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[How to make marinated beef]_Home-made method of marinated beef

Many modern people spend a day in a hurry, three meals a day are irregular, and almost all eat outside.

On the surface it seems to be easy, but from a health perspective, this is a very bad habit.

Caring for health starts with diet.

And eating, you have to start with yourself.

Therefore, the following editors will first introduce the practice of braised beef.


Spread 1 large spoon of sea salt on the tendon evenly, and pickle the spots 2 in the refrigerator.

After boiling in 1 brine, throw the simmered beef tendon in the low heat for about half an hour3.

2 The salted beef tendon washed away under running water and cut into 6-8cm thick pieces along the lines.

Add cold water to the pot without boiling the tendon and rinse the foam for use.

1 Soak the beef tendon inverse and cut into thin slices 5.

Remove the 2 braised tendons and set them aside. Let the brine cool off the heat. When the brine is not too hot, throw the tendon back and soak it in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours 6.

Press the garlic into garlic, cut the red pepper into circles, cut most of the onion into filaments, leave one or two cut onion flowers, and chop the parsley for later use.

Take 2 tablespoons from the brine pot and mix with garlic, chili rings, balsamic vinegar, sugar, white pepper, and sesame oil to form a flavor sauce 7.

Spread the shallots on the bottom of the plate, add the beef slices, pour in the sauce, and finally sprinkle the onions and cilantro to crush the mouth. You must want to eat some food at that time, then you must hate yourself for not cookingYet.

Now with the introduction of this article, you can do this yourself.

The best way to get rid of each other is to get rid of each other, and to get rid of each other, and all of them are together, and all of them are here, and all of them are here.It ‘s hard to beat the rudder, and it ‘s a good thing to do. It ‘s a shackle. It ‘s handcuffed. It ‘s a cross-border. It ‘s a paradox.瘜鐨勯捑鍜岄晛鍏冪礌锛岃兘澶熺籂姝h韩浣撶殑鐢佃В璐ㄧ磰涔憋紝浠庤€岃揪鍒板埄灏垮埄姘寸殑鍔熸晥锛屽悓鏃惰繕鏈変竴瀹氱殑缇庡鍏婚鐨勪綔鐢紝鍚湁涓板瘜鐨勭硸绫伙紝鍚湁涓板瘜鐨勭敓闀挎縺绱狅紝瀵逛簬婊嬫鼎鐨偆锛岄┗棰滅編瀹逛篃鑳藉鍙戞尌寰堝ソ鐨勬晥鏋溿€傛ぐ瀛愬共鍔熸晥涓庝綔鐢?銆佽ˉ鍏呰惀鍏伙細妞板瓙鍚湁绯栫被銆佽剛鑲€佽泲鐧借川銆佺淮鐢熺礌B鏃忋€佺淮鐢熺礌C鍙婂井閲忓週 绱 銑 捑 銆 供 邛 陛 黛 尛 麛 麛 鑳 邳 擳 換 Holding on the chain of the long-term mixing, the sorrow of the Chinese princes, the Chinese princes, the Chinese princes, the Chinese princes, the Chinese princes, the Chinese princes, the Chinese princes, the otherThe backpack is set with a thin version of the map, and it’s a long way to go. It’s a long way to go. It’s a river. It’s a river. It’s not a good idea. It’s a lot of trouble.姘 村 搰 鐢 佃 七 В Lu ㄧ 撔 憋 溴 溴 For the fear of 鈌 鍌 ╁ 翱 壣 堣 揔 欥 欥 欥 揥?I’m going to do a lot of things, I’m going to go to the top of the chain, I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it.The most important thing is that it ‘s very difficult to find out what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on, what ‘s going on?笖镞犳瘨鍓綔鐢纴鏄悊鎯€铏秷鐤抽鍝侊紱4銆侀┗棰滅編瀹癸細妞版眮鍚硸绫汇€佽剛鑲€佽泲鐧借川銆佺敓闀挎縺绱犮€佺淮鐢熺礌鍜屽ぇ閲忕殑浜轰綋蹇呴渶鐨勫井閲忓厓绱狅紝缁忓父楗敤锛岃兘鐩婁汉姘斿姏锛岃ˉ鍏呯粏鑳炲唴娑诧紝鎵╁厖琛€瀹归噺锛屾粙娑︾毊鑲わ紝鍏锋湁椹婚缇庡浣滅敤銆傚浣曟寫You are the only one who is in the same position as the girl, you are the one who is in the world, you are the one who is the best, you are the best, you are the best, you are the best, you are the best.Is it inlaid?What are you talking about?鍚屾椂鐥呮瘨鎬ц倽鐐庛€佽剛鑲倽銆佹敮姘旂鍝枠銆侀珮琛€鍘嬨€佽剳琛€绠°€佽儼鑵虹値銆佺硸灏跨梾绛夋偅鑰呬篃搴斿繉椋熴€傛ぐ瀛愯倝鐨勯€傚悎浣撹川姣嶅┐锛屽効绔ラ潚灏戝勾锛岃€佷汉锛岃亴涓氫汉Ti 炏 纴 練 村 鎷 熷 Thinking about what is happening

China Public Education (002607) Annual Report Comment: Revenue Increased 55% Net Profit Increased 120% Management Efficiency Improved

Investment Highlights: China Education released the 2018 Annual Report on April 8.

In 2018, the company achieved operating income of 62.

370,000 yuan, an increase of 54 in ten years.

72%, net profit attributable to mother 11.

530,000 yuan, an increase of 119 in ten years.

67%, deducting non-net profit 11.

1.3 billion, an annual increase of 124.


Basic income is 0.

19 yuan (the latest equity dilution).

Net cash flows from operating activities14.

08 billion, advance receipts 19.


The company realized deduction of non-net profit in 201811.

1.3 billion, higher than the 18-year performance commitment9.

3 trillion, exceeding the 2018 performance commitment.

2018 distribution plan: The company plans to use the existing total share capital of 61.

6.7 billion shares are the base number, and a cash dividend of 2 for every 10 shares is distributed to all shareholders.

3 yuan (including tax).

The company’s business plan for 2019: ① Continue to carry out digital transformation of operations and make large-scale investments in software and hardware; ② Continue to innovate and upgrade high-value-added products in the field of recruitment and training in the public service category while maintaining the overall cost-effectiveness of the product;Management innovation, improving cost management, optimizing human resource structure, and increasing human resource value; ④ Through the enhancement of IT capabilities, maintain rapid network expansion and sinking speed and increase the development of county-level learning centers.

Brief comments and investment recommendations.


The company’s 2018 revenue increased by 54.

72%, gross margin fell to 0.

5 units.

The company’s 2018 revenue increased by 54.

72% to 62.

370,000 yuan, the total number of trainees increased by 57.

43% to 230.

79 thousand people.

The company’s comprehensive gross profit margin decreased by 0.

5 up to 59.


In 2018, the company accelerated market development, further sinking channels to prefecture-level cities and counties, and consolidating and enhancing the company’s channel advantages.

By the end of 2018, the company had covered 701 learning center sites in 319 prefecture-level cities, with an annual increase of 20.



Face-to-face training: income increase53.98% to 57.

70 ppm, face-to-face training revenue as a percentage of total revenue from 92 in 2017.

96% canceled 92.


In 2018, the company’s proportion of long-term courses continued to increase.

The overall unit price of face-to-face training increased by 13.


(1) Civil service sequence: The civil service sequence income doubles 49.

15% to 30.

820,000 yuan, a decrease in the proportion of face-to-face training income1.

73 up to 53.


(2) Public institution sequence: The income of public institution sequence doubled 37.

91% to 7.

850,000 yuan, a decrease in the proportion of face-to-face training income1.

58 up to 13.


(3) Teacher sequence: Teacher sequence income increases by 60 each year.

58% to 10.

750,000 yuan, the proportion of face-to-face training income rose 0.

77 up to 18.


(4) Comprehensive face-to-face training sequence: Comprehensive face-to-face income has doubled by 187.

37% to 12.

72 ppm, an increase of 10% in face-to-face training revenue.

23 up to 22.



During the period, the cost rate has decreased by 6 per year.

88 averages, net 南宁桑拿 profit attributable to mothers increased by 119 per year.


① Selling expense ratio: decrease by 3 every year.

20 averages to 17.

67%, sales expenses increased to 11.

20,000 yuan.

② Management expense ratio: decreased by 2 every year.

53 up to 14.

00%, management expenses increased to 8.

7.3 billion.

③R & D expense ratio: decreased by 0 every year.41 up to 7.

29%, R & D expenses increased to 4.

5.5 billion.

④Financial expense ratio: decreased by 0 every year.

74 up to -0.

04%, financial expenses are -252.

800,000 yuan, the reason for the negative expenditure is the increase in interest income from time deposits.

Finally realized the net profit attributable to mother 11.

530,000 yuan, an increase of 119 in ten years.

67%, deducting non-net profit 11.

13 ppm, an increase of 124 in ten years.



Online training: Revenue increased by 57.

64% to 4.

44 trillion, the proportion of total revenue from June 2017.

98% increase to July 2018.


2016-2017 online training business revenue was 1.

7.9 billion (+206.

96%), 2.

810,000 yuan (+57.

60%), continuing high growth in 2018.

(1) Online training: 111 online training.

580,000 person-times increased by 91 per second.


In 2016 and 2017, online training was 24 each.

130,000 people, 58.

360,000 person-times; annual growth of 142.

27% and 141.


We believe that the high number of trainings is due to the company’s improvement of online teaching platforms and business innovation.

(2) Unit price for online training: Unit price is 397.

48 yuan / person, previously downgraded to 17.


The online guest price for 2015-2017 was 583.

92 yuan / person, 739.

84 yuan / person, 482.

09 yuan / person.

It rose by 26 each year in 2016.70%, a year-on-year decrease of 34% in 2017.



Revenue by region: The revenue in Northeast China increased significantly.

The company’s business areas are divided into seven regions: northeast, north, east, south, central, northwest, and southwest.

Among them, the revenue in East China accounted for the highest proportion, reaching 25%, and the revenue increase in the Northeast region was the largest, reaching 128.



The quality of cash flow is better, and the company’s ability to obtain cash through the flow of operating assets is a substitute.

In 2018, the company’s operating cash flow increased by 40 each year.

88% to 14.

08 million yuan, the net profit cash ratio fell to 126.

50%, the company’s net profit and cash ratio over the years are greater than 1.

Cash flow from investing activities showed a net decrease, and the value increased by 50 in the first half of the year.

48% to 23.

6 billion.

Cash inflows from financing activities increased significantly to 14.

12 ppm is 10 of cash inflows from financing activities in 2017.

67 times.

Update profit forecast.

It is expected that the company’s net profit attributable to its parent in 2019-2021 will be 16 respectively.

97 ppm, 23.

01 billion, 28.

72 trillion, EPS is 0.

28 yuan, 0.

37 yuan and 0.

47 yuan, an increase of 47 each year.

18%, 35.

63% and 24.

79%, the company’s current sustainable corresponding PE for 2019-2021 is 47 times, 34 times and 28 times.

Judgement of the company.

We believe that Zhonggong Education has become a leader in the industry. Using its many years of management experience, it has expanded its teaching network and established a standardized training system. It has initially achieved the expansion of vocational education categories from civil servant training to public institution training and teacher recruitment training.Management experience was successfully replicated.

The concentration of the vocational education market is still fragmented. China Education has a nationwide vertical integration and rapid response capability. At present, it has basically formed a vertical integration and rapid response capability that emphasizes R & D, strong channels, and rapid response.

We expect the company to connect capital market, endogenous level, and capital to promote the expectation of companies to accelerate product conversion, extension level, change market concentration, leading companies are expected to expand the scale, capital, technology and other advantages, integrate high-quality resources, and continue to expand market shares.

Taking into account the company’s expected improvement in IT capabilities, such as improved management efficiency, channel sinking and category expansion, etc., we believe that the company is the most pure stock of A shares and a leading company in the field of vocational education.There is a certain premium on ownership.

Taking into account the company’s 2018 revenue scale and brand power, the company’s assessment is closer to the future of leading US education stocks and the valuation of New Oriental.

Kaiyuan shares are instrument and meter, vocational education dual main operations, and the instrument and meter business must be lowered.

① PE estimation method: 50-52 times PE in 2019, corresponding to 14.

00 yuan / share -14.

56 yuan / share.
② EV / EBITDA estimation method: 45 times EV / EBITDA in 2019, with an enterprise value of US $ 92.5 billion, a net debt of US $ 2.6 billion, and a market value of US $ 89.9 billion, equivalent to a value of 14.

58 yuan / share.

Given 47 times EV / EBITDA in 2019, the enterprise value is 966 trillion, the net debt is 26 trillion, the market value is 940 trillion, and the corresponding value is 15.

24 yuan / share.

This method corresponds to a value of 14.

58 yuan / share -15.

24 yuan / share.

Combining the two results gives the company 14.

00 yuan -15.

A reasonable value range of 24 yuan, maintaining the “continuous market” rating.

risk warning.

Risk of market competition and risk of staff turnover.

Depth * Company * Longji (601012): High performance growth and continuous acceleration of new capacity launch

The company released the third quarter report of 2019, and its profit increased by 106% in ten years.

As a single crystal leader, the company has expanded its cost advantage, actively expanded, and seized market share; it is optimistic about the company’s long-term competitiveness and maintains a buy rating.

Key points of the official rating The third quarter report results increase of 106% in line with expectations: the company released the 2019 third quarter report, the first three quarters achieved operating income of 226.

930,000 yuan, an increase of 54 in ten years.

68%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies34.

840,000 yuan, an increase of 106 in ten years.

03%, the corresponding return is 0.

98 yuan; after ten years of non-profit growth 114.


The company achieved operating income of 85 in the third quarter.

820,000 yuan, an increase of 83 in ten years.

80%, an increase of 2 from the previous month.

15%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies14.

750,000 yuan, an increase of 283 in ten years.

85%, an increase of 5 from the previous month.


The company’s air force announced that the third quarter earnings would increase by 101% to 107% year-on-year, and the third quarter earnings would be in the forecast range.

Production and sales of monocrystalline products are booming, and profitability continues to increase: Benefiting from the strong demand for high-efficiency monocrystalline products, the company’s monocrystalline silicon wafer products are booming.About 3.4 billion pieces, still maintaining a booming production and sales trend, and gross profit margin also maintained at a high level; monocrystalline module product sales are expected to be about 4 in the first three quarters.


The company’s overall profitability has also benefited from the high gross profit of the silicon transition, and its consolidated gross profit margin in the first three quarters.

63%, an increase of 5 a year.

42 averages, the ratio has also increased by half a year.

41 averages; gross profit margin 29 in the third quarter.

93%, an increase of 8.

61 units, an increase of 1 from the previous quarter.

88 units.

It is planned to raise funds to invest in silicon wafers, battery projects, and speed up capacity expansion: The company recently announced that it plans to publicly issue convertible bonds to raise no more than 5 billion funds to invest in Yinchuan 15GW single crystal silicon wafers and Xi’an 5GW single crystal battery projects.

It is estimated that by 2021, the company’s silicon wafer, battery and module capacity will reach 65GW, 20GW and 30GW, respectively. New investment in new production capacity will be gradually increased to strengthen the company’s leading position in the replacement of silicon wafer advantages, improve the industrial layout, and provide an alternative basis for the company’s strategic goals.

It is estimated that under the current 深圳桑拿网 equity, combined with the company’s three quarterly reports and industry supply and demand, we will adjust the company’s forecasted earnings for 2019-2021 to 1.



99 yuan (Originally, the estimated thinned sheet income was 1.



16 yuan), corresponding to a market surplus of 17.


5x; maintain Buy rating.
The main risks faced by the rating policy risks; industry demand is not up to expectations; cost reduction is not up to expectations; capacity digestion is not up to expectations

Huafu Fashion (002042): The impact of trade friction and cotton price decline on Q2 performance

Event: The company announced an interim report, and its revenue in 19H1 increased by 8.

2% to 73.

500 million, net profit attributable to mother dropped by 36.

4% to 3.

500 million US dollars, the cash flow temporarily improved significantly to reach 5.

300 million.

Specifically in the second quarter, revenue also fell by 1% to 37.

100 million, net profit attributable to mothers also fell 46% to 1.

At 79 ppm, Q2 textile manufacturers were generally under pressure from the impact of falling cotton prices and Sino-US trade friction.

In the main yarn business, the revenue of cotton business in 19H1 decreased by 9%.

1% to 36.

65 ppm, Vietnam’s production capacity layout is overweight.

19Q1 yarn business revenue increased at a high rate, and 19Q2 switched to replacement, mainly related to the decline in cotton prices and the impact of Sino-US trade friction on downstream orders, especially from the perspective of export revenue, 19H1 replaced 25.

3% to 14.

800 million, reflecting the severe environment in the second quarter.

In terms of gross profit margin, the 2018 annual report began to include the waste cotton-related income that was placed in “other income” in the previous year as the yarn business income, which appeared to show only a small margin.

23pp to 14.


In terms of production capacity, the company’s yarn production capacity reached 1.89 million spindles at the end of 18, Xinjiang / Eastern Coastal / Overseas Vietnam respectively reached 110/51/28 million spindles. In addition, the company announced in 18 years that Vietnam ‘s new yarn expansion plan for 1 million spindles has also been expanded.Construction has begun, and it is expected that production capacity will be released gradually in 2020.

Network chain business: 19H1 revenue increased 41% to 36.

600 million, effectively digest inventory, long-term development goals remain unchanged.

Among them, the 19Q1 network chain business growth rate was more than 30%, Q2 further accelerated de-chemicalization and the gross profit margin shifted only slightly.

3pp to 4.

62%, the overall sales rhythm control is better, 19 is expected to maintain rapid development.

In the network chain business, the company controls 100 ginners in the long run, and the development goal of trading 100-inch cotton per year remains unchanged.

Financial analysis: The decline in gross profit margin and the increase in expenses affect earnings.

19H1 revenue increased by 8.

2%, but due to the increase in revenue from the yarn business with high gross profit margins and the slight decline in the gross profit margins of the two major businesses in the same period last year, the gross profit of the interim report fell by 16%, and the management costs brought by the expansion of the online chain businessThe increase, as well as the increase in the scale of loans and the increase in financial costs caused by rising interest rates, caused the net profit to be returned to the mother under pressure, with a 36% replacement each time.

Turnover is generally healthy, with accounts and bills receivable falling by 22% to 8 per year in 19H1.

USD 8.7 billion, benefiting from the increase in the revenue of the online chain, the inventory scale is also better controlled, and the H1 scale has increased by only 14% to 53.

Benefiting from this, the operating cash flow has improved at least, with annual growth of 4880% to 5 in 19H1.

3.2 billion.

Profit forecast and investment grade: We expect that the company’s main yarn business will still have capacity expansion in the next three years, and the network chain business will maintain a compound growth of more than 20%. It is expected that after the environment is stable, it will show the leading nature and it is expected that revenue will increase in 19/20/21It increased by 8% / 17% / 16% to 154/180/209 trillion, and net profit attributable to mothers increased by -26% / 30% / 19% to 5.



600 million, corresponding to PE20 / 15 / 13X, the company’s employee stock ownership plan has completed the purchase on 19/6/14, a total of 1 capital rejection.

9.9 billion yuan to buy 27.12 million shares, accounting for the company’s total share capital1.

78%, average transaction price 7.32 yuan / share, showing confidence in the company’s long-term development and maintaining a “Buy” rating.

Risk warning: Cotton prices fluctuate sharply, order changes caused by uncertain terminal demand prospects

Chinese herbal tea can help treat cold limbs

Insufficient kidney yang, Chinese medicine is also called weak kidney fire, people with insufficient kidney yang and accompanied by poor blood, often feel cold limbs, especially legs and feet.

The compatibility of traditional Chinese medicine and tea is useful as tea drink, which has a better adjuvant treatment effect on kidney yang deficiency.

  Eucommia tea Eucommia leaves 12 grams, black tea 3 grams.

Chop the leaves of Eucommia ulmoides into the tea cup together with tea leaves and brew with boiling water for 10 minutes.

This formula has the effect of nourishing liver and kidney, strengthening bones and bones, and rejuvenating yang. It is suitable for the treatment of waist and knee pain, impotence, premature ejaculation, frequent urinary urgency and hypertension, cardiovascular disease, liver cirrhosis, etc. caused by kidney and liver yang deficiency.

Long-term wear has anti-aging and anti-aging effects.

  Walnut honey tea with walnuts 10 grams, black tea 15 grams.

Punch into powder, add honey to a person’s tea cup and brew with boiling water.

This formula has the effects of warming kidney and energizing, replenishing Yuanyang, stopping dysfunction, and Xingyang. It is mostly used for men with low intercourse, ejaculation, premature ejaculation, and long-term impotence. It has good results.

  Cuscuta tea Cuscuta 12 grams, black tea 3 grams.

First, mash the dodder, add the right amount of rock sugar, brew in boiling water in a person’s cup, and drink after 10 minutes.

This prescription has the effects of tonifying yin and yang, strengthening essence and shrinking urine, and preventing dysentery.

Can treat male infertility, low sexual intercourse and liver and kidney yang deficiency of thirst. Long-term use of this tea also has eyesight, light weight, long-lasting effect.

  15 grams of nootropic tea, 3 grams of black tea.

First put the nootropic kernels: mash them into a tea cup with tea, and brew them with boiling water.

This formula has the effect of warming the kidneys and stopping the leftovers. It is used for premature ejaculation caused by insufficiency of the lower coke kidney element.

  10 grams of shrimp tea, 3 grams of black tea.

Put the two together into a cup, and brew it with boiling water for 15 minutes.

Shrimp tea is a favorite drink of fishermen. It has the effect of warming the kidneys and aphrodisiac, and can treat impotence and slippery essence, kidney deficiency and back pain.

After being soaked repeatedly, the shrimp tea can be eaten even with shrimp and tea.

Rest is also needed during yoga practice!

Scholars who have practiced yoga know that during the practice process, the coach will give everyone a rest session after each action is done. Some textbooks do not understand why you should pay attention to the rest during yoga practice, especially for beginners.I want to practice a lot of exercise to relieve the soreness, and often practice several actions at one breath-because I don’t understand the necessity of rest, I think it is a waste of time.

In fact, this kind of thought is wrong bit rate, it is very important to know the relaxation after a posture.

  First of all, the effect brought by the previous posture can only be felt when the body is relaxed after completing a posture. For example, after the action of unblocking the meridians of the arm, relax the body, especially feel the flow of blood in the arm, which flows to youEach fingertip of the-promotes blood circulation in the nerve endings of the arms, your hands are warmed and ruddy . Secondly, after the completion of one posture, the whole body is relaxed in order to make the next posture better stretch the body, so when practicing yoga,Each position is within its ability, stay for a while (to stimulate the site), and then slowly return to the original position.

Relax your body and close your eyes.

Then move on to the next posture . so we should all pay attention to the rest of the practice, do not think that it is wasteful and blindly move, affect the practice effect, and even counterproductive.

Chiang Kai-shek’s health “three treasures”

Author: Tanggui Cheng Source: Inner Mongolia daily life of Chiang Kai-shek married four wives, but also the first leader of the KMT, career and family pressures are certainly many, body is not strong, he was perfectly healthy to live to be eighty years oldAll of this depends on his “health magic.”

Drink more boiled water.

After getting up every morning, Chiang Kai-shek, the first thing is to drink a cup of 30-40 degrees of boiled water. This temperature is similar to human body temperature and is “nutrition water”, which can promote gastrointestinal motility.

Then, drink another cup of boiling water with a slightly higher temperature to wake up the whole body cells.

When going out, the guards will prepare two thermos cups, one cup of water 30-40 degrees, and the other cup of water is slightly warmer.

Chiang Kai-shek did not wait until thirst to know that he drank every 20 minutes, each time alternating with two glasses of water, not much drink, but it is easy to interchange.

This method of drinking water is a popular “water therapy” in the West. The doctor told Chiang Kai-shek and his wife that the benefits of boiled water are pure, that there are no impurities harmful to the human body, and that there is no impurity, which is beneficial to the human body.

Later, Song Meiling also used this method to maintain her appearance.

Moderate diet.

When Chiang Kai-shek was young, he had a good amount of alcohol. But after marrying Song Meiling, under the persuasion of Song, he rarely drank. His favorite food was chicken soup and eggs. Every day, a bowl of chicken soup, an omelette, and thunder could not move.

Chicken soup is warm, can supplement the vital energy, but also warm stomach, very suitable for his lean body.

Although the egg is rich in nutrients, but the cholesterol content is high, so even, it is very preferred, and he never wants to eat more.

In the diet, Chiang Kai-shek knows how to control, often saying: “Let’s eat more,” and think that many diseases are caused by eating too much. This coincides with Mrs. Song Meiling’s point of view.

Both husband and wife eat very little, and mainly vegetarian, fruits and vegetables are a must-have on the table.

Both people like papaya very much, both stomach and white.

Although not eating much, in order to ensure a balanced diet, Chiang Kai-shek proposed the “dish color and” requirements, that is, the table must have black, green, white, yellow, red five colors of food, which was still a very fresh at the time.View.

Take a walk.

Walking is a “compulsory course” for both husband and wife.

After eating the meal every day, take a walk in front of the house, look at the scenery, chat, can not only digest, but also effectively relieve stress, but also enhance the marital relationship.

The benefits of walking are numerous and are recommended by both Chinese and Western medicine. Although everyone is well known at the time, they were able to cause this at the time. It is still very rare.

Pregnant Yoga Sitting and Lying-Frog

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Pregnant Yoga Sitting and Lying-Frog

It is suitable for beginners. It can be practiced in the first trimester, the second trimester and the second trimester.

  Benefits: Tibia and thigh tibia muscles.

  Note: If the thigh and knee muscles contract too much, the distance between the knees can be slightly changed. If you don’t feel the effect of stretching, the knees can be separated and widened.

  Method: Kneeling on your knees with your knees separated to an appropriate comfortable width. Your thumbs should be placed forward and in contact with each other. Hold your hands on the ground between your knees to inhale and lift your sternum.Straighten your tibia forward with your hands. Do not lift your crotch from your heel. If possible, press your forehead close to the ground. If you feel this position is very comfortable.

May wish to close the lower jaw to the ground to strengthen the increase.

Keep this position, and feel comfortable as a limit, while practicing triumphant breathing.

Did you know that salt has ten beauty effects?

Do you still only know that salt is just a condiment?

Today, I want to tell you that the top ten beauty effects of salt are guaranteed to make you love it.

  1. Benefits of salt-based hair care. Multi-salt has deep cleansing, sterilization and detoxification, Shujinghuoxue, astringent sebaceous glands, shampooing with salt is the first choice for oily hair.

You can use table salt in the kitchen, or you can use a ready-made shampoo salt on the market.

The specific usage is: if your scalp is greasy and the hair is not too oily, you can use shampoo to wash the hair normally, apply shampoo evenly on the scalp, and then gently massage with your fingertips 3-After 5 minutes, rinse with water.

It is recommended 2-3 times a week.

  2. Control the secretion of oil in the T zone. Use a fine salt to wipe the T zone. Gently massage and rest for 3 minutes, then use the middle finger pads on both sides of the open pores of the wing to squeeze the massage from bottom to top.

  3. Remove the acne marks and smooth the unevenness of the skin, apply a small amount of salt to the fingertips, massage the acne marks or uneven areas three times in a spiral shape, and then apply enough salt to the area that needs to be “solved” and wash off after five or six minutes.

Note: Do not massage the growing acne.

  4. Improve the rough skin and remove dark spots. Wet the salt with water and apply it to the skin. Massage for 1 minute. The force is the same as when washing your face. Use the nose as the center to draw a large circle from bottom to top.

Then rub your fingertips in circular motions on the dark spots.

  5, remove the odor salt under the arm has a bactericidal anti-inflammatory effect, you can wipe the salt directly under the arm when taking a bath.

On weekdays, you can use cotton pads to soak in salt water slightly lighter than sea water and carry them with you at any time to remove sweat.

  6. Remove the double chins and insert the right finger with the salt removed into the jaw and the edge of the pear on the right face from the middle to the right; Similarly, the left finger moves to the left along the edges of the jaw and the left toe;Times.
Then wrap the salted portion with cling film, fix it with a hair band, rest for 10 minutes, rinse it off with water, and do it every other day.

  7, remove foot odor with a lot of coarse salt on the toes, between the toes and the soles of the feet, and scratch and rub 5?
6 times, rinse off with water after 5 minutes of rest.

  8. Take care of adolescent acne and let the body warm up sufficiently after bathing, and apply some salt on the back after the pores are opened.

Use a brush to massage for 1 minute, do not apply too much force, just let the salt between the skin and the brush move.

Then use a sponge dipped in light saline, stick it on the back for 10 minutes, and rinse with water.

  After washing your face, put a small spoon of fine salt in the palm of your hand and add 3-5 drops of water, and then carefully stir the salt and water with your fingers. Then apply the salt water from the top to the bottom and rub the sides.Get a massage.

After a few minutes, when the hay on the face dries to a white powder, wash the face with warm water, apply a moisturizing lotion, and wash the face once every morning and evening.

This has a very good cleansing and decontamination effect, but it should be noted that avoid the skin around the eyes, remember to use with caution on sensitive skin.

  9. Deeply clean the skin. After washing your face, put a small spoon of fine salt in the palm of your hand and add 3-5 drops of water, then carefully stir the salt and water with your fingers, and then apply salt water to wipe from top to bottom.Do a ring-opening massage while snoring.
After a few minutes, when the hay on the face dries to a white powder, wash the face with warm water, apply a moisturizing lotion, and wash the face once every morning and evening.

This has a very good cleansing and decontamination effect, but it should be noted that avoid the skin around the eyes, remember to use with caution on sensitive skin.
  10. Eyewash and eyesight meet windy weather. When you return home, you can use warm water to flush a glass of salt water. Use a cotton swab to dip and wipe the inner and outer corners of eyes to clean your eyes and remove dirt.

  Other wonderful uses of table salt 1. Relaxing the salt bath salt can absorb dust, dirt and toxins, deeply clean the skin and hair control. The magnesium in the salt helps you drain water and eliminate puffiness, so the salt bath is a veritable beauty bath.

  To use: Add warm water to the bathtub, then add an extra cup of sea salt, and soak for 15 to 30 minutes.

  2. Tooth whitening salt and baking soda can be made into whitening toothpaste to remove stains on the teeth.

Fluoride in salt is good for both teeth and gums.

  To use: Mix one teaspoon of sea salt and two tablespoons of baking soda powder, add a little toothpaste, and then use it to brush your teeth.

  3. Natural mouthwash salt has bactericidal effect and can prevent bad breath and gingivitis.

  To use: Mix half a teaspoon of salt, half a teaspoon of baking soda, and a quarter cup of water until the salt dissolves, then use as a mouthwash.

  4. Nail polish can soften the cuticle of the skin and nails, while baking soda can remove the stains on the nails and restore the luster of the nails.

  Usage: In a small bowl, mix one teaspoon of salt, one teaspoon of baking soda, one teaspoon of lemon juice and half a cup of warm water, soak your fingers in water for 10 minutes, then scrub with a soft hand brushRinse hands and apply hand cream.