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Healthy sleep: Sleep twice a day

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Healthy sleep: Sleep twice a day

Researchers also said that the length of sleep varies from person to person, and “sleep in stages” is in line with “as long as it can eliminate fatigue and restore vitality.

People’s sleep is rhythmic. The first half of sleep is mostly deep sleep, and the second half is mostly light sleep.

In the case of long-term sleep, deep sleep does not increase, but only prolongs the duration of light sleep.

Therefore, American researchers have found that dividing a day’s sleep into two sessions: once at noon and once at night is good for human health.

  Researchers also said that the length of sleep varies from person to person, and “sleep in stages” is in line with “as long as it can eliminate fatigue and restore vitality.

Seven stages of yoga practice

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Seven stages of yoga practice

Ethics: Morality is paramount.

No morality can be practiced without morality.

It must be guided by virtue, the mother of success, and the source of merit.

The basic content of yoga morals: non-violent, real, non-stealing, abstinence, and desirelessness.

This is the ethics that yoga requires first of all.

  Internal and external purification: External purification is the correct behavior habit, and strive to beautify the surrounding environment; internal purification is the eradication of six vices: desire, anger, greed, madness, obsession, malice, jealousy.

  Posture method: It is a posture exercise, which can purify the body, protect the body, and treat the limbs.

There are countless types of asanas. They have good effects on muscles, digestive organs, glands, nervous system and other tissues of the body.

Not only improve physical fitness, but also improve mental quality, so that physical and mental balance.

  Breathing method: It means consciously prolong the time of inhaling, holding your breath, and exhaling.

Inhaling is the action of receiving cosmic energy, holding your breath to activate cosmic energy, exhaling is to eliminate all thoughts and emotions, and at the same time exclude exhaust gas and turbid air from the body, so as to stabilize the body.

  Controlling the feeling of spirit: At any time, the spirit is in two opposite contradictory activities. Desire and affection are entangled, followed by activities related to self.

Controlling mental feelings is to suppress desire and calm down feelings.

Concentrate on one point or thing, so that you can be calm and peaceful.

  Meditation, static state: It is difficult to describe only by combining experience with actual experience.

  Perseverance enters a state of “forgetfulness”: that is, unaware of one’s physical breathing, self-spirit and intellectual existence.

Has entered an infinitely vast and peaceful world.

  The combination of the above seven stages is yoga.

  The seven stages are implemented in four steps.

  Stages 1 and 2 are the ideological foundation and ideological preparation.

  The third and fourth stages are physical training, through various posture training to achieve the purpose of getting rid of illness and strengthening.

  In stages 5 and 6, preliminary meditation practice is performed.

  The last stage is the high-level practice, meditation, and static phase.

Clockwise massage abdominal bones constipation

Recently, Australian researchers have found that long-term constipation in the elderly is the culprit leading to decreased intelligence, and about 80% of elderly constipation suffer from dementia.

Researchers say that the bacteria inside the human body can break down undigested proteins into toxic substances. If the elderly are constipated, when the toxic substances accumulate beyond the liver’s detoxification capacity, it will enter the brain through blood circulation, damage the central nervous system, and catalyze the elderlyAlzheimer’s occurs.

  So, how can the elderly reduce the harm caused by constipation?

Expert introduction: develop the habit of regular bowel movements every day; eat more crude fiber food.

Such as vegetables, fruits, and coarse grains; drink 2000-5000 ml of water a day, drink a large glass of water on an empty stomach in the morning before moving; strengthen abdominal exercises.

Experts from Nagoya University in Japan also suggested that when bathing, massage the abdomen in the clockwise direction with the palm of your hand, and at the same time breathe in the belly with a blast, and pressurize the abdomen to treat chronic constipation.

Nine types of skin problems for newborn babies need to be careful

When a baby is born, his skin is often unpredictable.

Sometimes the skin on the small hands and feet may suddenly become thick and dry and begin to peel.

This often causes the new mommy to panic and panic. I don’t know what happened to the baby!

In fact, these changes in baby confinement are mainly temporary physiological changes, and Mommy need not panic.

With proper care, the baby will have no problems.

  First, erythema appears on the skin. When the baby is born, the stratum corneum on the skin surface is not fully formed, the dermis is thin, there is less fibrous tissue, and the capillary network develops well.

Therefore, some slight irritation, such as clothing, drugs, etc., often occur. Baby’s skin is congested, and it appears as polymorphous erythema of varying sizes and unclear edges.

However, most of these erythema are on the baby’s head, face, torso, and limbs, and they do not necessarily make the baby feel uncomfortable.

  Mummy’s proper coping method: 1. This erythema is a normal physiological change and does not require treatment. It usually subsides within 1-2 days, and Mummy need not worry.

  2. Mummy should never apply drugs or other things casually. The baby’s skin and blood vessels are very rich, and the absorption and permeability are also very strong.

Incorrect handling can cause contact dermatitis, which can be cumbersome.

  Second, pigmented spots appear on the skin Baby pigmented plaques appear on the baby’s skin, Mummy will be very anxious.

In fact, this is a birthmark, but many moms do not know this well, often mistakenly think that it is caused by injuries during delivery, or mistakenly think that the baby was injured by someone else.

  Pigment spots are pigment spots formed by the accumulation of deep pigment cells in the skin, often appearing between the small butt and the waist; or on the tail and back of the palate.

The appearance is cyan or blue-gray, blue-green spots, the patches may be only a large piece, or there may be several pieces, the shape is irregular, irregular, most of the Oriental people say that they will have this pigmentation at birth.

  Mummy’s proper coping method: 1. In general, there is no need for treatment. Plaques will change and the baby’s age will gradually fade, and it will gradually disappear before about 7 years old.

  2. If the color of the pigmented spots gradually turns to brown, especially when there are a large number, and the range is large, you should take your baby to the hospital regularly to prevent cerebral nodular sclerosis, a disease in the neurocutaneous syndrome.
  Third, skin peeling newborn baby, the cuticle of the skin’s top surface is thin, the connection between the epidermis and the dermis is not very tight.

As a result, their ankles, soles, and wrists often have dry, rough skin and peeling.

In general, this phenomenon is most severe a week after birth and then gradually decreases.

  Mummy responds properly: 1. Do not wash the water at too high a temperature, or it will aggravate dry or peeling skin.

  2. Do not use baby soap or other cleaning supplies excessively when cleaning, this will also make peeling worse.

  3. When the baby is peeling, do not rub the dander with towels or hands.

These dander should be reduced naturally to prevent skin damage, infection and even sepsis.

  4. If you want your baby’s skin to be more moisturized, you should first consult a doctor and use a safe and mild baby-specific moisturizing skin care product under the guidance of the doctor.

  Fourth, the baby born with small blood spots on the skin, sometimes crying suddenly, suffocating during hypoxia, or the fetal head is rubbed during surgery, may cause some bleeding points on the skin.

Seeing such a bleeding point, Mummy often mistakenly had problems with the baby’s blood, and was very anxious.

  This phenomenon has nothing to do with hematological diseases. It is the increased permeability of the blood vessel wall, and a small amount of subcutaneous bleeding caused by external forces pressing the rupture of the capillaries.

  Mummy responds properly: 1. The bleeding point on the skin does not need to be applied with any medication, and it will subside after a few days.

  2. If the bleeding point does not shrink or continue to increase, ask the doctor to further check platelets, except for blood and infectious diseases.

  Fifth, the skin turns yellow. The skin of newborn babies will turn yellow to varying degrees. This is a normal physiological phenomenon called neonatal physical jaundice.

This phenomenon often occurs 2-3 days after the baby is born. It manifests as pale yellow skin, yellowish white eyes, slightly yellow urine but no yellow diapers, but the baby is strong in feeding, his limbs are good, and his cry is loud.

7-9 days after birth, the yellow ends of the skin gradually subsided.

  The occurrence of physiological jaundice is caused by the spontaneous breathing established by the newborn baby.

Spontaneous breathing increases the oxygen concentration in the blood, so excess red blood cells in the body are destroyed and broken down into bilirubin, which increases the metabolically bound bilirubin in the blood.

But the baby’s liver development is still immature, and the increased bilirubin in the blood cannot be processed immediately, so bilirubin has to be deposited on the skin, making the skin yellow.

  Mummy responds properly: 1. Babies born at full term do not need any special treatment, and will gradually subside after a few days.

  2. If skin yellowing occurs 3 days after birth, but does not resolve after 10 days; or it reappears after resolving, or jaundice significantly worsens, you should go to the hospital for treatment in time.  3, if the baby is premature, jaundice should be carefully observed, if necessary, go to the hospital for phototherapy and medication.

  Six, yellow and white rash on the skin Many moms will find that their newborn baby, nose tip, nose wing or small shells, are covered with small yellow and white rashes.The result of hormonal action.

Although babies are born, androgen that can be derived from the mother still makes their sebaceous glands secretive.

  Mummy responds properly: 1. Generally speaking, this yellow-white miliary rash will be absorbed by the baby 4-6 months after birth.

Do not squeeze it manually to avoid local infection.

  2. Do not apply drugs to the rash at will, so as not to cause adverse reactions.

  Seven, when the baby has red plaques on the skin, some red plaques can be seen on the delicate skin, especially when the baby is crying, the red plaques will be more obvious.

These red plaques are hemangiomas, which occur more frequently on the baby’s face, neck, and occipital region, but not above the skin.

  Mummy responds correctly: 1. Do not allow the red plaque surface to be stimulated by friction, etc., to avoid bruising and bacterial infection.

  2. If the hemangioma suddenly grows quickly in a short period of time, you should go to the hospital as soon as possible.

  3. If the baby has erythema and is accompanied by smoking or mental retardation, he should go to the hospital as soon as possible to check whether he has a cerebral hemangioma.

  Eight, the skin has a milky substance. At birth, the baby will carry a thin layer of milky oil on the skin, and some people will quickly wipe it off.

In fact, this thin layer of oil is fetal fat, which is formed by secretions of sebaceous glands and replaced epidermal cells.

Fetal fat protects their skin from the infiltration of amniotic fluid when the fetus is inside the mummy.

When the baby is born, the fetal fat completely protects the skin. If the ambient temperature is low and the baby’s body parts are scattered around, the body temperature is kept constant.

  Mummy responds properly: 1. Generally, fetal fat is absorbed by the baby 1-2 days after birth, and Mummy does not have to wipe it off.

  2. When the fetal fat is absorbed, you can bathe the baby, but gently scrub the skin.

  Nine, marble patterns appear on the skin The skin of the baby’s body often appears like marble, with blue flowers and stripes, especially when the temperature is low. I wonder why?

  Under normal circumstances, many small vascular plexuses are distributed deep in the human skin to regulate temperature changes.

Therefore, these vascular networks are very sensitive to temperature.

When the ambient temperature decreases, the vascular plexus shrinks, the lumen becomes smaller, and blood flow becomes slower, causing some blood to stay in the superficial venous plexus.

Due to the increased oxygen content in the venous blood, the blood is darkened and bluish.

Since the baby’s skin is very thin, the skin looks like marble with dark blue flowers and stripes.

  Mummy responds properly: 1. If it appears due to cold body, don’t worry, just keep warm.

  2, when there are certain diseases in the baby’s body, this flower stripes can also appear.

Therefore, after excluding the cold condition of the skin, if the pattern still does not disappear, you should take your baby to the doctor for further examination.

Diet to make your teeth healthier

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Diet to make your teeth healthier

The hardness of food is closely related to dental disease.

Swiss people like to eat hard and dark foods, and they think it will help the teeth.

Residents of some parts of Japan eat a hard food called “mirror cake” in the first three days of the new year, praying for strong teeth and a long life.

It is said that this is a custom left over from ancient times.

Professor of Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Japan, confirmed this view through animal experiments.

  Laboratory staff fed one monkey a harder feed and two monkeys a softer feed, and observed the results three weeks later.

It was found that the tartar of monkeys eating soft feed was twice that of monkeys eating hard feed; the incidence of gingivitis was also nearly doubled.

The conclusion may be that eating soft food for a long time, increasing the dirt on the teeth, and causing dental ulcers and broken teeth.

  Therefore, eat more hard foods such as corn, rice, sorghum rice, beef, dog meat, kelp, laver, etc. and some nuts, such as acorn, sunflower seeds, walnuts, etc.

  First, solid-toothed food for external use: 1. Drinking tea with strong teeth (Su Shi’s “Say of Tea”) with black tea, green tea (Oolong tea, “Tieguanyin”), etc., make tea 1?
2 cups, drink tea and gargle with tea. Modern research has found that tea contains fluorine and has the effect of preventing dental caries. Therefore, drinking tea and rinsing with tea often has the effect of solidifying and firming teeth.

It has the effect of removing interdental residue and tartar and preventing dental caries.

  2. Fangya Gugufang (“Su Dongpo Qiuchi Notes”) take a double layer of gauze and wrap it with turpentine, “boil in boiling water”.

Take the turpentine floating on the surface of the water, put it in cold water, and after condensing into pieces, remove the grind, and mix it into white Poria powder.

You can gargle with regular teeth or brush your teeth on a toothbrush every day.

Efficacy: Solid teeth and firm teeth.

It is suitable for those with vacillated teeth and aging face.

  Second, the oral formula of cleansing teeth: White tooth square (“Chi Jian Materia Medica”) lettuce (lettuce, lettuce) is not boiled, mixed with alternative salt, eat raw chew.

Consuming it often can be “shockingly white.”

Efficacy White Teeth.

Remove tartar.

Suitable for yellow scale teeth, smoked teeth black, etc.

  Prescriptions for external use: 1. Clean teeth and mouthwash recipe (Su Dongpo’s “Tea Talk”). Tea leaves (all kinds of tea can be used) are brewed with boiling water. Rinse mouth with thick tea after meals.It relieves greasy mouths and keeps the mouth clean. The famous doctor Li Shizhen said that tea gargles.

“Therefore, gargle with tea juice has the effect of removing greasy, refreshing, and removing crevices.

Suitable for dirty tongue.

  2. Tooth powder (“Shiquan Fang”) is made with pork saponin, salt and other equal parts, and sealed in porcelain bottles for future use.

Brush your toothbrush with salt soap powder daily and in the morning and evening.

Effectiveness Cleans teeth and prevents dental caries.

Suitable for dirty tongue.
  3. Almond toothpaste (“Taiping Shenghui Fang”) was fried with 20 grams of salt, and 50 grams of almond soup was soaked with the skin tip and salt and ground into a paste.

Originally used as toothpaste to brush your teeth, it can be black, yellow and white.

  4. Fresh saline (“Qianjinfang”) gargle with 20% saline, several times a day: usually in the morning and at night, brush your teeth with a toothbrush soaked in salt, you can clean your mouth, teeth white, and prevent oral diseases.

Efficacy Detoxification, cooling blood, cleaning teeth.

Suitable for bleeding gums, swelling, and usually cleaning the mouth of teeth.

  Third, dental caries, also known as “worm teeth”. After a part of the tooth is corroded, the dentin is evacuated and decalcified. When chewing, the caries tissue collapses, and worm-like caries appear.

“The occurrence of dental caries is related to diet and nutrition.

Without paying attention to oral hygiene, residues left in the mouth will create conditions for bacterial activity, which will cause tooth corrosion and damage.

In particular, after the sweet food is decomposed, the substances produced cover the teeth, forming caries, and then by the action of bacteria, acid is generated, which first corrodes dentin and then damages dentin.
In addition, if there is a lack of calcium in the diet, causing a lack of calcium in the body, or a calcium deficiency caused by malabsorption, it will affect the firmness of the teeth.
Teeth can become loose due to calcium deficiency and form dental caries.

And because vitamin D can help the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, vitamin A can increase the antibacterial ability of the gums of the gums, so we must pay attention to ensure supply from the dose.

Fluoride is indispensable. Once it is lacking, it can also lead to dental caries.

  Eat more foods rich in vitamin D, calcium, and vitamin A in your diet, such as milk, liver, eggs, meat, fish, tofu, shrimp skin, pineapple, carrots, sweet potatoes, green peppers, hawthorn, olives, persimmons, sand fruit, etc.
Foods containing fluorine free radicals include fish, shrimp, kelp, jellyfish, etc.

  Topical formula for external use: 1. Gray polyester caries (“Compendium of Materia Medica”) gray polyester dishes (also known as ash, golden lock) burned ash from the stems and leaves.

Efficacy Filling caries holes to relieve pain.

Suitable for tooth decay pain.

  2. Leek tea root mud (“Qianjinfang”) use 10 leek roots, 20 Sichuan peppers, and sesame oil, which is mashed like mud and cut on the side of the affected tooth.

It is said that “it can be cured several times”.

Suitable for tooth decay pain.
  3. Eggplant formula (“Mai Fang Fang”) candel flower, dried ash burned, painted on the pain; or mashed with eggplant root, frequently painted: or mixed with burnt ash of eggplant, or asparagus ashEqually, add to caries.

Above all use yellow eggplant (yellow skin color).

Allegedly “effective”.

Efficacy stops caries and toothache.

For dental caries.

  4. Coix kernel eustoma powder (“Yong class formula”) Coix kernel and eustoma root are ground, and the caries hole is taken to take it.

Treatment of dental caries.

Obesity becomes a hurdle for couple life

Obese reduction in masculinity in men According to measurements, most obese men have lower plasma ketones and higher estrogen (more than twice as much as normal men).

The reason is that the amount of feces in the body increases the secretion of supplemental androgen to convert to estrogen, and also suppresses the reduction of gonadotropin secretion of the human body, which reduces the secretion of insulin pills and ketones, which can sharply reduce male masculinity and sexual functionDecreasing to varying degrees, each direction will go “downhill.”

  In addition, those with high blood pressure are susceptible to hypertension, diabetes, hypertension, etc. These diseases can affect sexual function itself, leading to decreased sexual desire and impotence, especially certain drugs for treating hypertension can cause decline in sexual function.

Obese people are generally reluctant to move, drowsiness, easily tired, a little exercise will feel panic and shortness of breath, directly lead to decreased sexual performance.

Therefore, if men want to retain their charm permanently, they must first have a strong physique.

  Obesity causes low sexual desire in women. Female obese people generally have low sexual desire, and the reason is also related to low androgen levels in the body.

In addition, hypertension has a significant effect on ovarian function, including abnormal follicular development, ovulation disorders, and dysplasia.

The ovaries are called “female charm and reproductive fountains”, and their failure can significantly affect the menstrual cycle, sexual function and reproductive ability.

Some obese women with abnormal menstruation (amenorrhea, rare menstruation, irregular menstruation, etc.) will naturally have sexual dysfunction (loss of sexual desire, lack of sex, and even sexual aversion).

  Obesity causes difficulty in sexual life. Some obese people, due to inconvenience of movement, especially the abdominal wall, slightly overly thick thighs, cause certain difficulties in sexual life.

Excessive weight pressure makes the other person unbearable, and it is also some factors that affect sexual activity and sexual desire.

Experts believe that slightly overweight men and women will not cause trouble in sex life, and will even increase their attractiveness. However, if they are super obese, they still need to lose weight for health and harmony of husband and wife.

  Weight loss makes people significantly angry. Obese people must not be discouraged. Weight loss can cause “reversal” of sexual function. For example, after obese men effectively lose weight, the “inversion” of the original estrogen and androgen in the body may be reversed.Sexual function can return to normal; female obese people control their diet and insist on exercise, which is not only healthy, but also rejuvenates youth.

  For obese people, losing weight is important, but be sure to implement a distance-loss program.

At this time, the spouse’s active cooperation and encouragement are also important.

Only by being properly familiar with and understanding the above factors, the various problems existing in fat people’s sexual life can we get a better solution.

6 tips for using sunscreen

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6 tips for using sunscreen

You may not know that the use of sunscreen can not achieve the purpose of sun protection.

Inflammation 1.
Pay attention to the following aspects when using sunscreen in the summer:

Choose sunscreen according to the nature of your skin: Sunscreen cosmetics should be used to avoid skin irritation. Before using some new products, it is best to try it on the back of your hands or arms or at the base of your ears. After 24 hours, no allergic reaction can occuruse.

Choose a sunscreen with the appropriate coefficient: the longer the SPF value, the longer the sun protection time.

The SPF value, which is the sun protection factor. Generally, the skin of yellow people can withstand the sun for 15 minutes without being burned. Then, using SPF15 UV protection products will have a sun protection time of about 225 minutes (15 minutes × SPF15).

Daily care, go shopping, choose SPF5-8 sunscreen products for shopping, and use SPF10-15 sunscreen products for shopping.

Use SPF20-30 waterproof sunscreen when swimming or sunbathing.


Appropriate use time: sunscreen should not be used before applying makeup, nor should it be applied before going out.

Sunscreens, like normal skincare products, take a certain amount of time to be absorbed by the skin, so apply sunscreen 10-20 minutes before going out, and 30 minutes before going to the beach.


The amount used should be sufficient: usually the sunscreen absorbs 2mm per square centimeter on the skin to achieve the sun protection effect it should have.

And the SPF value cannot be added up. Two layers of SPF10 sunscreen have only one layer of SPF10 protection effect.


Do not mix sunscreens of different brands: Mixing them increases the possibility of skin irritation.

The ingredients of each brand of sunscreen are separated. If they are mixed and overlapped on the skin, they may cause the ingredients to interfere with each other or interfere with each other, reduce the sunscreen effect, and even cause skin irritation.


Do not reduce the effect due to improper storage: if exposed to heat or direct sunlight for a long time, the effect of sunscreen may be reduced.

Deteriorating sunscreen cosmetics should not be used, as it not only reduces sun protection, but may even irritate the skin.

Expert: Causes of Your Dry Skin

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Expert: Causes of Your Dry Skin

Dry skin problems can make you feel uncomfortable and even frantic.

You will feel tight skin with pain, it will look dry, or red or you want to place it.

The most unbearable victim is itching-the kind of itch that people can’t bear, which makes people feel like they are covered with fleas, they can’t sleep all night, and they can only scratch it.

  ”Skin dryness is a fairly common phenomenon.

“Said Dr. Barney Kenet, a dermatologist from Presbyterian Church Hospital in New York and Wilconer Medical Center.

“In the United States, approximately 100 million people have dry and itchy skin problems.

“Experts point out that if the itch is not severe, dry skin is just a superficial problem.

  ”Intact, healthy skin is the body’s first protective wall against infection.

“Said Dr. Claude Burton, a professor of dermatology at Duke University School of Medicine.

“If your skin becomes very dry and cracked, it is equivalent to opening up a passage for all kinds of dirty bacteria to enter your body.

This will lead to more serious problems.

“So, what causes this phenomenon?

  First, let’s start with skin basics to understand dry skin.

  Normal, healthy skin is covered with a thin layer of natural oils or traces of substances that retain moisture and keep the skin soft.

Usually it’s something you do to the skin, some remove these oils and make the skin lose protection.

There are other reasons that are inherent, such as health conditions or hereditary, and susceptible constitutions can make your skin dry.

  Dry, itchy skin can appear on any part of the body. The most common parts are the arms, hands, calves and abdomen.

Dry skin is usually felt but not noticeable.

However, it is obvious and embarrassing for some people.

  Dry skin, if left untreated, can sometimes turn into dermatitis, redness, and infection.

Most of the causes of dry skin are external, and the methods for treating dry skin are also external.

As long as you take care of your dry skin, these problems are usually solved.

  Some people think that dry skin is caused by weather. In fact, there are many causes of dry skin in life: the wrong use of moisturizers is a very important part of care for dry skin.The biggest mistake I made was to use a moisturizing cream on already dry skin. At this time, it will not work. The correct way is to apply the moisturizing cream when the skin is still wet.

  Prolonged exposure to hot water baths, especially when exposed to water, especially hot water, will wash away the natural oils that protect the skin.

If you feel skin tight after taking a shower, then your skin is very dry.

The correct approach is: First, choose a shower rather than a bath.

The bath water does not have to be cold, but it should be warm water instead of hot water.

Kenet, the author of “How to Clean Your Face,” suggests that you should not rub the water on your body vigorously. Instead, use a towel to gently pat dry, and then apply moisturizer immediately.

In any case, do not use any very rough tools to clean the body.

People like to rub their skin with a bath towel and brush, which is not a good way.

  One of the important reasons for people with dry skin diseases is to use soap.

“Said Dr. Claude Burton, a professor of dermatology at Duke University School of Medicine.
“Soaps quickly wash away the natural oils that protect our skin.

For dry skin care, choose a mild, ‘natural fragrance’ soap.

Kenet said.

Although doctors always tell us to wash our hands frequently, excessive hand washing can dry out our skin and cause cracks, which can lead to bleeding and increase the chance of infection.

  Amazing clothing Kenai said that many people stubbornly wear out even knowing that their clothes can make people itch.

This can make the body more itchy, as skin inflammation can cause dry skin, and dry skin can become extremely sensitive when it comes in contact with irritating things.Wear clothing that is comfortable the first time you wear it, and make sure it is not too tight.

  Certain drugs Many drugs have alternatives that make the skin dry.

For example: diuretics to treat hypertension; antihistamines to treat allergies; vitamin A to treat acne and other skin diseases.

If you have dry skin problems after using a medication, you need to tell your doctor in time.

The doctor will change the solution by changing the dosage or changing the treatment.

  For some people, no matter how old they are, the cause of the disease is completely dry skin.

Eczema and psoriasis: These all require direct treatment. Use moisturizers with caution.

Diabetes: Fluctuations in glucose levels can cause dehydration, and that weight skin becomes dry.

Dry skin will slow the recovery of diabetes and increase the risk of infection, so it is extremely important for people with this condition to ensure skin health.

Hypothyroidism: Low levels of thyroid hormones reduce the amount of oil secreted from the skin, making the skin dry and rough, and often do not work with moisturizers.

  Sometimes, direct treatment of underlying diseases can solve the problem of dry skin.

But in other cases, you may still need to follow the basic methods of dry skin care mentioned above and consult your doctor for advice.

Seven prepare to live together more happily

1. The relationship may be “faded” Now that you have become “family partners”, everything will be different from before. Please recognize this immediately.

“Cohabitation is not as simple as watching TV.” “You can broadcast the channel to a location you like, and switch to the channel when you find it bad.

And what you have to face now is that you have to accept something you don’t like.

“When you pick her up on Saturday night, she may not be as hot to you as before.

Yes, this beautiful woman is still with you, but you must accept the fact that she has just played back from the outside and is still paying attention to her after all, and she can’t care about your affection for her.

  So, before cohabitation, you must have this mental preparation and accept it.

  2. Sexual life will change significantly Not every night you will be intimate and hug together naked.

“Before you live together, you will create any possible opportunities for sex, when you all want to get each other up,” said Logan, a sexologist and columnist. “But once you turn around each other all dayNaturally, the frequency of sexual activity will gradually decrease.

“The way to change this situation is to still make time to have sex as before, but at the same time don’t hope too much anymore, the number of times that will cause your intimacy may be reduced.

“This means you have to accept a process of transformation from the physical to the spiritual: reduce sex and increase emotional communication.

  3. Tolerance of the other party ‘s bad habits has expanded. Now that you are living together, you will gradually discover some of your bad habits.

For example, she likes to snoring while you sleep, and you like to “punch fists” at will.

  ”One of the best solutions is to try to live for a short period of time before you really live together,” Likoff suggested. “During this time, confirm whether you can live a regular life as usual,Find a good feeling, some kind of morning exercise, evening bath.

The point is, no matter how long you live together, when facing unpleasant things that happen in your life, don’t treat them negatively or irritably.

You must refrain yourself from getting angry with each other.

  Whitman said that if you are used to saying, “Why do you always put a briefcase on the floor?

“, Then put it another way,” If you can put away your briefcase, I will be very happy.

“This means that he or she feels helpful to others, rather than doing housework.

  4. Think about your future. Here are two survey numbers on cohabitation.

The annual sociological review report shows that approximately 75% of cohabiting couples say they plan to marry their lover.

In addition, 55% of people who are married now live together first.

But not every pair of lovers living together will go on and on.

“We interviewed a woman who always thought that her boyfriend living with her would marry her,” Whitman recalled, “but she said nothing to her boyfriend when she found out that he didn’t want to marry her at all.She was very sad.

“Whether it’s the case, when you live with your girlfriend, be sure to tell her,” I’m ready to settle down. ”

Unless you have thought about it, cohabitation is not for future marriage. At this time, you must also tell her clearly, otherwise she is likely to think that there will be a wedding diamond ring waiting for her in the near future.

  5. Cohabiting couples who have to deal with problems after marriage Sometimes they have to deal with the problems that married couples have to face.

One of the questions is how to keep you fresh.

Since you are no longer dating, it is crucial to ensure that the excitement and fun in the intercourse are always important.

For couples who are just beginning to live together, don’t rely too much on each other.

  ”Don’t be serious about friends,” Whitman said. “People often make mistakes because they live with one person and don’t care about other friends.

So you must share some of your happy time with others.

6. Housework time is up. Housework sharing is one of the first topics every cohabiting couple should discuss.

There is no “equality” here.

“Nothing is half right,” said Andrew M.D., “if one of you works 50 hours a week and the other 25 hours, the less busy person does more housework.normal.

“Proactively do some chores that you are willing to do without being tired.

Qiao Zhi doesn’t like to wash those small dishes, but unlike others, he doesn’t care about washing pots and pans.

So after each meal, he was responsible for washing the big and stupid utensils, such as pots, and his wife was more happy to pack the small utensils like spoons and chopsticks.

Cooperating with each other like this can do better housework.  7, cohabitation, classmates like me, you can find that the advantages of your girlfriend far outweigh the disadvantages.

For example, she would repair a broken light switch, which is far beyond your ability. You may be better at playing with a plate of flowers and plants to make them bloom more vigorously.

There will be various difficulties in life waiting for you, but in fact no matter what you do, there will be fun as long as you two do it together.

Feeling like each other will be happier for years than simple sex.

  ”People have a misconception about cohabiting men and women that they only cohabit and don’t want to get married at all,” Whitman said.

“I don’t agree with this view. Instead, I think they want to guarantee that they have only one marriage, and they want to confirm that this is the person who is best for him before making a marriage commitment.

Chiang Kai-shek’s health “three treasures”

Author: Tanggui Cheng Source: Inner Mongolia daily life of Chiang Kai-shek married four wives, but also the first leader of the KMT, career and family pressures are certainly many, body is not strong, he was perfectly healthy to live to be eighty years oldAll of this depends on his “health magic.”

Drink more boiled water.

After getting up every morning, Chiang Kai-shek, the first thing is to drink a cup of 30-40 degrees of boiled water. This temperature is similar to human body temperature and is “nutrition water”, which can promote gastrointestinal motility.

Then, drink another cup of boiling water with a slightly higher temperature to wake up the whole body cells.

When going out, the guards will prepare two thermos cups, one cup of water 30-40 degrees, and the other cup of water is slightly warmer.

Chiang Kai-shek did not wait until thirst to know that he drank every 20 minutes, each time alternating with two glasses of water, not much drink, but it is easy to interchange.

This method of drinking water is a popular “water therapy” in the West. The doctor told Chiang Kai-shek and his wife that the benefits of boiled water are pure, that there are no impurities harmful to the human body, and that there is no impurity, which is beneficial to the human body.

Later, Song Meiling also used this method to maintain her appearance.

Moderate diet.

When Chiang Kai-shek was young, he had a good amount of alcohol. But after marrying Song Meiling, under the persuasion of Song, he rarely drank. His favorite food was chicken soup and eggs. Every day, a bowl of chicken soup, an omelette, and thunder could not move.

Chicken soup is warm, can supplement the vital energy, but also warm stomach, very suitable for his lean body.

Although the egg is rich in nutrients, but the cholesterol content is high, so even, it is very preferred, and he never wants to eat more.

In the diet, Chiang Kai-shek knows how to control, often saying: “Let’s eat more,” and think that many diseases are caused by eating too much. This coincides with Mrs. Song Meiling’s point of view.

Both husband and wife eat very little, and mainly vegetarian, fruits and vegetables are a must-have on the table.

Both people like papaya very much, both stomach and white.

Although not eating much, in order to ensure a balanced diet, Chiang Kai-shek proposed the “dish color and” requirements, that is, the table must have black, green, white, yellow, red five colors of food, which was still a very fresh at the time.View.

Take a walk.

Walking is a “compulsory course” for both husband and wife.

After eating the meal every day, take a walk in front of the house, look at the scenery, chat, can not only digest, but also effectively relieve stress, but also enhance the marital relationship.

The benefits of walking are numerous and are recommended by both Chinese and Western medicine. Although everyone is well known at the time, they were able to cause this at the time. It is still very rare.