Liu Xiaoqing is not old maintenance tips, life is very regular and maintains a good attitude

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Liu Xiaoqing is not old maintenance tips, life is very regular and maintains a good attitude

Liu Xiaoqing perfectly interprets the word “reverse growth”. Liu Xiaoqing, born in October 1951, has now had a flower armor, but still has a young woman-like figure. When a wave of actresses are not able to appear.Liu Xiaoqing still plays the stupid gimmick in his twenties at the age of 60. This is inseparable from the good skin care. In fact, no one can be old, but good maintenance habits can make you old.
So how is Liu Xiaoqing maintained?
Liu Xiaoqing has four health tips, let’s take a look at it with Xiaobian.
銆€銆€First, life is very regular.
銆€銆€Liu Xiaoqing dine on time and rest on time.
If it is not an urgent need for the show, she basically does not open a “night train.”
She knows that those who are keen to play mahjong, licking old K, and singing to the dawn of the night are the most likely to prematurely decline.
銆€銆€Second, pay attention to the diet structure.
銆€銆€She never smokes, does not drink alcohol, does not overeating, eats food on time every day, does not greet the mountains and seas, only to be flat and refreshing.
She basically does not eat fat pork.
Because eating too much fat, it is not only easy to cause cardiovascular diseases, but also easily lead to bloated body or produce “beer belly.”
銆€銆€She usually loves to eat fruits and vegetables.
Because of the moisture and cellulose in fruits and vegetables, it can promote digestion, make people’s stomach smooth, and keep people slim.
After she got up in the morning and went to bed at night, she had to drink a cup of boiled water and refused to drink colored drinks.
She believes that boiled water is the most supportive, can prevent the body’s endocrine disorders, drinking water can detoxify beauty.
銆€銆€Liu Xiaoqing likes vegetarian food, mainly eating more vegetarian dishes and eating less meat. Liu Xiaoqing attends banquets for various occasions. She rarely sees her eating meat, and seafood is rarely eaten. It is basically vegetarian.
銆€銆€Liu Xiaoqing likes to eat more fruits and vegetables. She believes that eating more fruits and vegetables can make the skin reach the effect of water and tenderness and whiteness.
Fruits and vegetables contain a lot of nutrients, and many female artists are inseparable from fruits and vegetables, like apples, loofahs, and lemons.
銆€銆€Third, love sports.
銆€銆€Liu Xiaoqing is very active and knows the truth that “the water is not rotted and the household is not shackled.”
She firmly believes that sweating and exercise can play a positive role in slimming and thin face.
No matter how busy she is, she must take time to play badminton.
She does not play badminton less than 4 hours a week.
銆€銆€She spends an average of two hours of table tennis every day.
It was only these two sports that gave her limbs full physical exercise.
In the morning, you must exercise for about half an hour, mainly to do some simple equipment exercises, basic exercise to sweat.
Even if she is filming outside, she will take a walk for nearly an hour every day.
銆€銆€Fourth, maintain a good attitude.
銆€銆€Whether she is in a big red or purple, she is always able to maintain a calm mind when she is in great disaster.
She believes that everything will pass.
Even if a friend hurts her, she never avenges her.
Like reading books is also the secret of her keeping her face.
Those who like to read books will pour the whole mind into the ocean of knowledge.
銆€銆€Reading can make people happy, and reading also solves the troubles caused by the world.
Liu Xiaoqing’s family has a collection of books, and she has to take time to read an hour’s book every day.
In those days when she lost her freedom, she often immersed herself in the study and responded to adversity with a mentality of seeking knowledge.
Therefore, a good mentality of life is a magic weapon for Liu Xiaoqing to maintain his youth.
銆€銆€Many people always have a pessimistic attitude in their lives. When they face difficulties, they are languid and resentful, but Liu Xiaoqing also optimistically persists in the face of jail, and makes his own life better.

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