted their children had brought them great psychological pressure.

  A teacher said in a survey that parents used to trust their teachers and gave their children to their teachers for education and management.

At present, many parents have their own set of educational ideas and disagree with teachers’ education methods.

“The child didn’t do his homework, he thought it didn’t matter; if the child had a dispute with his classmate, he always thought that his child was right.

“The kind of parent has a headache for the teacher.

  Too many teachers hate it. It is really difficult for dozens of students in the class to be 100% fair. Some issues such as arranging seats and assigning cadres are not considered carefully. Some overly sensitive parents will blame the teacher for being unfair.”Hurting self-esteem”, “causing psychological damage”, etc., let teachers “tremble.”

  Teachers implementing the recruitment system are afraid of “coming out of class” mergers. Most schools have adopted an appointment system. Teachers are no longer an iron rice bowl. Teachers are worried about being fired and their work pressure is getting heavier.

  There were 38 in the survey.

5% of the teachers are dissatisfied with the school’s management system and leadership style, but because of their obedience to their superiors and leaders, many teachers have tried their best to preserve their jobs. They have good suggestions and dare not mention them.Not dare to try, the independent personality is abraded, and the pressure of excessive job competition causes harm to the body.

  According to the survey report, in addition to the above pressures, teachers also have the pressure to adjust their own negative emotions; the pressure to find happiness; the pressure to cause physical damage from excessive fatigue; the pressure to earn less than other industries; the pressure to assess the school entrance rate;The pressure of busy titles; the pressure of students’ parents not understanding the teaching methods.

  Teacher decompression support 1.

Make the most of winter and summer vacation to relax yourself.

If you find yourself suffering from anxiety or depression, you ca n’t stop thinking about ways (such as adjusting classes) to take a few days off, go on a vacation, go on vacation, jump out of the small circle of work, broaden your mind, and recharge your environment.


When you are in trouble, you can talk to your family or friends and let the unpleasant feelings linger in your heart. This will not solve the problem and will worsen the illness.


Discover the strengths of others and build good relationships.

Good at discovering each person’s strengths, absorbing and participating in others is the basis of good interpersonal relationships.

Cooperate positively, proactively, helpful and open-minded. I believe that colleagues and students will like and respect you.


Don’t be too harsh on yourself.

The pursuit of perfection is a life goal pursued by many teachers.

But if you really ca n’t do it, ask a colleague or friend for advice and do n’t blame yourself too much.


Develop a good habit of regular exercise.

Obesity becomes a hurdle for couple life

Obese reduction in masculinity in men According to measurements, most obese men have lower plasma ketones and higher estrogen (more than twice as much as normal men).

The reason is that the amount of feces in the body increases the secretion of supplemental androgen to convert to estrogen, and also suppresses the reduction of gonadotropin secretion of the human body, which reduces the secretion of insulin pills and ketones, which can sharply reduce male masculinity and sexual functionDecreasing to varying degrees, each direction will go “downhill.”

  In addition, those with high blood pressure are susceptible to hypertension, diabetes, hypertension, etc. These diseases can affect sexual function itself, leading to decreased sexual desire and impotence, especially certain drugs for treating hypertension can cause decline in sexual function.

Obese people are generally reluctant to move, drowsiness, easily tired, a little exercise will feel panic and shortness of breath, directly lead to decreased sexual performance.

Therefore, if men want to retain their charm permanently, they must first have a strong physique.

  Obesity causes low sexual desire in women. Female obese people generally have low sexual desire, and the reason is also related to low androgen levels in the body.

In addition, hypertension has a significant effect on ovarian function, including abnormal follicular development, ovulation disorders, and dysplasia.

The ovaries are called “female charm and reproductive fountains”, and their failure can significantly affect the menstrual cycle, sexual function and reproductive ability.

Some obese women with abnormal menstruation (amenorrhea, rare menstruation, irregular menstruation, etc.) will naturally have sexual dysfunction (loss of sexual desire, lack of sex, and even sexual aversion).

  Obesity causes difficulty in sexual life. Some obese people, due to inconvenience of movement, especially the abdominal wall, slightly overly thick thighs, cause certain difficulties in sexual life.

Excessive weight pressure makes the other person unbearable, and it is also some factors that affect sexual activity and sexual desire.

Experts believe that slightly overweight men and women will not cause trouble in sex life, and will even increase their attractiveness. However, if they are super obese, they still need to lose weight for health and harmony of husband and wife.

  Weight loss makes people significantly angry. Obese people must not be discouraged. Weight loss can cause “reversal” of sexual function. For example, after obese men effectively lose weight, the “inversion” of the original estrogen and androgen in the body may be reversed.Sexual function can return to normal; female obese people control their diet and insist on exercise, which is not only healthy, but also rejuvenates youth.

  For obese people, losing weight is important, but be sure to implement a distance-loss program.

At this time, the spouse’s active cooperation and encouragement are also important.

Only by being properly familiar with and understanding the above factors, the various problems existing in fat people’s sexual life can we get a better solution.

Black ways to eat less

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Black ways to eat less

When dieting, you will never feel deprived of your rights again!

The following black tips will show you how to eat less and be satisfied!


hzh{display:none;}  1)吃鸡蛋当早餐。The survey found that eating two eggs every morning would not consume other variables in your body throughout the day.

Stir the egg yolks and egg whites, add a quarter cup of red beans and tomato sauce, and mix well to complete this low-content full stomach food.

  2) Eat vegetables before lunch or dinner.

The moisture of vegetables will therefore only increase weight but not increase.

Also, eating vegetables takes longer to chew, making your brain feel like you’ve been eating for a long time and therefore feel full.

  3) Strictly observe the compliance time.

If you have a fixed breakfast and lunch time on weekdays, then please ensure that you have breakfast and lunch at the same time on Saturday and Sunday.


Skipping breakfast or lunch or delaying time on Saturdays and Sundays will only increase your sense of dryness and make you unknowingly overeat.

  4) Make good use of visual effects.

Use small dishes, small bowls and small high-heeled glasses.

Replace all your tableware with smaller ones so that you can control your appetite and feel satisfied.

  5) Drink soup first.

Mix vegetable soup, not greasy soup.

The cellulose in vegetables completely penetrates into the soup. After replacement, the cellulose can replace a large number of locations in your stomach and make you feel full.

  6) Focus on protein absorption.

Eat seafood and lean beef first, then chicken, and refuse to eat rice and pasta.

Rice and pasta are high in energy and fast in energy consumption. Only protein can really provide you with lasting energy.

  7) Control drinking.

Force yourself to order alcoholic beverages after serving.

This way you can easily reduce the number of transitions.

You can reduce the amount of alcohol you drink after a meal by adding a small amount of water, soda or non-alcoholic beverages before or during the meal.

  8) Indulge in desserts!

That’s right!

You are absolutely right!

But there must be a little trick: you must share it with your dinner diners, and secondly, you must control the amount of food to ensure that you can only eat a few mouthfuls at a time, absolutely not greedy!

do you know?

Eating sweets in small sips will give you great satisfaction!

In the summer, we must emphasize “god support” and “domestic support”

In the hot summer, people should calm down to avoid emotional excitement and anger.
Chinese medicine believes that the mind and the god are the officials of the monarch. The “heart” mentioned by Chinese medicine does not only refer to the heart, including the functions of the nervous system of the brain.
In summer, the hot summer heat often makes people upset, irritable and irritable, which is harmful to physical and mental fitness.
Therefore, maintaining an indifferent mood is extremely important for summer health.
We need to be calm and calm, have a broad mind, calm our minds, avoid endogenous fire, and be “quiet and naturally cool.”
  In the hot summer, we must pay attention to the cultivation of the mind, be calm, open-minded, and full of spirit. Just as the blooming flowers need sunlight, we must have a strong interest in external things and cultivate an optimistic and outgoing personality.Conducive to venting and venting of the air machine.
The well-known ancient health care family Ji Kang said: “Summer is hot, it is better to adjust your meditation, often like ice and snow in your heart.” Here is the summer health method of “quiet and natural coolness”.
In the prosperous summer of all things, you should have a wide range of hobbies and use your spare time to participate in some meaningful recreational activities, such as chess, swimming, playing poker, etc.
If conditions permit, you can also participate in summer camps, outings, summer vacations, and other activities, so that people can relax and exercise their bodies.
  Summer “residence” summer “easy to hurt gas”, that is, hot weather is easy to hurt the human body, dizziness, chest tightness, palpitations, thirst, nausea, and even coma.
Therefore, when working or exercising, avoid the hot sun and pay attention to strengthening protection.
It is best to sleep for a while after lunch, one to avoid the heat, and two to eliminate fatigue.
  The summer is hot, the human body is ventilated, and it is easy to be attacked by wind, cold, dampness and evil. Therefore, it is not suitable to blow a fan when sleeping, and it is not suitable to sleep at night.
In air-conditioned rooms, be careful not to make the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor.
Do not leave under the eaves or in the aisle when it is cool;
You can cool in the shade, in the water pavilion, or on the terrace, but not for too long.
Siesta should pay attention to the sleeping position. You can lie on your side or on your side, but you should not sleep on your stomach or lying on the table. Prone and lying on your back will compress your chest and affect your breathing.
  When going out, you need to wear a sun hat, umbrella, etc., to avoid staying too long under the hot sun, and don’t keep wet clothes and sweat suits, so as to avoid the summer heat, and the body is sore.
  It is not suitable to work for a long time in summer. You must prevent excessive sweating, but you must not sweat. For example, if you live under air conditioning for a long time, you often live in low temperature.Symptoms such as cold, lack of energy, stomach stagnation, and bone pain are called “air conditioning diseases”, which are caused by the imbalance between human body function and temperature.