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“Shampoo massage catch” can protect your head

The shampoo massage is made of antibacterial resin and has a small shape. The back side can be fixed on the palm of the hand. The front side has a unique shape of the massage head, which is good for massaging the deep skin of the head.
At present, the massage can be bought in the supermarket or online, and the price is only about 10 yuan.
銆€銆€Chen Jianguo, chief physician of TCM clinic of the Fourth Affiliated Hospital of Harbin Medical University, said that the head is the sink of Zhuyang, the most important twelve meridians and dozens of acupuncture points of the human body are gathered here, and these points and meridians are used every day with a tooth-like tool such as a comb.Massage can not only promote healthy hair growth, but also improve blood circulation, clearing the mind, refreshing and refreshing.
銆€銆€The method of using shampoo massage is very simple. When shampooing, first comb the hair with a normal comb, then take out the massage and grasp it with a moderately strong force. From the front root to the root, then from the back.Before, massage the entire head from left to right, repeat 15-20 times, and force the scalp to feel fever after doing it.
Finally, use the massage to scratch the roots of the entire head evenly, and you’re done.
Need to be reminded that the massage technique should be light, and the force should be soft so as not to damage the scalp.
It is advisable to use three or four times a week, no more than 10 minutes each time.
銆€銆€When not washing your hair, wash your hair and grab the same.
Daily morning wake up, lunch break, work and study, or when the brain feels tired after engaging in mental activity, you can use the massage to grasp the dome and comb: use a massage to gently tap the top of the head with rhythm; or use a massage to graspWhen combing, comb the hair from the back, two or three minutes.
銆€銆€After using it for a period of time, not only the spirit is relaxed, but also the scalp massage by the massage, it will also be smooth and bloody, which will make the head shine black.