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[Can you eat red beans in summer]_Red beans_Summer_Can you eat them?

The hot summer is the best time for people to dehumidify and remove cold. Many people with rheumatism and rheumatoid diseases especially like to eat some dehumidifying Chinese medicine and food in summer to achieve the purpose of removing damp and cold, and alleviating the pain.

So can red beans, a food with heat-relieving and dehumidifying effects, be eaten in summer?

First, can you eat red beans in summer? Traditional Chinese medicine believes that in the five elements in the summer is a fire, which corresponds to the heart. Therefore, the summer health is focused on the heart.

Summer high temperature, often easy to summer heat injury Yin, exhaustion of blood, and heavy wet summer, it is also easy to cause spleen deficiency, increase fatigue and fatigue, and edema.

In addition, a lot of perspiration in summer, our body will be more likely to lose potassium, and poor appetite, potassium ions can not be promptly replenished, which can seriously cause myocardial paralysis.

Red beans clear heat and dampness, reduce swelling and detoxification, clear the heart and trouble, and nourish blood, soothe the nerves. It is a typical high potassium food.

In summer, as long as it is used properly, soup and porridge or desserts can be used to strengthen the spleen, reduce swelling, dehumidify, nourish the heart, and supplement potassium.


Nourishing the heart and nourishing the blood Red beans can not only clear the heart, but also make up the heart, for women, it is a very good nourishing yin.


The saponin in the red bean that dispels dampness and swelling has a very strong diuretic effect. It is necessary to effectively improve kidney disease and cause some edema, and at the same time, discharge the dirt in the body.


The spleen and stomach function of red beans is very good. The function of the spleen and stomach is strong so that the body can better absorb nutrients.


It is very suitable for breastfeeding mothers who breastfeed in the summer. They can eat some red beans in an appropriate amount, which can eliminate edema and have the effect of breast-feeding.

Second, the taboos of eating red beans 1.

The gastrointestinal function is relatively weak. It is necessary to control the consumption of red beans to diuretic and swelling, and to better promote the speed of peristalsis. Therefore, people with weak gastrointestinal function should control the intervention.


Not to eat with mutton, goat liver, or tripe is very harmful to the body and may cause poisoning.


It is best not to put salt on red beans. Red beans have a certain vitamin value. After adding salt, it will affect the efficacy of red beans and weaken the efficacy and role of red beans.

甸キ阌咃纴涔熻兘澶熷悆鍒扮编锻崇殑绫抽キ锛屾瘮濡傝鍙互鐢ㄩ珮铡嬮攨鏉ヨ捀绫抽キ锛岀敋镊冲彧闇€瑕佹湁涓€涓鍚屾牱鑳藉钂稿嚭缇庡懗鐨勭背楗紝涓嶄娇鐢ㄧ數楗攨钂哥背楗殑鏃跺€欙紝瑕佹帉鎻′竴瀹氱殑鎶€宸э紝棣栧厛瑕佹帉鎻$伀鍊欙紝鐏€欎笉鑳藉お澶э紝鍙﹀鍔犳按閲忎篃瑕佹湁鎵€娉ㄦ剰锛屽洜涓轰笉鏄敤鐢甸キ閿咃紝鎵€浠ヨ鍦ㄨ捀绫抽キ鐨勬椂闂存柟闈竴瀹氳鎺屾彙濂姐€備笉鐢ㄧ數楗Do you pick me up?銆侀珮鍘嬮攨钂哥背楗殑鏂规硶 棣栧厛锛屾垜浠敤涓€涓鍣ㄩ噺鍑虹背鐨勯噺銆傛帴涓嬫潵娲楃背锛氭礂绫充竴瀹氫笉瑕佽秴杩?唴 庡 悡 傛 炒 炒 哰 哰 傰 傆 3 娆 “悗』 Are you read it back and down, and it ‘s getting thinner, and you ‘re going to squeeze it, and you ‘re going to get rid of it.氬噺灏戙€傝浣忔礂绫充笉瑕佽秴杩?娆°€?Press the button, press the button, click on the button, click on the button, click on the button, click on the button, click on the button, click on the button, click on the button, click on the button, click on the button, click on the button, click on the button, click on the button, click on the button, click on the button, and click on the button.2銆傛湁涓€涓壒鍒畝鍗曠殑鏂规硶鏉ユ祴閲忔按鐨勯噺锛岀敤椋熸寚鏀惧叆绫虫按閲岋紝鍙姘磋秴鍑虹背鏈夐鎸囩殑绗竴涓叧鑺傚氨鍙互銆?鏈€鍚庯紝楂樺帇閿呯叜绫抽キ鏃堕棿鎬庝箞璁$畻锛氱儳鍒版哺锛屽氨杞皬鐏紝涓や笁鍒嗛挓鍚庯紝鍏虫帀灏卞彲浠ヤ簡銆?鏃堕棿涓€鑸兘鍦ㄥ崄浜斿垎閽熷乏鍙炽€傚嵆锛氬皢绫虫礂濂芥斁鍏ラ攨閲屽厛涓嶈鐩栧摢涓皬姘旈榾锛屾按寮€浜嗕互鍚庣洊涓婅鏃跺叓鍒嗛挓銆?2銆佸井娉㈢倝钂哥背楗殑鏂规硶 棣栧厛锛屾渶濂介€夋嫨寰尝鐐変笓鐢ㄧ殑钂搁キ閿咃紝涓€鑸拱寰尝鐐夌殑鏃跺€欓兘浼氶厤鏈夛紝瓒呭競涔熸湁鍞€?1: 1 rudder: the front of the world, the back of the world, the front, the back, the back, the press, the back, the down, the loss 1: 1.5锛岃繖涓瘮渚嬭鎺屾彙濂姐€傚熀鏈氨鏄斁鍏ヨ捀楗攨鍚庯紝姘寸殑楂樺害娌¤繃鎴愪汉鐨勬墜鎺屽帤搴︼紝灏嗙背娴告场20鍒嗛挓宸﹀彸锛岃繖鏍峰彲浠ヤ娇绫冲厖鍒嗗惛鏀舵按鍒嗐€?”Don’t go away,” “I’m afraid, I’m afraid, I’ll taste it, I’ll try it out?”5 闒 嗛 銆 邆 傜 擗 兛 俗 Looking for the following: 姼 笉 deficiency 佛 珛 鍗 鍇 卑 魑 纴 鍦 鍦 ㄥ 井 娉 ㈢ 倝 倝 峽 鐣 鐣?0 闒 嗛 宸 幸 幸 幆 幆 哆 揜 紜紜 紜 織 10 鍒 嗛 樃 槠 鐒 淒 岺 咉 初 咝 岝 Cang  杩 愯 樉 尼 絾 紫 氛 曹 戹 儰 儕锛屼細璁╃背楗洿鍔犺蒋鐑傘€?銆佺敤纰楁€庝箞钂镐竴涓汉鐨勯キ 杩欎釜鏂规硶鏄粠缃戜笂鐪嬫潵鐨勶紝璇存槸涓€涓汉鍦ㄥ鐨勬椂鍊欎笉鎯冲埛閿呰繕鎯冲悆绫抽キ锛屽氨鐢ㄧ鏉ヨ捀銆傛嵁璇存槸灏嗗ぇ绫充竴涓汉鐨勯噺鏀惧叆纰楅噷锛屽姞姘达紙杩欎釜姘寸殑绋嬪害灏变笉鐭ラ亾浜嗭級鏀惧叆钂稿眽澶х伀钂镐釜10鍒嗛挓宸﹀彸鍏崇伀锛岀剸涓?-5鍒嗛挓锛屽嚭閿呭氨鍙互浜嗐€傚懗閬撲笉寰楄€岀煡锛屾劅鍏磋叮鐨勫彲浠ヨ瘯璇曞晩銆?

Li Daxiao: Mankind must be able to overcome the epidemic, the Chinese stock market has the ability to weld the 3000-point horizon

For stocks, please read Jin Qilin analyst research report, authoritative, professional, timely, and comprehensive, to help you tap potential potential opportunities!

  Li Daxiao, the chief economist of Yingda Securities, said that in the face of this major human epidemic, the Chinese people have shown unprecedented courage to fight against it. Numerous heroic medical workers, the People’s Liberation Army, and volunteers struggled to help the disaster-stricken areas and screamed.The moving story inspires the Chinese people. We have powerful strength and valuable spirit. Countless conscious citizens are quietly staying at home waiting for the counterattack. At this stage, the Wuhan-Hubei general attack has achieved phased positive effects. Today, the data outside the province has fallen to a low level.Bit.

Resumption of work and production is starting in an orderly manner, and the most difficult stage has passed!

The powerful consumption power of the Chinese people was not dissipated but temporarily suppressed. Once the epidemic passed, it would be released in revenge.

The heroic Wuhan people reached the peak of the country on the 17th stock account search (Jin Qilin analyst), showing how great the potential of the stock market is.

Don’t be pessimistic and don’t despair.

The next stage can be transformed into strengthening domestic security and epidemic prevention, while paying attention to preventing importation and strengthening international cooperation.

The stable development of China’s stock market can be expected.

I firmly believe that mankind will overcome the epidemic, China will overcome 杭州桑拿 the epidemic, the long-term economic development potential of China is huge, and the Chinese stock market will have a very bright future!

China’s stock market has the ability to defend 3000 points!

Defend 3000 points!

Guard 3000 points!

Weld 3000 Horizons!

New World (000997) semi-annual report comment: high transaction flow, increased verification, increased quality, SAAS and financial services as the future force

Event: The company released its 2019 Interim Report and achieved a total operating income of 27.

97 ppm, an increase of 7 per year.

39%, net profit attributable to mothers4.

4.1 billion, an increase of 30 every year.

61%, net profit after deducting non-return to mother3.

$ 8.1 billion, an increase of 18 per year.


If excluding the amortization effect of the cost of equity incentives, net profit attributable to mothers will increase by 40 per year.


Meet market expectations.

Business operation service income, high gross profit growth led to growth, and the hardware equipment business structure was gradually optimized.

1) Realize total operating income from merchant operation services.

55 ppm, an increase of 38 in ten years.

45%, accounting for 55.

59%, contributing mainly to growth.

Among them, payment services income reached 11.

73 ppm, an increase of 27 in ten years.

52%, revenue from value-added services reached 3.

82 ppm, an increase of 87 in ten years.


And the gross profit margin was 41.

45%, an increase of 7.

06 budgets are expected to increase the rate of acquisition procedures and increase the proportion of financial services and SaaS service fees.

2) The income of electronic payment products and information reading products reached 8.

1 billion, a decline of 24 per year.

17%, but gross margin increased by 5.

71 singles are expected to optimize the structure of POS equipment products, focusing on high-margin POS and overseas business orders.

In the first half of the year, overseas revenue exceeded 320,000 units, with an annual growth rate of over 150%.

The high increase in transaction size reflects the quality of flow, and the scale of SaaS merchant services and financial services has steadily increased, or it may become a profit point.

1) The total transaction volume of the company’s payment services business exceeded 740 billion yuan in the first half of the year, an increase of approximately 17% per year.

Among them, the scan payment transaction volume increased by 323 every year.

62%, the number of transactions per month has exceeded 78%.

In the first half of this year, under the environment of strengthened supervision, the overall situation of the industry, and the company’s acquisition business flow has maintained rapid growth, which proves that its transaction flow quality is higher than that of its peers.

2) The company launched customized data models and financial services for a variety of scenarios, and launched two major product lines, “Land Commercial Loan” and “Land Car Loan”.

As of June 2019, it has gradually served over 9 users.

40,000 households, and gradually lending surplus22.

8.4 billion yuan, an increase of 39 from the end of 2018.

92%.It also establishes cooperative relationships with large banks such as China Construction Bank and Minsheng Bank.

3) The company started business cooperation with more than 270 SaaS partners, 480 ISV partners and 750 channel partners.

At present, the number of PaaS platform service merchants exceeds 850,000, which increased by about 350,000 before the end of 2018.

In the first half of the year, it launched the merchant’s one-stop service platform “Star POS” and officially released the ALL IN ONE solution.

At present, there are 21 contracted cooperation agencies in 13 cities across the country.

The 武汉夜生活网 nearly one million merchants penetrated by cloud services continue to increase customer stickiness, and also drive financial services and SaaS services.

According to the scale of lending and industry rates, it is expected that direct SaaS service revenue will exceed 1.

5 billion.

Considering that its business gross profit margin is high, or it may become a point of strength for future performance.

The third-party payment competition has improved, and data operation SaaS has become a driving force, which encourages business progress and acceleration after landing.

1) With the advent of the “broken direct connection” era, Internet giants have been suppressed and the industry competition has improved.

Compliance operating companies will enjoy the “residual bonus” after experiencing a severe regulatory environment, and the service fee payment rate will generally increase in the first half of 2019.

2) The development of value-added services after the “96 fee reform” has become an industry trend.

The company has millions of merchant data resources, and SaaS value-added services greatly increase customer stickiness and traffic value.

The company’s online data risk control financial products continue to increase its proportion. After experiencing extreme environmental tests, it tried to accelerate the volume and successfully cut into the financial assistance loan service for the 100 billion market.

3) In 2018, the equity incentive plan for core executives and technicians was implemented. After the improvement of the governance structure, the team’s execution ability was significantly improved, and business progress was accelerated.

The target market value in 2019 is maintained at 26.1 billion, and the “Buy” rating is maintained.

Adjust the profit forecast based on key business assumptions and the 2019 interim report. It is estimated that the operating income for 2019-2021 will be 65.

98 billion, 79.

7.3 billion and 91.

8.1 billion (75 before adjustment).

8.3 billion, 97.

5.6 billion and 122.

4.4 billion), the net profit attributable to mothers was 7, respectively.

9.3 billion, 11.

2.6 billion and 14.

08 (7 before adjustment.

65 billion, 10.

1.2 billion and 13.

04 billion).

That is, the CAGR of profit in the next three years is 33%, and PEG = 1, which means that the target city revenue in 2019 is 26.1 billion.

Maintain “Buy” rating.
Risk warning: business advancement is not up to expectations; macroeconomic risks; key assumptions are inconsistent with actual conditions.

Jinjiang Hotel (600754): 19Q3 deduction of non-performance + 22% franchise expansion to accelerate the overall REVPAR, but mature stores slightly improved
The company released the quarterly report for Q3 of 19: ① 19Q1-3: revenue 112.82 ppm / + 2.97%, mainly due to the increase in operating income of Platinum Tao Group, Vienna Hotel, etc., attributed to net profit of the mother8.7.3 billion / + 0.15%, mainly because the investment income of 19Q1-3 decreases by 1 every year.Due to 21 trillion, the net profit of the mother after deduction is 8.00 ppm / + 18.08%, net cash flow from operating activities.00 ppm / -36.59%, mainly due to changes in the payment method of the global procurement platform and the budget received in advance decreased from the same period of the previous year.Caused by the combined effects of interest, etc .; ② 19Q3: Revenue 41.$ 3.9 billion / + 3.04%, net profit attributable to mother 3.06 ppm / -17.10%; net profit after deduction is 442 ppm / + 22.09%, deducting non-performance slightly exceeded expectations. 19Q3 overall territory hotel RevPAR-1.The 5% growth rate is cyclical toxicity, mature store 19Q3 RevPAR-3.A slight improvement of 5%.① Territorial Hotel: 19Q3 Territory Hotel RevPAR-1.49%, occupancy rate -4.16pct, average house price +3.73%.Among them, the overall economic RevPAR-8.12%, occupancy rate -5.60pct, average house price -1.34%; overall mid- to high-end RevPAR-5.66%, occupancy rate -3.27pct, average house price -1.86%.②Territory mature hotel: Rev. 19-3 territorial mature hotel RevPAR-3.55%, occupancy rate -3.84pct, average house price +1.29%.Among them, the mature and economical RevPAR-7.47%, occupancy rate -5.25pct, average house price -0.84%; mature mid- to high-end RevPAR-0.35%, occupancy rate -1.55 points, average house price +1.53%.③Overseas overall hotel: 19Q3 regional hotel RevPAR + 2.13%, occupancy rate +0.35pct, average house price +1.61%. 19Q1-3 joined the expansion, a net increase of 718 stores, the proportion of mid-range hotel rooms increased to 47.9%.① Continuation of franchise expansion: The company opened 1,107 new hotels in 19Q1-3, gradually closed 389 stores, and a net increase of 718 (net increase of 312 in 19Q3, a net increase of 188 and 218 in 19Q1 and Q2). By type, during the period of 19Q1-3, the number of directly operated hotels decreased by 21 and the number of franchised hotels increased by 748.As of the end of September 19, the proportion of the company’s franchised hotels continued to increase to 87.97%.② Product structure continued to be upgraded: During the period of the company’s 19Q1-3, the number of economy hotels decreased by 37, but the number of mid-end hotels increased by 755, corresponding to the increase in the number and proportion of space to 39.43% and 47.93%, product structure upgrades are steadily advancing.③ Reserve stores: As of the end of 19Q3, the company has contracted 4,229 hotels that have not been opened, citing an increase of 886 from 3334 hotels at the beginning of 19, which is the basis for the company to maintain a fast booth in the future. During the period, the fee rate dropped slightly, waiting for the “one center, three platforms” to push forward the fee reduction.① 19Q1-3: The company’s gross profit margin for 19Q1-3 was 89.73% / + 0.03pct, the rate of 79 during the period.00% /-0.80pct.1) 19Q1-3 sales expense ratio: 50.93% /-0.75pct; 2) 19Q1-3 management expense ratio: 25.45% / + 0.1 point; 3) 19Q1-3 financial expense ratio: 2.30% /-0.39pct; 4) 19Q1-3 R & D expense ratio: 0.32% / + 0.24pct is mainly due to the increase in software development expenses incurred by Platinum Group in this period compared with the same period of last year.Considering that the company’s “one center, three platforms” continued in 19-20, and the proportion of asset-light franchise stores continued to increase, the company’s expense ratio will continue to decline in the future.The company’s overall net interest rate for the period from 19Q1-3 was 9.01% / + 0.01pct.② 19Q3: <4 gross profit margin is 90.05% / + 0.68pct, the overall period expense rate is 74.57% /-0.66pct, selling expense ratio 47.62% /-0.95pct, management expense rate 24.49% / + 0.34pct, financial expense ratio 1.98% /-0.34pct, R & D expense ratio is 0.48% / + 0.30pct, 19Q3 overall net interest rate 8.86% /-1.49 points. The rapid growth of franchise business has driven hotel revenue growth, and the catering business revenue growth has been stable.① 19Q3 domestic hotel as a whole: realized total revenue of 29.61 ppm / + 3.90%.Among them, upfront service fee 2.3.6 billion / + 52.26%, continued franchise fee income4.02 ppm / + 0.90%.② 19Q3 overseas hotels as a whole: to achieve a total revenue of 1. 4.4 billion / + 1.37%.③ 19Q1-3 catering business: realized total revenue 1.$ 8.8 billion / + 6.32%, of which 19Q3 revenue was 0.7.2 billion / + 12.63%, mainly due to the combined impact of Jinjiang Food's operating income growth over the same period last year and the decline in Jinya's catering business income over the same period last year.④ 19Q4 Guidance: The company estimates that the company's overall limited service hotel revenue will be 35 in 19Q4.8.5 billion to 39.62 trillion, corresponding to a growth rate of -2 per second.63% -7.61%, of which the company's domestic business income is expected to be 26.31 ppm to 29.08,000 yuan, income from overseas business in mainland China1.24 billion?1. 3.7 billion. Breakthrough of hotel brands: Platinum Tao's growth breakthrough, Vienna's performance has been released significantly, Jinjiang's performance has been constantly changing.① Platinum Group: Revenue 33.$ 5.3 billion / + 2.84%, net profit attributable to mother 3.41 ppm / +15.15%, the initial growth rate is mainly Tongtong Yilong (0780) held by Platinum Tao.HK) stocks continued to decline during the 19Q3 period and were dragged down; ② Vienna Hotel: Revenue 26.08 ppm / + 16.89%, net profit attributable 北京桑拿洗浴保健 to mother 2.03 ppm / +48.59%; ③Jinjiang Metropolis: Revenue 19.71 ppm / -6.18%, net profit attributable to mother 1.70 ppm / -15.22%; ④ Lufu Group: Revenue 4.10 billion euros / + 0.65%, net profit attributable to mother 0. 2.3 billion / -5.62%. Hotel’s latest view: At present, the hotel sector is affected by the broader market adjustment and macro expectations. The leading Jinjiang Hotel is estimated to be in a historical position in the medium and long term, corresponding to 19 years of PE.4 times.It is recommended to pay attention to Jinjiang Hotel and wait for the overall operating data trend of the hotel sector to improve. Investment advice: Buy-A investment rating.We expect the company’s net profit for 2019-21 to be 9 respectively.6.1 billion / 10.68 ppm / 12.00 is 100%, corresponding to a growth rate of -11.2深圳spa会所% / 11.1% / 12.4%; non-performing performance in 2019-21 is 8.61 ppm / 9.$ 8.7 billion / 11.15 trillion, corresponding to a growth rate of 16.6% / 14.7% / 12.9%, give Buy-A investment rating, 6-month target price is 31.20 yuan. Risk reminder: The economic downturn has resulted in inconspicuous demand for tourist hotel accommodations, intensified competition in the mid-range hotel market has affected hotel operations, and the integration effect has fallen short of expectations.

Postpartum Yoga for Weight Loss

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Postpartum Yoga for Weight Loss

After giving birth to a child or breastfeeding, how to effectively restore the previous graceful body is a topic of concern for postpartum mothers. The following is the postpartum shape recovery time, simple and easy fitness methods and precautions.Experience and experience of some moms.

  First, vertical.

In a supine position, arms straight on the side of the body, legs raised together to maintain 90 degrees with the body.

(Beautiful leg exercises) Obesity, slackness, stiffness, and brittleness are the main problems of postpartum. According to statistics, about 10% of women will slowly “fat” and become obese after giving birth.

The top ten yoga stars in the country, Wang Yuan, the head of Tiandi Xinyun Yoga, wrote that the most significant changes in postpartum body shape are chest, waist, abdomen, and legs.

  Bluebird fitness center Zhou Lili said that in addition to a small number of postpartum and obese, there are other problems such as stiff waist muscles, loose abdomen, brittle ligaments, poor elasticity, and maternal injuries.

The postpartum fitness training mainly focuses on the physical and physical recovery of these aspects, especially the fitness of some small muscles in the inner layer of the abdomen. Some people have become the focus because the uterus enlarges during pregnancy and the abdominal musclesComing to the fracture, straight rectus muscles separated.

The postpartum uterus slowly returns, but the abdominal wall muscles become loose and difficult to recover.

  Second, the baby’s blood sugar type.

Lying down, legs bent, arms clasped with both hands, aligned with forehead contact, the body is contoured like a baby.

(Exercise the waist and make the body tangible) At least 6 weeks later, go to lose weight. The hot girl with a reputation of “hero mother” has basically restored her previous shape in the three weeks after she gave birth to her third son, becoming many youngThe objects that moms envy.

The doctor’s warning is that eating only one meal a day will damage bones and muscles, and even endanger the next baby.

Doing some weight loss exercises soon after maturity will probably slow down the uterine recovery and cause bleeding, and little bit of exercise will slow down the recovery of the surgical section or the vulva retina, and some joints are particularly vulnerable to injury.Mother’s situation will be more dangerous.

The suggestion of Tofick Hawa, an associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Brown University in the United States, is that new mothers should go to those weight-loss classes and perform some aerobic bodybuilding activities after giving birth at least 6 weeks.

  Jade Bird Fitness Trainer Zhou Lili said: When can a woman enter a fitness center, it needs to be determined according to her physical recovery status.
6 weeks can start to do postpartum weight-loss exercises, the mother of cesarean section needs 6?
8 weeks.
For those with scar constitution, maybe after 2 months.

The club requires a hospital health certificate when it accepts maternity registration.

  Third, the V shape.

In a sitting position, the carbon dioxide and legs can be straightened and kept in a V shape.

(Beautiful Leg Exercises) New Mom Yoga Sculpts Top Ten Yoga Stars in the Country, and Wang Yuan, the head of Xindi Yunyun Yoga, recommends a set of yoga exercises that are effective in restoring the shape of the mother. Normal mothers can perform their own physical conditions one month after delivery.

  Before practicing, do breathing exercises under the music background: supine position, knee joint flexion, inhale deeply to pull the abdominal wall down, visceral traction, and then exhale.

The following set of actions are mainly performed on the chest, waist, abdomen, and legs of the child.

With breathing, inhale when muscles contract and exhale when you relax.

Each action is 3-5 times, each time holding for 15-30 seconds.

  Fourth, the spine spins.

In a sitting position, the legs cross under the buttocks, hold the legs on the opposite side with one hand on the back of the body.

With breathing, turn your head slowly back.

(Massaging of internal organs, detoxification, and training of thin waist) Private measures to control starch before giving birth. Ms. Xu was 30 pounds heavier than before pregnancy at the peak of her weight. Now the child is a little bit older and returns to work around 105 pounds.

Ms. Xu said that she had done some post-natal exercises a month or two after giving birth.

In terms of diet, foods such as starch are slightly controlled during the last two months before delivery.

She felt that she had not deliberately exercised, and 95% of her physical recovery was natural.

  Fifth, the cow face deformation.

Kneeling, palms placed behind the back, turned from the outside to the inside, while the fingertips are lifted from the bottom up, the chest is raised, and the head is tilted back.

In the same posture, the gestures on the back change, and the opposite hand is pulled on the back.

(Stiff, good for postpartum breast sagging).

  Massage the pelvis to help shrink Huairou Xu Jinfang’s weight loss experience: the first month after birth is very important.
At that time, osteoporosis, lying on the side, and letting family members massage the pelvis were beneficial to help the pelvis contraction. If you miss the period, the effect will not be obvious.

In addition, she felt that after the child was not feeding, she controlled the amount of meals, increased the amount of activity, and quickly lost weight.
Another personal recommendation is: lying on the bed with your legs close together, lifting your upper body, lifting hard, insisting on doing it for 30 minutes a day, for a year, can effectively restore the abdominal muscles.

  Sixth, lateral waist fracture.

One leg is slender, with one leg contracted into one body and one leg integrated.

The opposite hand supports the waist, and the other hand leans forward to straighten for side waist movement.

Go in another direction.

(Practice balance and thin waist)

Novice parents: 3 common mistakes

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Novice parents: 3 common mistakes

In the process of manual intervention, a large number of novice parents will have substitute improper practices, which will have a certain impact on the baby’s body and even cause stones.

  Misunderstanding 1: The milk is too thick. According to common sense, the milk powder cannot be too thick. It should be prepared according to the amount written in the instructions.

However, many mothers are worried that the baby will not be full, and the amount of milk powder for the baby is very large, so the milk is completely concentrated and too sweet.

Su Yixiang said that feeding a baby with a milk powder with an excessively high concentration makes it easy for the child to get thirsty after drinking it, and it is easy for him to become fat because of excessive nutrition.

  What’s more serious, because sodium chloride and other minerals in excessively concentrated milk juice will also increase the burden on the kidneys of children. It is important to know that children under the age of two have underdeveloped kidneys, and supplement children with excessively concentrated milk, May also increase its burden.

  Misunderstanding 2: Drinking formula milk and taking calcium tablets “I saw other mothers supplement the baby with calcium. I was also anxious when I added zinc. I went to the hospital to ask the doctor if I could give my baby some calcium supplements.Make up.

“Almost all mothers are concerned about their children’s calcium supplementation.

  Su Yixiang said that calcium is already contained in formula milk. The content of calcium in infant formula is 100 mg per 100 ml of 0-6 months. If you can drink enough formula milk every day and eat calcium tablets, it will definitely causeHigh calcium intake.

Experts suggest that calcium supplements are not necessary for babies under 6 months, whether it is breast milk replacement or artificial replacement.

For babies over 6 months, after adding 1-2 supplementary foods a day, if you continue to breastfeed, you may not add calcium tablets.

If the baby is drinking formula milk, the amount of milk is 500-600 ml, and it is not necessary to add calcium tablets.

  Misunderstanding Sansui food is a bit salty. “Children need to add complementary foods in four months, eat egg yolk, rice noodles, vegetable paste and the like. At first, children must not be used to eating, do not like to eat, but the elderly at home always saidThis is mainly tasteless, so light, of course, children do not like to eat “, so sometimes they add sesame oil to the child’s complementary food, and salt is said to improve the taste of the child.

When we are adults, we always dip the children in pickle soup.

“A lot of parents will ask if a baby drinking formula needs to add condiments when adding complementary foods?

  For babies from 6 months to 1 year old, don’t add salt, MSG and other condiments in the complementary food.

Because of the insufficiency of the kidneys of 4 month babies, do not add seasonings prematurely, especially salt will increase the burden on the kidneys.

Nine types of skin problems for newborn babies need to be careful

When a baby is born, his skin is often unpredictable.

Sometimes the skin on the small hands and feet may suddenly become thick and dry and begin to peel.

This often causes the new mommy to panic and panic. I don’t know what happened to the baby!

In fact, these changes in baby confinement are mainly temporary physiological changes, and Mommy need not panic.

With proper care, the baby will have no problems.

  First, erythema appears on the skin. When the baby is born, the stratum corneum on the skin surface is not fully formed, the dermis is thin, there is less fibrous tissue, and the capillary network develops well.

Therefore, some slight irritation, such as clothing, drugs, etc., often occur. Baby’s skin is congested, and it appears as polymorphous erythema of varying sizes and unclear edges.

However, most of these erythema are on the baby’s head, face, torso, and limbs, and they do not necessarily make the baby feel uncomfortable.

  Mummy’s proper coping method: 1. This erythema is a normal physiological change and does not require treatment. It usually subsides within 1-2 days, and Mummy need not worry.

  2. Mummy should never apply drugs or other things casually. The baby’s skin and blood vessels are very rich, and the absorption and permeability are also very strong.

Incorrect handling can cause contact dermatitis, which can be cumbersome.

  Second, pigmented spots appear on the skin Baby pigmented plaques appear on the baby’s skin, Mummy will be very anxious.

In fact, this is a birthmark, but many moms do not know this well, often mistakenly think that it is caused by injuries during delivery, or mistakenly think that the baby was injured by someone else.

  Pigment spots are pigment spots formed by the accumulation of deep pigment cells in the skin, often appearing between the small butt and the waist; or on the tail and back of the palate.

The appearance is cyan or blue-gray, blue-green spots, the patches may be only a large piece, or there may be several pieces, the shape is irregular, irregular, most of the Oriental people say that they will have this pigmentation at birth.

  Mummy’s proper coping method: 1. In general, there is no need for treatment. Plaques will change and the baby’s age will gradually fade, and it will gradually disappear before about 7 years old.

  2. If the color of the pigmented spots gradually turns to brown, especially when there are a large number, and the range is large, you should take your baby to the hospital regularly to prevent cerebral nodular sclerosis, a disease in the neurocutaneous syndrome.
  Third, skin peeling newborn baby, the cuticle of the skin’s top surface is thin, the connection between the epidermis and the dermis is not very tight.

As a result, their ankles, soles, and wrists often have dry, rough skin and peeling.

In general, this phenomenon is most severe a week after birth and then gradually decreases.

  Mummy responds properly: 1. Do not wash the water at too high a temperature, or it will aggravate dry or peeling skin.

  2. Do not use baby soap or other cleaning supplies excessively when cleaning, this will also make peeling worse.

  3. When the baby is peeling, do not rub the dander with towels or hands.

These dander should be reduced naturally to prevent skin damage, infection and even sepsis.

  4. If you want your baby’s skin to be more moisturized, you should first consult a doctor and use a safe and mild baby-specific moisturizing skin care product under the guidance of the doctor.

  Fourth, the baby born with small blood spots on the skin, sometimes crying suddenly, suffocating during hypoxia, or the fetal head is rubbed during surgery, may cause some bleeding points on the skin.

Seeing such a bleeding point, Mummy often mistakenly had problems with the baby’s blood, and was very anxious.

  This phenomenon has nothing to do with hematological diseases. It is the increased permeability of the blood vessel wall, and a small amount of subcutaneous bleeding caused by external forces pressing the rupture of the capillaries.

  Mummy responds properly: 1. The bleeding point on the skin does not need to be applied with any medication, and it will subside after a few days.

  2. If the bleeding point does not shrink or continue to increase, ask the doctor to further check platelets, except for blood and infectious diseases.

  Fifth, the skin turns yellow. The skin of newborn babies will turn yellow to varying degrees. This is a normal physiological phenomenon called neonatal physical jaundice.

This phenomenon often occurs 2-3 days after the baby is born. It manifests as pale yellow skin, yellowish white eyes, slightly yellow urine but no yellow diapers, but the baby is strong in feeding, his limbs are good, and his cry is loud.

7-9 days after birth, the yellow ends of the skin gradually subsided.

  The occurrence of physiological jaundice is caused by the spontaneous breathing established by the newborn baby.

Spontaneous breathing increases the oxygen concentration in the blood, so excess red blood cells in the body are destroyed and broken down into bilirubin, which increases the metabolically bound bilirubin in the blood.

But the baby’s liver development is still immature, and the increased bilirubin in the blood cannot be processed immediately, so bilirubin has to be deposited on the skin, making the skin yellow.

  Mummy responds properly: 1. Babies born at full term do not need any special treatment, and will gradually subside after a few days.

  2. If skin yellowing occurs 3 days after birth, but does not resolve after 10 days; or it reappears after resolving, or jaundice significantly worsens, you should go to the hospital for treatment in time.  3, if the baby is premature, jaundice should be carefully observed, if necessary, go to the hospital for phototherapy and medication.

  Six, yellow and white rash on the skin Many moms will find that their newborn baby, nose tip, nose wing or small shells, are covered with small yellow and white rashes.The result of hormonal action.

Although babies are born, androgen that can be derived from the mother still makes their sebaceous glands secretive.

  Mummy responds properly: 1. Generally speaking, this yellow-white miliary rash will be absorbed by the baby 4-6 months after birth.

Do not squeeze it manually to avoid local infection.

  2. Do not apply drugs to the rash at will, so as not to cause adverse reactions.

  Seven, when the baby has red plaques on the skin, some red plaques can be seen on the delicate skin, especially when the baby is crying, the red plaques will be more obvious.

These red plaques are hemangiomas, which occur more frequently on the baby’s face, neck, and occipital region, but not above the skin.

  Mummy responds correctly: 1. Do not allow the red plaque surface to be stimulated by friction, etc., to avoid bruising and bacterial infection.

  2. If the hemangioma suddenly grows quickly in a short period of time, you should go to the hospital as soon as possible.

  3. If the baby has erythema and is accompanied by smoking or mental retardation, he should go to the hospital as soon as possible to check whether he has a cerebral hemangioma.

  Eight, the skin has a milky substance. At birth, the baby will carry a thin layer of milky oil on the skin, and some people will quickly wipe it off.

In fact, this thin layer of oil is fetal fat, which is formed by secretions of sebaceous glands and replaced epidermal cells.

Fetal fat protects their skin from the infiltration of amniotic fluid when the fetus is inside the mummy.

When the baby is born, the fetal fat completely protects the skin. If the ambient temperature is low and the baby’s body parts are scattered around, the body temperature is kept constant.

  Mummy responds properly: 1. Generally, fetal fat is absorbed by the baby 1-2 days after birth, and Mummy does not have to wipe it off.

  2. When the fetal fat is absorbed, you can bathe the baby, but gently scrub the skin.

  Nine, marble patterns appear on the skin The skin of the baby’s body often appears like marble, with blue flowers and stripes, especially when the temperature is low. I wonder why?

  Under normal circumstances, many small vascular plexuses are distributed deep in the human skin to regulate temperature changes.

Therefore, these vascular networks are very sensitive to temperature.

When the ambient temperature decreases, the vascular plexus shrinks, the lumen becomes smaller, and blood flow becomes slower, causing some blood to stay in the superficial venous plexus.

Due to the increased oxygen content in the venous blood, the blood is darkened and bluish.

Since the baby’s skin is very thin, the skin looks like marble with dark blue flowers and stripes.

  Mummy responds properly: 1. If it appears due to cold body, don’t worry, just keep warm.

  2, when there are certain diseases in the baby’s body, this flower stripes can also appear.

Therefore, after excluding the cold condition of the skin, if the pattern still does not disappear, you should take your baby to the doctor for further examination.


Rescue the “hole” of a woman after 25 years old!

Since the 25th birthday, AMY is a little embarrassed, afraid of losing her job, afraid of falling in love, of course, the most afraid of aging, youth is no longer.
Finally look forward to the weekend and enjoy the good leisure of a person.
After waking up naturally, check the morning on the weekend as usual to check your skin and figure.
I do n’t know, I was shocked. Just four weeks after my birthday, the pores on my cheeks were gradually showing.
AMY was shocked and hurried to call Su San.
  Saying that Su San is a maintenance expert of the AMY girlfriends circle, Fang Ling is over 28 years old, because she has been implementing different ages to formulate different skin care themes. Her skin is smooth, shiny and elastic, no pores, no rough, only young, envy everyone.
  After listening to AMY’s horror report, Su San said slowly: Why there are so few beautiful women in the world, because most women only wait for the situation to happen before they seek a solution, and they do n’t know the concept of prevention in advance.
Look, your pores have opened your mouth one by one, of course, it is related to age. At 25 years old, you can still drip tender, but over time, the skin begins to age, new cell formation slows down, and the surface cell arrangement becomes irregular., The pores become more and more obvious, and the skin is getting rougher.
Therefore, with large pores and rough skin, it is not just that everyone can control oil.
I concluded that there are four main reasons for the large pores and rough skin: First: skin is slack and aging years are not forgiving!
As we grow older, the skin’s new cell strength weakens, the production of essential substances such as collagen, elastin fibers, etc. decreases, and the skin slowly ceases to tighten, so that the pores will naturally no longer tighten and appear on your face.That “raindrop-shaped” pore.
Therefore, a lotion that helps the skin’s epidermis to maintain renewal frequency and help reduce pores is very important.
  Second: keratin metabolism is slow. As we all know, if you do not clean for a long time, the accumulation of dust is easy to breed bacteria and cause diseases.
The reason for the skin is that as you age, the skin slowly ages, and the keratin metabolism on the face will also slow down.
If you do not clean it for a long time, the old keratin will clog your pores, and the pores will naturally be gradually enlarged in the long run.
Therefore, a high-quality cleansing pore that can effectively remove aging cuticles is necessary!
  Third: Water shortage and dryness: There is a saying, “A woman is made of water.” This is an absolute maxim.
When we get older and the skin on the face begins to lack moisture due to aging, the epidermal cells will shrink, forming uneven skin surfaces, and pores and wrinkles will become more obvious. Therefore, moisturizing the skin is very important.of.
If you want to keep your youth and keep the skin delicate before 25 years old, it is impossible to do the moisturizing work.
  Fourth: Excessive pressure caused by oil secretion. Don’t think that you are not oily skin, the facial skin will not produce abnormal oil.
Women between the ages of 25 and 30 can easily stimulate abnormal oil production due to stress and environmental factors.
In order to expel more oil, the pores will gradually become larger and noticeable; and because the sebum secretion is particularly strong, excess sebum will accumulate on the pores and form acne, which will cause pores to become blocked and make the pores larger . In this case, simply use oil-control productsA bit useful, but it is difficult to solve the underlying problem.
  With so many years of skin care experience by Su San, once the pores are enlarged and the skin is rough, it means that it will soon enter the long-term anti-aging battle.
So AMY, for those of us who are over 25 years old, the psychological age can remain infinitely young, but the skin age must be taken seriously.
  Today you found it early, thank you and hurry up and improve.
It’s not terrible to have skin problems, and it’s enough to respond positively.
Believe me, if the anti-aging work is done well, the enlarged pores will definitely improve and the skin will return to tenderness.
Will definitely achieve “no pores, only young.”

Radish stewed sirloin tonic

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Radish stewed sirloin tonic

In winter, some people are prone to the symptoms of constipation due to fire. This part of the population is mainly yin deficiency. It is more prone to yin deficiency caused by yin deficiency, which causes dry stools and difficult discharge.

As the saying goes, “eat radish in winter and ginger in summer”, today I recommend everyone to have a delicious winter soup, which not only supplements and replenishes, but also can promote bowel and laxative.

Ingredients for stewed burdock of radish: 250 grams of beef tendon, 250 grams of burdock, 500 grams of white radish, 4 slices of fragrant leaves, 1 amount of coriander, 1 star anise, cooking wine, soy sauce, salt, waterSoak and wash in water and cut into small pieces for later use. Wash and peel the white radish and cut into hob pieces. Wash and chop the coriander. Rinse the fragrant leaves and star anise with water.Add half of the pot of water, add the fragrant leaves, stew the cooking wine to five minutes, then pour the sirloin until it is nine minutes ripe, and then add the white radish pieces, and simmer until the radish is rotten;Put a small spoonful of raw dung, then add an appropriate amount of salt to season, and finally sprinkle the coriander leaves to serve.

First, eat radishes in winter and ginger in summer, without doctor’s prescription. White radish has a wide range of applications in the diet and traditional Chinese medicine. The saying goes, “Eating radish in winter and ginger in summer, without doctor’s prescription.” It is white radish.

Its color is white, belongs to the gold, enters the lungs, is sexual Ganpingxin, returns to the lung and spleen meridian, and has the effects of lowering qi, digestion, eliminating diseases and moistening the lungs, detoxifying and promoting fluids, diuretic and laxative.

Indications Lung dysentery, lung heat, constipation, vomiting blood, flatulence, stagnation of food, indigestion, sputum, and impotence.

Modern research believes that white radish contains mustard oil, amylase and crude fiber, which can promote digestion, enhance appetite, restore the body’s peristalsis, and relieve cough and phlegm.

In addition to vitamins, the supplementary fiber content of white radish is very considerable, especially the plant fiber contained in the leaves is more abundant.

These plant fibers can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, eliminate constipation, and trigger detoxification, thereby improving skin roughness and acne.

However, radish-like cold and intestines, spleen deficiency and diarrhea are cautious or less, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, chronic gastritis, simple goiter, threatened abortion, uterine prolapse and other patients should not eat.

Second, the traditional Chinese medicine of the motherland is divided into constipation and constipation. Traditional constipation can be divided into heat constipation and qi constipation. Deficiency constipation can be divided into qi constipation and blood constipation., Yin deficiency, Yang deficiency, etc., different types of constipation also have different symptoms of constipation.

In Deficiency, Qi Deficiency is characterized by difficulty in bowel movements, but hard sweating, shortness of breath, and fatigue after defecation; Yang Deficiency is mainly manifested as dry or dry stools, difficulty in drainage, and cold pain in the abdomen.

The two types of people should eat foods that have smoothing effects, such as bergamot, radish, almonds, mustard, oranges, etc .; eat more spleen, Qi, and intestinal foods, such as yam, lentils, figs, walnuts, taro, etc.
Porridge with carrot, atractylodes and sweet potato is not only a sweet and delicious meal, but also a good product for nourishing qi and intestines.